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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Volcano cloud is Bull-dust! Another HAARP event?

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The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Guess what! That ‘usual’ Catastrophic Prediction originated in the MET-Office/UK
Posted By: FarSight3 <Send E-Mail>Date: Sunday, 18-Apr-2010 15:06:34
In Response To: ASH WHAT ASH? (The_Fox)
There was only one source that managed to stop the entire air-traffic in Europe! It was a mere computer simulation that came from the same jerks who are trying to convince the public of the CO2-scam [Climate-Gate] for years.
The British MET-office took some data from the first hours(!)of the outbreak -- proceeded with their usual "gigo" (garbage in -- garbage out) -- and made one of their usual "predictions" -- that rarely turns out to be reality.
During all those next days this first data-set never got adapted, updated with actual data or even checked again.
Yesterday some European airline-managers were beginning to smell the rat and undertook first test-flights -- where they experienced no harm at all.
Credit: FarSight3

was responding to this from...
The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: The_Fox <Send E-Mail>Date: Sunday, 18-Apr-2010 07:10:07
LONDON -- Air travel across much of Europe was paralysed for a fourth day on Sunday by a huge cloud of volcanic ash, but Dutch and German test flights carried out without apparent damage seemed to offer some hope of respite.
Dutch airline KLM said overnight inspection of an airliner after a test flight showed no damage to engines or other parts from ash in the atmosphere. Lufthansa also reported problem-free test flights, while Italian and French carriers announced they would be flying empty airliners on Sunday to assess conditions.
For the moment, a clampdown on flights across much of Europe was strictly maintained, posing a growing problem for businesses including airlines, estimated to be losing $200 million a day, and thousands of travellers stranded worldwide.
Many countries closed their airspace until well into Sunday or Monday, and weather experts said wind patterns meant the cloud was not likely to move far until later in the week.
They said the dark grey plume rising from an Icelandic volcano and drifting southwards through the upper atmosphere could become more concentrated on Tuesday and Wednesday.
For some businesses dependent on the speed of air freight, the impact has been immediate.
Kenya's flower exporters said they were already losing up to $2 million a day because they had not been able to airlift their blooms. Kenya accounts for about a third of flower imports into the European Union.
Volcanic ash has an abrasive effect and can strip off vital aerodynamic surfaces and paralyse an aircraft engine. Aircraft avionics and electronics, as well as windshields, can also be damaged.
KLM, acting on a European Union request, flew a Boeing 737-800 without passengers at the regular altitude of 10 km (6 miles) and up to the 13 km maximum on Saturday. Germany's Lufthansa said it flew 10 empty planes to Frankfurt from Munich at altitudes of up to 8 km.
"We have not found anything unusual and no irregularities, which indicates the atmosphere is clean and safe to fly," said a spokeswoman for KLM, which is part of Air France-KLM.
German airline Air Berlin said it had also carried out test flights and expressed irritation at the shutdown of European air space.
"We are amazed that the results of the test flights done by Lufthansa and Air Berlin have not had any bearing on the decision-making of the air safety authorities," Chief Executive Joachim Hunold said.
http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Test+flights+raise+hope+European+traffic/2921703/story.html credit: The_Fox
And again from The Rumor Mill News Reading Room
Posted By: Who_Gains <Send E-Mail>Date: Sunday, 18-Apr-2010 07:22:00
In Response To: ASH WHAT ASH? (The_Fox)
This whole story is wearing increasingly thin with each successive postponement of when flying will again be allowed.
Below is a high-resolution visible image of the UK, with the clear skies over much of England showing the geographical features quite distinctly. Yes there is haze today but any significant concentration of dust or pollution of any kind would show up at this resolution, and limit what would be visible on the ground.
I was a Met Office weather observer for a number of years so I am familiar with different types of atmospheric conditions. There is absolutely nothing abnormal here to be seen (apart from the complete lack of contrails!)
Credit: Who_Gains

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