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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Clive Williams shill for Yidsrahell assisted by anonymous Snot Gobblers and a Bimbo struts her stuff.

Defence intelligence and counter-terrorism expert Professor Clive Williams addressed an FCA Newsmaker Luncheon in Sydney on 30 March 2010 on Terrorism Conspiracy Theories. He examined the nature of conspiracy theories, particularly in relation to terrorist incidents, and considered the covert role played by aliens, neo-cons, shape-shifters, Israeli agents, spin doctors and neo-Nazis, among others, in the significant events that have shaped our world.

I watched this shill-fest on A-pac (sounds like?) I heard mention of the 'Tsarist Police effort to popularise The Protocols of the Elders of Zion'. This was so brief it remains an enigmatic memory...what the fuck does the 'Tsarist Police', (Tsarist Police?) have to do with a presentation debunking conspiracy theories? Oh, the poor long suffering Yids, oh, I forgot, ya hafta mention the fucking Yids in the context of ludicrous conspiracy theories - because they never do anything wrong and are always persecuted wherever they go, and they will come home wagging thier tails behind them...A-pac is a joke.
Clive Williams quotes all the usual neocon shill organisations, he has nothing to say about the facts and sites as his supporting references documents and information even primary school children can debunk. He dismisses one member of the audience that sites the incongruous science which the 'Doctor' mentions with regards to the 'pancake' theory, when he asks about Clive's understanding of the theory of a falling object following the path of least resistence. Clive does a Magoo past this question and shambles on with his dulcid monologue. Clive has been picked for this gig because he is the most boring un-informative shill on the Books at Canberra sychophants-R-US. What most Australians don't realise, because the Alternative News network in Australia is so small; is that when the shit gets to choking depth, they will be fucked. The scum bags like Mr Potato Head and every single other Politician in Australia will be targeted for arrest as traitors. The yids like lowy that fund these cowards will abandon them to thier fate like the Zionist Elite abandoned the 'Billionaires' in the doomsday flic 2012. Oh, the fantasy character of Mr. Niceguy that pleaded thier case would never have made it onto the Arc in a real scenario.  CLIVE WILLIAMS YOU AND YOUR ILK ARE FRAUDS AND YOUR ARSES ARE TOAST WHEN THE BALLOON GOES UP!
Anyone see this dumb Ho prancing around in a Porno outfit?
This moron is Kate Ellis: A fucking Parliamentarian, yep, this trollop is the Social and political representative of thousands of Aussie tax-payers, No Shit!
Minister for Sport, Minister for Early Childhood Education, Child Care & Youth. This Ho is in charge of our Kids? Instead of focussing her attention on the Rudd Government's response to the Crawford Report. (The Crawford Report is, according to Ellis; the biggest review of Australian sport in more than a decade. It was prepared by corporate droog David Crawford and its recommendations were released a few months ago): Ellis finds time to strut her booty in Leather and Porn Heels. Recently a spokeswoman from Ellis’ office said a response would be made "shortly". Ms. Ellis, instead of tramping it up why don’t you DO YOUR FUCKING JOB! That is, after all, why you get paid over a hundred thousand dollars a year - Strumpet!
Photoshoot: Sports Minister Kate Ellis. Picture: Grazia magazine Source: Herald Sun


Jack said...

Leave the woman alone. She looks fine and if she can wear it in a magazine, why shouldn't she? Not all women want to look like boys. Viva le difference!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Jack,.. I think you are missing the point mate; it's not about the porn aspect, it's about politicians doing the jobs they are paid very well to do and not parade around for the Media in smutty clothes.