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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Australian 'Greens' Senator Irrelevant

Sarah Hanson-Young a waste of tax-payers money

It never ceases to amaze me that Australian 'Greens' Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is so vocal about Whales and 'Global Warming' now re-marketed as 'Climate Change' notwithstanding the unsubstantiated "Fudged Data" regarding the allegations that CO2 is a Human affectation. Yet, The Senator has been completely silent on the War Crimes allegedly committed by Israel against the people of Gaza. The senator has no specific opinions on 'The War on Terror' that has cost the lives of too many Australian servicemen - no Australian Servicewomen have been sacrificed yet, thankfully; Aussie tax-payers have been paying dearly for no determined result in safety and security. Our government's blind unquestioned support for this undeclared war, which I might add makes our participation unconstitutional; has also reduced our freedom due to legislation that has not been open to universal suffrage by referendum. The Greens are totally irrelevant on genuine issues and are astonishingly overzealous where cuddly non-issues are concerned. So, what am I saying, Whales are a non-issue? When held up against the plight of children in Gaza YES! Whales are not more important than children. Also, until ALL the 'genuine' Data is made publicly available for scrutiny; Climate Change due to Human influence is AN UNSUBSTANTIATED ALLEGATION.
CHILDREN FIRST! SENATOR HANSON-YOUNG! If you think that being a 'Green' abrogates your duty of care to The Global 'Human' Village; you will need to start scouring the Job section. The growth in awareness of the issues that affect the lives of all Australians as Global citizens is exponential - there is very little patience being shown lately to one issue demagogues. Oh, and paying lip-service to the "Free Tibet" crowd does not buy you any points. The Dalai Lama has been long exposed as a Zionist Muppet of the 'Controlled' opposition type. If you expect Aussies to buy into your Global environmental governance and Trading taxes - you'd be well advised to take a Global approach on more than your pet 'green' issues.

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Anonymous said...

I read your comment on Les Visible's site re. HAARP and, though this is not the correct place to respond, I'm too lazy to find the right one.

I also read in your profile that you were a soldier which makes it difficult for me to address you in civil fashion, but overcoming that obstacle, I must say I agree with your hypothesis that HAARP was used to create the earthquake in Haiti.

I'm quite certain that either the HAARP/Chemtrail combo, or nuclear devices in a strategic locations resulted in Katrina, Indonesian tsunami, China earthquake etc.

USrael is yet again moving in to rescue (invade) an afflicted area.

USrael's military has a vast array of 'secret' weapons it's itching to release on benighted humanity.