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Thursday, May 20, 2010

North Korea blamed for False Flag torpedo attack!

BUUUULLSHIT! False Flag attack blamed on North Korea!

If North Korea is guilty because parts of a torpedo manufactured by North Korea were found - then everytime someone is killed by a weapon manufactured in the U.S.A:


And so...NEWS BREAK! American factory workers murdered children in GAZA!

Remember this Lieing bastard, coward, murderer and shill for the 13th tribe - LBJ.

Torpedos already used in False Flag operation - The Gulf of Tonkin and the Vietnam War

“In the summer of 1964, President Lyndon Baines Johnson needed a pretext to commit the American people to the already expanding covert war in South East Asia. In November of 2001, the LBJ Presidential library and museum released tapes of phone conversations with the President and then Defence Secretary Robert McNamara where they openly discussed plans to use the staged Gulf of Tonkin incident as a pretext to expand the war.” From: Alex Jones, “Terrorstorm” (12mins)

On August 2nd, 1964, the USS Maddox destroyer was supposedly conducting reconnaissance in the Gulf of Tonkin when fired upon by North Vietnamese forces in Swatow gunboats.

The Maddox, however, was not on a reconnaissance mission; it was part of a joint CIA-South Vietnamese covert intelligence operation called ‘Operation Plan 34A.

“Far from being an ‘unprovoked attack’ as President Lyndon Johnson had stated, the attack was an expected retaliation as a result of aggressive CIA-South Vietnamese manoeuvres. Johnson himself acknowledged Operation Plan 34A in recently released White House tape recordings, ‘There have been some covert operations in that (Tonkin Gulf) area that we have been carrying on blowing up some bridges and things of that kind, roads and so forth. So I imagine (the North Vietnamese) wanted to put a stop to it.’ Paul Joseph Watson, “Order Out of Chaos” (27)

Once again the people were manipulated into believing a false flag reason for entering the Vietnam War.

This time the public was told a friendly ship came under unprovoked enemy attack, when in fact our ship was the aggressor.

“In late 2005, the National Security Agency declassified its own official history of the Gulf of Tonkin and admitted that intelligence agency officers had deliberately skewed the intelligence and claimed that Vietnamese patrol boats had attacked US Destroyers on Aug. 4th, 1964, when in reality they had done nothing even while being fired on by US forces.” Alex Jones, “Terrorstorm” DVD (12 mins.

Source: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/atlantean_conspiracy/atlantean_conspiracy22.htm


Greg Bacon said...

What do pre-invasion Iraq, Iran and N. Korea, woefully misnamed the 'Axis of Evil,' have in common?

None had or have a national/Federal Reserve type of banking system controlled by the international banking crowd, AKA the Rothschilds.

Just a coincidence, right?

veritas6464 said...

Hey GB,.. but of course.