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Friday, April 09, 2010

Gaza Slaughter revisited as isRAhell invades their Gaza concentration camp AGAIN:

The cries of a hundred souls, discorporate through the shoving and the gesticulating, amid the din of crying, bemoaning mourners instantly wrenched down into an abyss of abject misery. Among broken bodies; children’s bodies and adult civilian bodies - here and there a uniform fills a knot of twisted pulped, smashed human flesh. Staggering and stumbling to their haunches the mourners are slowly overpopulated by Red Crescent and Hamas Medical teams (Given Hamas is a Democratically elected Secular Government - its Medical Teams are no less a Neutral entity than, say, a Russian Army Medical team recovering wounded in the aftermath of the Battle on a European Battlefield)... the wailing and crying increases to an immense cacophony of high pitched yelling “Allah u Akbar”! “Allah u Akbar”! As the wounded regain their senses and their ‘feelings’, as the children regain their senses and realize the horror around them. Then... WHAM!! BOOOM! The carnage is scattered with callous disregard. The horror freeze-frames, the centre of this writhing scrambling glorming screaming mire of blood and crushed flesh and bone, brains and arms and legs begin to shimmer, glistening through the dust cloud that has settled upon this work of Shek Inar. The presence of Evil is palpable, this horrific mess is Hellish. The overwhelming emotive impact of this ghoulish mayhem is nauseating; it is terrible disrespect for a human beings dignity, to blast them to pieces with bombs. If you do this to women and children and civilians of any colour culture or creed, and respond to criticism with an attempt to justify this cold-blooded, pre-meditated murder, you are a psychopath! And so, with no regard for your status, Title or position, in any Government - you are guilty of the internationally recognised ‘Crime against Humanity’ and you should be arrested and detained in the first instance upon sight by the Civilian Police Force of any Nation, anywhere at any time. A Citizens Arrest would be lawful where no Police Officer can attend with reasonable haste.
This precious tiny baby was removed from her dying mother by cesarean section, she has a huge piece of shrapnel puncturing her spine...
Israel is a legal and moral abomination and has belligerently set about to expand its amoebic presence like an aggressive virus throughout Palestine – this must stop NOW! Historically the Ashkenazim Yiddish that are the ruling elite of this bellicose little Tyranny, are originally from Khazaria and are the descendents of Asiatic Magogs that adopted Pharisaic Judaism around 860AD – they are not Shemitic (semetic is a corrupted term)...Not one single member of the ruling Elite of this Apartheid regime was born in the Middle East; all were born in eastern Europe - Poland, Germany and Russia etc!
... [The] Shemite tribes (people who were descendants of Shem and including some peoples who came from Abraham) later colonized the whole of southern Europe and replaced the people of Javan and his four descendants. Javan's people were pushed mainly into the northern areas of Europe where in turn they migrated farther east into Asia (along with Gomer the firstborn son of Japheth and his descendants). Indeed, in prophecies dealing also with the End-Time, we find the people of Javan no longer in Europe but now associated with Tubal (another son of Japheth; see Ezekiel 38-39 ) who became an eastern Mongolian type of people ... though the name Javan still retained its geographical hold on the southern region of Europe, particularly in Greece) ... It is not uncommon for people to give a name to a region and then the original people move on to other areas (or are killed off) and the original geographical name becomes associated with completely different people.
Ironically enough Kyrgyzstan, the venue for the most recent example of people power against a western-backed Despot, is the exact centre of the former Khazarian Empire which lasted for a thousand years only to perish from within, less than 100 years after adopting Pharisaic Judaism and allowing the Pharisaic Rabbis to co-opt the political power and wealth of the nation – sound familiar? These rabid Jackals are doing to the United States of America, that which they did to The Khazarian Nation a little over a thousand years ago. Since then these horrible war-mongering thieves and liars have been evicted from over 100 countries across the world, why? Because they are victims of anti-semetism, no that’s not it, because we know that term is a lie, or is it because they are insidious villains?
Israel has approximately 600 to 800 Nuclear Warheads and the reason Netanyahoo (war criminal) has recently pulled out of the Arms reduction summit/talks regarding a reduction in Nuclear weapons in Washington. Is because they would have to finally come clean on the fact they have been deceiving the world about having a massive nuclear arsenal for over 40 years and then deal with their refusal to sign the Non-proliferation Treaty? This situation of course would immediately cast a cloud of hypocrisy over their aggressive pursuit of war with Iran over the very same accusations – and Iran doesn’t even have a nuclear arsenal – Every international monitoring agency including the CIA – has stated this fact in no uncertain terms!
The illegal apartheid regime of israhell should be peacefully and if necessary; forcefully dismantled. Those who wish to live peacefully and coexist with the traditional owners of the Palestine should be more than happy to integrate and thereby obtain a lasting peace for all concerned. Peaceful coexistence obtained throughout the Middle-east for hundreds of years prior to the crimes that forced the apartheid regime of Zionists on the world. Iran hosts the largest community of the pharisaic Diaspora outside israhell.

Thu, 08 Apr 2010 06:36:04 GMT

Israel has launched a ground incursion into the Gaza Strip with its troops entering the south of the long-blockaded coastal sliver.
Israeli tanks and bulldozers advanced about 500 meters into the east of the southern city of Khan Yunis on Wednesday, the Press TV correspondent in Gaza reported.
Late in March, Israeli forces crossed into the southern Qarara region and then invaded Dair al-Balah in central Gaza.
This was days after Israeli armored vehicles crossed into an area near the southern town of Khan Yunis, leaving one Palestinian dead and several others wounded.
Israeli forces have carried out numerous incursions into Gaza since Tel Aviv's 22-day war on the strip at the turn of 2009.
The so-called Operation Cast Lead devastated much of the infrastructure in the impoverished Palestinian enclave, killing more than 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians.


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