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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7PM Project Fuckwit Hosts Suck up to War-Mongering Zionist Shill

After you read this wait until wikileaks releases their new video about the latest cover-up of a massive slaughter of women and children in Afghanistan, then evaluate:

The 7pm Projects insidious propagandising for Rudd's zionist-patsy government during their show on Tuesday evening 22nd of June 2010.

(Google these names; Daniel Elsberg and Julian Assange)

How dare a bunch of over-privileged middle-class ‘Media-Celebrities’ pretend they are hosting a debate, on such a life and death issue when it's all just a shill-fest for main stream media sock-puppets! A grandstand provided for 'Executive Director' of Australian Defence Association (Lobbyist for The Military Industrial Complex) to sell a pointless loss of lives:

More dead Aussie Diggers - A POX ON THESE SHAMELESS SHILLS!

Remember the Japanese soldiers that kept showing up in the jungles years after the WW2 ended? Those brain-washed nutters had not stopped fighting the War! Imagine if the German Army did not stop fighting and decided to go on with the war, because they had lost sons and mates? Tens of thousands of more deaths and casualties would have been the result. The German generals signed an Armistice and ordered their Armies to lay down their weapons – Peace is negotiated, hardly ever are Wars won decisively – the Second World war was fought against tyrannical regimes (Axis) that had plans to control the world. The Korean war was not a legitimate war and we were on the brink of losing if the Chinese got involved; so we signed an Armistice on the 38th parallel. Nor was the Vietnam war legitimate and we got our arse kicked out by a mob of peasants with no high-tech bombs or Hollywood-style equipment AND YOU BUNCH OF DUMB FUCKS THINK WE CAN WIN IN A COUNTRY THAT IS KNOWN AS “THE GRAVEYARD OF EMPIRES!” Any Aussie soldier that has ever worked with the yanks will tell you how fucking useless and incompetent they are as Soldiers. The Russians are a real Army, ten times better than the muppet yanks and even they got their arses handed to them by the Taliban – of course our heroic allies financed and armed these guys, so HELLO!

Australian Soldier guarding heroin crop

There has been a plethora of FACTUAL information regards the fiasco drug & oil scam that is the ‘The War on Terror’ which has resulted in nothing more than slaughter in Iraq (NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION FOUND THERE!) and Afghanistan ever since the CIA created and armed the Taliban. That’s right fuckers, our heroic partners in the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ financed the enemy that is killing your sons!

Only a moron would join an army that is engaged in an illegal immoral UNWINNABLE SLAUGHTER and then expect to be treated like an Anzac of WW1 or a Soldier that fought during the Second World War. You are not a HERO if you die or participate in this scam of Heroine and Hegemony for the benefit of a tribe of evil child-molesters, land thieves and loan-sharks that think your sons are GOYIM and should be licking their feet, because their G-d told them that they should be the rulers of the world because they are ‘Superior’ in the eyes of their G-d!

This Afghani mum was crushed to death under the rubble of her home as she huddled with her terrified children during a "surgical" Drone bombing raid by the dumbest laziest slobs in the world and they are not even posted in Afghanistan, no, the fucking cowards responsible for this atrocity, this crime against humanity; are safe and sound thousands of miles away - the US Airforce!

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