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Monday, May 31, 2010






Aid Flotilla attacked 10 confirmed killed and 30 wounded by evil coward israhelli Ork navy!

The following pictures show an Ork Navy ship and a zodiac assualt speedboat from which you can see Ork commandos crawling onto the deck of the Turkish Merchant Vessel Mari Marmara, where they immediatly begin terrorizing the crew and passengers.

These screenshot are taken from http://www.livestream.com/insaniyardim


The Jewish state has NO authority over international Mediterranean waters, or Palestinian waters for that matter, NOR does it have any form of Jurisdiction over it.

The Jewish state’s “embargo” and “blockade”, or their claimed “Fishing Limit zones” against Palestinian waters, i.e. Gaza waters in this case, are illegal, by any angle you may look at it.

Consequently, the violent, military enforcement of these criminal “policies”, are unequivocally ACTS OF PIRACY, by any definition.

When the military apparatus of the “Jewish [apartheid] state” rammed and severely damaged the vessel “Dignity” in Dec’08, it was an Act of Piracy. When they attacked and shot at Gazan fishermen, it constituted an Act of Piracy. When they hinder the current Humanitarian Flotilla to Gaza, and storm it as they prepare to do, it will constitute an Act of Piracy.

By doing so, the terrorist “Jewish [apartheid] state” has opened the Pandora’s Box of state sponsored Piracy in the Mediterranean Sea.

Under such circumstances the fate of the vessel Dignity, of the 711 fishing vessels registered in Gaza (OCHA’07) unable to enter their waters and thus unable to feed the Gazan population starved by years of Judeo-Zionist embargo and invasions, the fate of the current Humanitarian Flotilla can become the fate for any other ship sailing the Mediterranean Sea, whether leisure or fishing, maritime transport or humanitarian relief.

The Gazan people are being forced to dig holes under "THE NEW BERLIN WALL" so that they can feed their children - this is disgusting and an insult to free people all over the world!

ALL private sailors and professional fishermen of the Mediterranean Sea have a legal case against the Jewish state.

ALL countries with Mediterranean shores have a legal case against the Jewish state.

Shipping Co, Cargo owners, Fishermen and sailors of the Mediterranean should unite, break the siege, fend off the israeli-jewish [apartheid] state sponsored pirates, and each and every one can file suit in solidarity with the Palestinian Fishermen who are subjected to such barbaric and illegal piracy on a daily basis.


ALL these cases can, and hopefully will be, filed in MANY European Courts of Justice, flooding the European Courthouses.

To this effect, a little legal reminder:

Acts of Piracy at Sea and other unlawful acts against the safety of maritime navigation are crimes relevant to Universal Jurisdiction.

Please spread this “Little Legal reminder” to all concerned parties.

Source: Exilem

The Free Gaza Movement’s flotilla of 9 ships, with 700
activists from 40 countries is making its way to Gaza in attempt to break Israel’s illegal siege and to bring 10,000 tonnes of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza.

In response, Israel has announced that it will stop the boats and has gone on a PR propaganda blitz arguing that the aid is not needed because there is supposedly no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Al Jazeera, however, has challenged this claim with an excellent report from reporter, Sherine Tadros.

As part of its media propaganda blitz, the Israeli government has also claimed that Cyprus “banned” the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) flotilla from landing in Cyprus. Reports in the Cypriot media have made it clear that this is not true and simply just more Israeli government spin.

The Cyprus Mail (see: http://www.cyprus-mail.com/cyprus/gaza-aid-flotilla-will-pass-cyprus/20100526 ) on Wednesday published an article on the flotilla, which reveals the FGM had no plans to dock in Cyprus and therefore did not ask permission to dock. The article makes it clear that the Cypriot government has not banned the FGM flotilla.

According to the Cyprus Mail:

“This is the ninth aid trip conducted by FGM. However, unlike previous journeys when the ships would meet in Larnaca, today they will meet international waters before they attempt to breach the blockade. Asked why they are not docking in Cyprus, Greta Berlin, FGM Spokeswoman said they had not received permission, as the Cypriot Government is following international law and maritime regulations, which state that ships can only go between legal international ports. The Cyprus Government has been wonderful, helping us the previous eight times, but it is not fair to ask Cyprus to deal with this by itself. They are being leaned on by Israel and the US.”

“A senior source within Cyprus’ Foreign Ministry agreed that they would be following all the rules and international maritime regulations. However, he said that he was not aware of any request being made by the organisers of the flotilla.
“It is up to the organisers, and they have decided not to visit Cyprus. But if any such request had been put forward, the decision will take place according to international and maritime law, and any rules that exist.”

Another story circulating in the Israeli media is that the FGM also refused a request from the father of Gilad Shalit to take a letter to him. The FGM movement has stated this is a blatant lie.

“Israel claims that we refused to deliver a letter and package from POW Gilad Shalit’s father. This is a blatant lie. We were first contacted by lawyers representing Shalit’s family Wednesday evening, just hours before we were set to depart from Greece. Irish Senator Mark Daly (Kerry), one of 35 parliamentarians joining our flotilla, agreed to carry any letter and deliver it to UN officials inside Gaza. As of this writing, the lawyers have not responded to Sen. Daly, electing instead to attempt to smear us in the Israeli press. We have always called for the release of all political prisoners in this conflict, including the 11,000 Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli jails, among them hundreds of child prisoners”

Source: Kim

As Australians we have a duty of care to all our brothers and sisters throughout the world, if we are remiss in our duty of care to the Palestinian people and those innocent women and children trapped in the Gaza concentration camp; we cannot complain as our own government gradually takes away our rights and our freedoms; all the while dismantling our health care system and Hospital facilities to generate more and more profits for the foreign corporations that pull the strings of our puppet politicians and their Media shills.

Be warned Mr. Rudd; if the zionists of apartheid israhell interfere with the Aid flotilla and you turn a blind eye LOOK-OUT!

You are already being exposed as a liar and if you are disrespectful of our Anzac legacy and the men and women that fought against the Nazis to liberate Palestine during World War Two: This insult will be held on your account – This is an election year and you had better start showing you care!

Free Palestine!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gaza Aid Flotilla in Danger of cowardly attack by Gollums!


May 28, 2010 Alex Kane: http://desertpeace.wordpress.com

Days before a probable showdown at sea between Palestine solidarity activists traveling with a nine-ship fleet and the Israeli Navy, demonstrations took place across the United States and the world today to demand that Israel allow the activists safe passage to Gaza to deliver 10,000 tons of humanitarian aid.

In New York, more than 100 people gathered outside the building of the New York Daily News to call attention to the lack of news coverage of the flotilla, walked past the Israeli Consulate and marched to Times Square chanting “Break the blockade, Gaza needs aid.” They passed out hundreds of fliers to pedestrians explaining how the “Freedom Flotilla” was attempting to break the blockade of Gaza and what the potential Israeli response could be. In Times Square, demonstrators gathered in the center and chanted “Free, free Palestine” while tourists looked on and snapped pictures.

The action was organized by a coalition of local groups, including Adalah-NY, Al-Awda NY, the Activist Response Team, Gaza Freedom March and Jews Say No.

The “Freedom Flotilla” is made up of nine ships that are currently in the Mediterranean Sea. The ships are stocked with badly needed aid, like construction materials, medical equipment and school supplies, for Gazans; such aid has been blocked by a crippling Israeli naval, air and land blockade. Palestine solidarity activists from more than two dozen countries, including the United States, are also part of the flotilla.

The Israeli Navy has vowed to stop the ships from reaching Gaza, and has set up a makeshift detention camp at the southern Ashdod port in Israel for processing, detaining and deporting the activists that are part of the mission.

“Through their system of apartheid and occupation, they’re denying the Palestinians the right to live,” said Randa Wahbe, a Palestinian-American active with Students for Justice in Palestine at Columbia University and Adalah-NY: The New York Campaign for the Boycott of Israel.

Israel and Egypt’s blockade has badly damaged Gaza’s economy. More than 80 percent of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid, 35 percent of Gazans are unemployed, and 90 percent of Gaza’s industry is closed or operating at less than 10 percent capacity. Many homes and buildings damaged and destroyed as a result of the 2008-09 Israeli assault on Gaza remain that way because Israel has not allowed in enough construction materials.

A Turkish humanitarian group and the Free Gaza Movement, which has put together eight other attempts to break the naval blockade of Gaza, organized the flotilla. While some past attempts by the Free Gaza Movement to deliver aid were successful, recent missions have been met with Israeli violence, including the ramming of a Free Gaza boat and the detention and deportation of activists, including former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

Rachel Corrie. A beautiful, intelligent articulate young women that dedicated her precious life to helping the Palestinian people; murdered by a coward Ork of the IOF (Israhell OffenceFarce) Ms. Corrie was crushed to death by an IOF Bulldozer.

“We should be demanding that Obama stop his brutal silence and tell the Israelis to let the boats in. Gaza is not part of Israel,” said Stanley Heller of the Connecticut-based Middle East Crisis Committee. “What will happen? I don’t know, but if there’s enough people who scream and yell, it will become an embarrassment” for Israel.

Any Israeli move to block the ships from entering Gaza could backfire: Turkey’s Prime Minister has called on Israel to allow the boats through, and an Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman told the Wall Street Journal that, “we can’t win on this one in terms of PR.” Israeli relations with Turkey have deteriorated since the Israeli attack on Gaza.

In recent days, the Israeli government has embarked on a public relations campaign aimed at spinning what is likely to be negative coverage of the Israeli Navy forcibly stopping a humanitarian mission with lawmakers and activists on board. Israel claims that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that enough aid is allowed in and it must maintain control over the seas because the country is in a state of armed conflict with Hamas, the Islamist movement that governs Gaza and is holding an Israeli soldier captive.

International organizations and the United Nations give a bleak picture of life in Gaza, and human rights groups say that Israel is violating international law by collectively punishing civilians in Gaza.

“The people who are on the way to Gaza may well be stopped,” said Naomi Brussel, a Jewish-American woman who is a part of the Activist Response Team. “I’m very worried that the people on those boats may end up drowning or end up in a dangerous situation.”

From: http://desertpeace.wordpress.com

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Greece Riots! Romania Riots! The struggle against the evil zionist jew bankers goes on!


Jack Lang - Australian Nationalist

In 1931 the Great Depression was upon Australia. Unemployment had reached over 450,000 in a population of 8 million. People were starving and soup kitchens had sprung up in most cities. Australia was at a crisis point when in New South Wales Jack Lang arose to proclaim a policy of Australia First.
Capitalism's crisis: Niemeyer's Plan
By 1931 it had become obvious that "capitalism" had - as a system - failed miserably. It either had to be modified or replaced. The Establishment responded to the slump with plans for "austerity". [The exact same austerity scam being forced upon the people of Europe today.] In 1930 Sir Otto Niemeyer from the Bank of England visited Australia to "advise" governments to implement a" "deflationary" policy. Niemeyer contended that wages must be "depressed" (i.e. cut) to make our exports more competitive and to raise profits. According to Niemeyer (in a language we still hear nowadays) our living standards were "artificial in nature" and trade was the secret to "recovery". [BULLSHIT!] Indeed, "international trade" was supposedly at the root of the Depression. Niemeyer advised savage cuts in all existing social services. [Sound familiar?] But more significantly Niemeyer demanded that Australia not default on her international loan obligations to Britain. [Read Rothschild] With pressure tactics and careful diplomacy Niemeyer sold his sorcery to Australian state and federal politicians. They called it the Melbourne Agreement of August 1930.

The Lang plan

In 1930 Jack Lang was returned overwhelmingly as premier of New South Wales. His first government (1925-1927) had introduced comprehensive systems of widow's pensions, child endowment, and worker's compensation; his second government pledged itself to maintain these hard-won games and steer the state out of the Depression.

Immediately, Lang rejected the Niemeyer plan.

At a stormy mass-meeting in the Sydney suburb of Paddington he declar

"... The same people who conscripted our sons and laid them in
Flanders' fields... Now demand more blood, as the interest on their lives..."

The meeting ended in a mass clamour for the
principle of Australian Nationalism - Australia First!

Lang proclaimed his plan to
fight the Depression:
  • reduction of interest on all government debts to Australians
  • suspension of all loan payments to all overseas creditors
  • the expansion of public works programmes
  • bank funding of government works through controlled credit expansion.
The "Conservatives" immediately equated the Lang plan with communism, condemned his nationalism as "anti-British" and mobilised against him.
Lang's nationalism was anathema to the officer and commercial classes; the ordinary ex-soldier became the bully-boy of those whose class snobbery was as much directed towards the poor veteran as the city working class.

Lang continues his struggle...

In May 1932 Sir Philip Game, Governor of New South Wales, sacked the Lang government and ordered new elections. The New Guard automatically offered support to the "United Australia Party" (predecessor of today's Liberal Party). The press painted Lang as a wild man manipulated by the Communist Party, and his government was defeated at the polls.
But Lang persisted. His meetings in 1931 and 1932 had been the largest ever seen in Australia. On one occasion, Sydney's Moore Park was tightly packed and included folk who had walked to Sydney from Bathurst. The slogan "Lang is right" had become the watchword of Sydney's unemployed. In 1933 Lang further developed his ideas on finance; he came to advocate views which took the best from Social Credit (while removing the obvious nonsense) and pushed for the "socialisation of credit", i.e. using the Reserve Bank to provide funds for capital creation and for stimulating consumer demand. He spoke more than ever as a nationalist against the demands of international capital.
However, improvements in the unemployment rate (which was still high even in 1939!) removed the possibility of Lang's return to office. The politicians pulled Australia out of the 'financial crisis' caused by the banks and the rich by sacrificing the pay and conditions of the working class.

Are we going to let them do it again?

Australian Independence and The tradition of Australian flags

Aboriginal Australian Flag

The tradition of Australian flags can be divided into the three periods, the colonial period, the federation period and the modern period. The colonial period denotes early representations of defaced British Ensigns incorporating a mixture of British and Australian imagery. The federation period extends from 1901 to 1971 when the Blue and Red defaced British ensigns were adopted as flags to represent Australian ethnicity by the Australian Federal government. The modern period begins with the flying of the Aboriginal Flag as Australians incorporated Australian imagery into flags outside of the British Ensign tradition.

In terms of independent heraldic traditions being developed in Australia the Eureka Stockade flag was the most significant of the colonial period. The Eureka flag was unique for its time in that it did not carry any European imagery. Through Peter Lalor's speech at Bakery Hill, the Southern Cross was indelibly entwined with Australian liberty. The significant event of the federation period was the Flag Act of 1954 officially adopting the Blue Ensign as the Australian National Flag over the British Union Flag. The modern era has produced flags of great beauty and meaning such as the Aboriginal Flag, the Boxing Kangaroo flag, the Torres Strait Islander Flag and the development of the unique Australian Pale design.

The Eureka Stockade Flag

The Eureka Stockade Rebellion occurred on the Victorian gold fields at Ballarat in 1854. Victorian Governor Charles Hotham was facing a budget crunch and decided to alleviate the problems by applying a mining tax. The heavy handed collection and enforcement of this tax by state and local authorities pushed the miners to collectively make a stand for their rights. The tax collection was often arbitrary and unreasonable resulting in the detainment of numerous diggers and often innocent bystanders. The corruption of local officials in Ballarat was endemic. Subsequently the miners gathered and organized as the Ballarat Reform League to reclaim their rights and make a formal stand against tyranny.

Once it became known that Hotham intended to send troopers to Ballarat to quell any further discontent, the miners built a stockade on the hill at the Eureka diggings and raised the Southern Cross Flag. The Southern Cross Flag was a blue flag with a silver cross. At each end of the cross was a white star. The centre carried a larger white star. The flag was known to the miners as the Southern Cross Flag, by others as the 'digger’s flag' and has been later referred to as the Starry Banner by some Australian historians. Raffaello Carboni was an eye witness to the raising of the Southern Cross flag;

"The 'SOUTHERN CROSS' was hoisted up the flag staff - a very splendid pole, eighty feet in length, and straight as an arrow. This maiden appearance of our standard, in the midst of armed men, sturdy, self over-working gold-diggers of all languages and colours was a fascinating object to behold. There is no flag in old Europe half so beautiful as the 'Southern Cross' of the Ballarat miners, first hoisted on the old spot, Bakery Hill. The flag is silk, blue ground, with a large silver cross, similar to the one in our southern firmament; no device or arms, exceedingly chaste and natural."

The Eureka flag was the first popular Australian flag which did not contain any British, European or North American imagery. Australian liberty was forever tied to the Southern Cross when Peter Lalor made a speech entwining the pursuit of liberty with the image of the Southern Cross. Raffaello Carboni recorded the moment as the armed diggers gathered around Lalor and the flag;

“... Lalor who now knelt down, the head uncovered, and with the right hand pointing to the standard exclaimed in a firm measured tone”:-


A universal well rounded “AMEN”, was the determined reply; some five hundred right hands stretched towards our flag."

The diggers at Bakery Hill all swore on the Southern Cross. This is made more important through the fact that the miners were an international group that included natural born Australians, Irish, English, Scottish, Americans, Germans, Italians and Armenians plus many other nationalities. The flag is now on display at the Ballarat Art Gallery. Like the American Star Spangled Banner it is less than complete as many took small squares from it as souvenirs and an early curator gave samples of the flag to anyone who asked. The flag of Eureka or the Southern Cross flag was by far the most important flag in Australia's colonial vexillogical period.

Conditions imposed on decision for Australian Flag design....

Flags of Federation

With Australia federating in 1901 there was held a competition for the flag which was to represent Australia's new self determination and self governance. The judging of the entries was based on loyalty to the British Empire, Australian federation, history, heraldry as well as ease and cost of manufacture. The first judging requirement essentially ensured that a design incorporating a defaced British Ensign be entered. Of the thirty two thousand entries, there were five designs which were surprisingly similar. All five incorporated a defaced blue ensign, a federal star under the canton and a southern cross in the fly. The Blue Ensign design was a balanced and attractive design. It was subsequently adopted as the flag to represent the Australian Federal Government.

ASSI Australian South Sea Islanders Flag

With a pre-condition for the incorporation of a symbol of loyalty to the colonial over-lords of a foreign monarch and government; this competition was corrupt from the out-set. That this travesty of self determination and self governance was an insult to the new federation of states demands redress.

No more Kow-towing fealty towards a belligerent post-colonial anachronism. With the Australia Act of 1985 there is no monarch, queen, king or emperor of any foreign nation that is the monarch or ruler of this nation of Australia.

We should with our National Flag represent the people that make up this nation and work towards its prosperity and the quality of life of its inhabitants, its cultural history and its hopes and aspiration of unity in a reconciled environment of trust and solidarity of cause. Australia, for Australians, no other external interest, financial or political will find purchase in the new Nationhood of Australia.

Australian Torres Strait Islanders Flag

The only international responsibility we should accept is to help those less fortunate, stand by those subjected to tyranny or oppression, both financial and militaristic and to ensure through our independence and self-reliance a single-mindedness of purpose that we will live free and we will support those who wish to be so.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

North Korea blamed for False Flag torpedo attack!

BUUUULLSHIT! False Flag attack blamed on North Korea!

If North Korea is guilty because parts of a torpedo manufactured by North Korea were found - then everytime someone is killed by a weapon manufactured in the U.S.A:


And so...NEWS BREAK! American factory workers murdered children in GAZA!

Remember this Lieing bastard, coward, murderer and shill for the 13th tribe - LBJ.

Torpedos already used in False Flag operation - The Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam War

“In the summer of 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson needed a pretext to commit the American people to the already expanding covert war in South East Asia. In November of 2001, the LBJ Presidential library and museum released tapes of phone conversations with the President and then Defence Secretary Robert McNamara where they openly discussed plans to use the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident as a pretext to expand the war.” From: Alex Jones, “Terrorstorm” (12mins)

On August 2nd, 1964, the USS Maddox destroyer was supposedly conducting reconnaissance in the Gulf of Tonkin when fired upon by North Vietnamese forces in Swatow gunboats.

The Maddox, however, was not on a reconnaissance mission; it was part of a joint CIA-South Vietnamese covert intelligence operation called ‘Operation Plan 34A.

“Far from being an ‘unprovoked attack’ as President Lyndon Johnson had stated, the attack was an expected retaliation as a result of aggressive CIA-South Vietnamese manoeuvres. Johnson himself acknowledged Operation Plan 34A in recently released White House tape recordings, ‘There have been some covert operations in that (Tonkin Gulf) area that we have been carrying on blowing up some bridges and things of that kind, roads and so forth. So I imagine (the North Vietnamese) wanted to put a stop to it.’ Paul Joseph Watson, “Order Out of Chaos” (27)

Once again the people were manipulated into believing a false flag reason for entering the Vietnam War.

This time the public was told a friendly ship came under unprovoked enemy attack, when in fact our ship was the aggressor.

“In late 2005, the National Security Agency declassified its own official history of the Gulf of Tonkin and admitted that intelligence agency officers had deliberately skewed the intelligence and claimed that Vietnamese patrol boats had attacked US Destroyers on Aug. 4th, 1964, when in reality they had done nothing even while being fired on by US forces.” Alex Jones, “Terrorstorm” DVD (12 mins.

Source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/atlantean_conspiracy/atlantean_conspiracy22.htm