If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Attack on Aid Flotilla is a premeditated act of Piracy resulting in murder.

The gollums of israhell must release the people kidnapped from the Aid Flotilla, that are now illegally detained hostages and release all the private property stolen from the Crime Scene - IMMEDIATELY.

Removing evidence from the scene of a crime is a CRIME!

israhell is guilty of "Piracy on The High Seas" - Those guilty of ordering this criminal act should be arrested immediately and then be extradited to The Hague to face charges in the International Court.

Trade and Aid Sanctions against this illegal apartheid regime should be instituted immediately!

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Timster said...

That is where to get revenge. Hit em where it counts...in their wallets...SANCTIONS...BOYCOTTS

Greg Bacon said...

Zionist stooges are all over their MSM outlets, trying to potray Israel as the victim... again.

The brave peace activists of the aid convoy are being held so Israeli goons can try and scare them into issuing some kind of BS statement absolving Israel of war crimes.

The one psyop show on PBS had Israeli asshole 'Mikey" Oren explaining Israel's side and the other commenter?


Jesus Christ, what the hell kind of 'balance' is that, why not talk to someone from ISM or Gaza?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Guys,.. I'd really like to see some 'action direct', I mean these gollums have no brakes, they are driven by satanic delusions and are convinced that if they murder, lie, cheat, steal and molest – they will become masters of the world! G-d (read: lucifer) tells them so in little niggly voices that only they can here, because THEY are chosen; just like Jeffrey Dharmer! FUCK THEM!

har megiddo here we come; doo daa, doo daa, o doo daa die!

We talk, they live!


Penny said...

I actually put up Adam Shapiro's video from mcneil lehrer.

he made some very good points, especially with regards to the utter nonsensical claims of Israel's "pre-meditated attacks"

Though I agree, there could have been better choices... one has to work with what is out there.

Have you noticed that the US ensured the UN resolution condemning the attack was watered down?

Same old, same old

Musique said...

i am watching RT, Press TV & Al jazeera mix 'n match style on LiveStation, so that I don't have to put up with rabbi wolf blister & other judeo media hacks. Oh ... Gotta love having choices!

RT does very good job when it comes silencing those so called thuggish state reps on the show. :)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,.. Always a fan of RT!



Penny said...

I had an rt video up of Norman Finklestein and I garnered some interesting comments on the way it was conducted.

The word sayanim was used.