If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Australian Bill of Rights written into law; NOW!

In the past few weeks here in Australia, those with eyes to see and ears to hear have been witness to some incredible events. The news of which has been delivered in a manner that says more about the issues affecting our future than any ‘Media-Celebrity’ ever could. Or would; given their selfish materialistic servility to The Powers That Be.

I have in my lifetime been witness to the incremental destruction of a fine community of people. A community spread across a vast continent, made up of many creeds and colours and beliefs. A community that of itself is a veritable cornucopia of wonderful ambitious hopes and positive aspirations, of desires and dreams that are cause for celebration; on the whole we are a nation of beautiful caring and nurturing individuals. Each of us is a son or daughter, a father or mother, a cousin, a nephew and a niece of someone that loves us and is loved by us. We are a community that lives together, laughs together and cries together: We are one.

Regardless of what is said or who says it – we are Australians and this land, this wide brown land, is our home. That this beautiful land of hopes and aspirations, of dreaming and wishes made upon falling stars beneath the radiant Southern Cross is our home, is no coincidence. The land we call our home has been in the care of a people whose dedication to it is without question, they are The People of the Dreaming, their legacy we know as the Dreamtime, a time of creation and change, a time of fantastic adventures and new beginnings. These patient people are our brothers and sisters, their children are our children and their cultural images are iconic guidons that speak to all who gaze upon them, of the mystery of our enigmatic universe. That we are all born into the same family is a fact beyond doubt. Our DNA, our sense of humour, our shared fears and loathing and like the honest poor the world over, Working-class Australians grin at the irony of it all through masks of anguished determination - a commonwealth of disappointment grasping at their souls and laughter born of empathy bonding their hearts. With a common heritage of foreign ancestry Australia’s European settlers have come to be a part of something that transcends race and religion, an identity that has transmogrified into a spiritual persona more closely attuned to the haunting guttural resonance of the Didgeridoo than the faint strains of a foreign Piper.

Having started the new Millennium under dubious circumstances with strangely sporadic and often quizzically timed threats of doom from a sinister and elusive foe, constant and repetitive new demons are thrust into our public domain. As we have done for over a century Australians have rallied to the summons of Albion’s Trumpet – yet again we cast the flower of our youth into the crucible of war. Again we face an enemy that we did not create; again we are embroiled within this raging fire with no common agreement by the Australian community, no evidence of just cause and no proper investigation into the source of the enmity and no mention of a referendum to decide our participation.

As a result of the manufactured ‘Global Financial Crisis’ many Australians have suffered material loss and some entirely their homes and livelihoods; all this pain and suffering, a litany of demands on our patriotism and a malicious sneer to those who have the courage to question the Establishments ideological meme and all of this constantly reaffirmed with arrogance and bombast by a Mainstream Media long since generally deemed incredible by the wider community. That our faith in those in the administrative offices of this quasi Nation has not completely eroded is due in no small part to the inspiring memories of our childhood: We were told of the great and enduring wealth and beauty of our land; abundant with natural resources, we were taught that our country could one day achieve self-sufficiency – all that was required was that we work hard and remain honest to the dream of the wonderful future of our young Nation.

To this day we Aussies are still battling, still encouraged by our belief that one day we will achieve self-determination not through the bloody mire of civil-war, not at the end of a gun, we will achieve a great and enduring sovereign status based on true grit and determination; a Nation of unified and cohesive individuals forming a community of brothers and sisters faithful to one cause: The realization of a free and democratic Nation founded on one principle – “Do the Right thing”- a fair go to all who are prepared to work hard to achieve our national goal. Regardless of where you came from, what colour your skin, we have an opportunity to strive forward with our indigenous brothers and sisters to obtain a society based on equality and a fraternal integrity that aspires to more than the sum of its federated parts.

To finally unite this wide brown land under one flag, with one common goal as one Nation of individuals, to know who we are and to understand that which defines us. Our diversity was our strength and now that strength must forge the new Nation of Australia, a country sovereign and independent, self-sufficient and properly managed; for the sole benefit of Australians. Where is the potent dream of our childhood ambitions and ideals that were inspired by the legendary patriots of our past? Great men and women; fierce patriots that fought and died to achieve a lasting freedom, their portraits adorn the walls of our Museums and Art Galleries and their words are stacked in the shelves of our Libraries. These are the chronicles of our ancient sunlight, our Nations’ past once lighted brightly now veiled in dust and cast over by shadows. When was the last time we celebrated our true identity, not the Media montage of clichés and the caricatures of glossy heartlessness and shallow sentimentality; When will we celebrate the real Australians that struggled to make a future for their children and their grand-children? Have subsequent generations lost the passion for freedom amid the plethora of sophisticated electronics and shiny toys? Are our freedoms, our resourceful self-sufficiency and our opportunity for self-determination so easily bought?

Do we sleep so fitfully in the knowledge that we are the only developed country in the world that does not have a Bill of Rights written into its laws, a charter guaranteeing certain inalienable freedoms and the liberty of our community to self-determination while assuring the sovereign dignity of the individual? Have we advanced so little on our journey that our identity and our lives should still be micro-managed on a daily basis by a foreign Monarch and her colonial Westminster system of law? Are we comfortable with our Banks and our Homes being controlled by foreign speculators? Do we think that our ancestors fought and died on the beaches at Gallipoli, in the fields and the skies of Europe and Asia and beneath the seas and upon the islands of the Pacific because they expected our ‘golden soil’ to be forever England? That the House of Queen Elizabeth II of Sax-Coburg Gotha, should always rein over us?

Well, maybe they did. Perhaps retaining the imperial symbol of a foreign monarch in a dominating position on our National flag and continuing to be governed by colonial laws foisted upon us by an expansionist empire in a constant global war of acquisition was exactly what our ancestors wanted. I doubt it. In fact anyone that knows the story of the Battle of The Eureka Stockade will tell you of their doubts I’m sure. The very words spoken by Peter Lalor on that fateful evening prior to the Battle are self explanatory. The miners in Peter Lalor's patrol were all sworn in by him before the Battle of the Eureka Stockade:

'It is my duty now to swear you in and to take with you the oath to be faithful to the Southern Cross. Hear me with attention. The man who, after this solemn oath, does not stand by our Standard is a coward in heart. I order all persons who do not intend to take the oath to leave at once.'

“We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.”

That the documented deeds and words of those men and women who fought for our right to speak freely and live independently of dictatorial control have been maligned and shoved into the shadows is consistent with our complicity in the mismanagement of this potentially great Nation. John Howard his entire administration and that of Paul Keating and Bob Hawke are all traitors; these are just the most recent villains to come to mind that have co-opted our future on behalf of foreign despots. This past weekend the Media with all its gaudy ‘celebrity’ Barbie-bots and Ken-trolls have whipped up another frenzy of once-a-year-patriotism, exploiting again the good will and genuinely good intentioned Australian community to ‘celebrate’ ANZAC Day. When I was a child and then as a young soldier we were taught to remember the fallen, with sombre and dignified silence. There were no Rock-shows for backpackers that left the once bloodied beaches of Gallipoli littered with booze-bottles and trash. There were no hordes of drunken louts on the streets waving flags at passing cars. We did not ‘celebrate’ the horrendous bloody failure of the War to End All Wars, to end all wars. We did not ‘celebrate’ the deaths of thousands of young and healthy Australians; we stood in dignified silence, for WE WILL REMEMBER THEM. We will remember the sacrifice of young men and women, whose lives were brutally crushed by the machines of war and corporate profit. Not because there is any ‘Glory’ in dying in a war, there is not, I have been in combat and there is no glory on the battlefield at all. The glory is manufactured by the Media on behalf of the politicians that promote it, to blind the public to the reality of war and the obvious scam that it is and also to shame those who served into silence and complicity, less the politicians be lynched by mobs of returning veterans, should the sense of betrayal be allowed air and enrage them to action.

During the days before the 25th of April while the Media loudly and gushingly sold the concept of glorious horror, they failed to mention while espousing the virtues of dying for ones freedom, the announcement that Rudd would not be granting the Australian people any guarantees of freedom or liberty because he was not going to pursue his election promise of writing into law an Australian Charter or Bill, call it what you like, of Rights – a Bill of Rights. So, while the Media shills were selling the concept of freedom as a sacrificial death cult, they were not mentioning the political decision to deprive all Australians now and forever of any guarantee of Rights and Freedoms, of speech or otherwise.

This decision was brought about in no small part due to the publication of a book, financed by the Australian people that cite all the intellectual and academic reasons for not guaranteeing Australians their Rights or Freedoms.

The book is entitled: ‘Don’t Leave Us with the Bill’

The title is obviously a smug attempt at a double-entendre, a joke for the rich elite of this quasi nation and a symbol in plain sight of their semantic nonsense and lip-service to our hopes and aspirations.

Here is list of some of the contributors which includes Sir Ninian Stephen, Dr Sue Gordon, Chief Justice Paul de Jersey, John Howard, Dr Gary Johns, IDF Callinan, Dr David Bennett, Major-General AJ Molan, Professor Geoffrey Blainey, Senator George Brandis, Bronwyn Bishop, Cardinal George Pell, Rabbi John Levi, Christian Porter, Justice Kenneth Handley, Brigadier Jim Wallace, Professor Helen Irving, Professor James Allan, Dr John Hirst, Bill Stefaniak, Felicity McMahon, Ben Jellis, Trent Glover, Alan Anderson and Amanda Fairweather.

That this gang of shills should be financed by the public to have this turpitude published is crime enough. That we have not been allowed to have a fair debate or the opportunity to vote in a referendum to decide this MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE concerning our lives and our futures and those of our children, is tantamount to High Treason.

While the ever diminishing parameters of our freedoms and liberties are being eroded at a startling rate, one case to point being the Australian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2005. We are constantly being propagandised by the Media to support a no-end-in-sight ‘war on terror’ that has never been properly explained or lawfully declared. Nor have the violent attacks upon the western Nations involved been adequately investigated. Emotional blackmail is all we get instead of sensible coherent verifiable factual information.

The destiny of this nation-wide community is within our power to decide, while we are still relatively free we owe it to our children and our ancestors to shake off this moral and ethical stupor and take back our lives and our futures from the hidden forces that manipulate and control us. I am homesick for the country I grew up in; I miss the small-town character of our neighbourhoods; the simplicity of our lifestyles and the cheerful innocent nature of the people that make-up our nation.

Freedom for me is: To sit by the beach, gently caressed by a warm breeze while the condensation from a cold plastic beaker of Pub Squash drips onto the sand, gazing across the bubbling surf as sea-gulls cry and flap amongst my children playing with buckets and spades while a tennis-ball bounces off the face of a cricket bat and plops soundlessy in the distant frothy shallows; the smell of the sea and suntan lotion pervades the air as I crunch through the grit in my cheese and tomato sandwich...

Our Human Rights and the Charter or Bill that describes the intention and its determinations are not negotiable.

“Australians all, let us rejoice, for we are young and free”...but for how long?

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