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Monday, August 23, 2010

Australians Elect a Hung Parliament or The Taming of the Shrew!

Duplicity and self-interest of the major political parties could have created the first opportunity in Australia’s political history to realize genuine parliamentary democracy. The two-party hegemonies that have existed for nearly a century do not and never have worked in the interests of the Australian people.

In June this year: With callous disregard for the opinion of the Australian people; the Labour Party apparatchiks behind closed-doors sacked our Prime Minister and arrogantly sited ‘Party’ rigmarole as their right to do so.

No such right to remove the elected Prime Minister of Australia exists under the constitution of Australia.

Socialists and communists financed by Mining and Oil industry Robber Barons totally usurped The Office of The Prime Minister and therefore the right of all Australians to affect political self determination. However, the mess these autocrats and despots created is an excellent opportunity to rid ourselves of this corrupt and illegitimate form of quasi governance, that is nothing less than a ‘Shell game’ of foreign political chicanery dressed as ‘democratic’ process. The Australian government is not legitimate due to the illegally prescribed influence of a foreign monarch that has no legal right to interfere in our lives or take any part in the establishment of our governments.

The roles of the Governor’s General are abhorrent. The queen of that foreign country, England, that interferes continually at every level of our countries’ management; should be completely shut out of our internal political mechanisms and every vassal and representative apart from an Ambassadorial representative for the sole purpose of rubber-stamping tourist visas, should be evicted forthwith: Not asked to leave, each office and individual operating in Australia and her territories that represents the monarch of England should be served with a ‘Notice to Quit’ the sovereign properties and lands of Australia.

Australia needs a new form of government that represents the interests of ALL Australians, not just the corporate and political cabals.

Australia needs a Constitutional Republic with a Bill of Rights.

The two following articles are from His Royal Highness Prince Leonard of the Principality of Hutt River: A friend of the Australian people...

Australian Election 2010 Concerns
1st August 2010

In the interest of PHR Citizens who may be holding Dual Citizenship, including Australian Citizenship, and are residing in Australia, HRH Prince Leonard and the Government of the Principality of Hutt River are concerned about certain factors which relate to aspects of legality in the forthcoming Australian Election.

The concern arises from where Britain took British Citizenship off all the people of the British Empire (except Britain), including Australia, on 1st January 1949 and gave them Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Nations:

One important question that needs to be answered is "how many persons born in Australia who may be classified as “Aliens” are currently on the Australian Electoral Roll?"

This problem continues on from the matter of "Aliens" that HRH Prince Leonard raised back at the very beginning of 2007. Whilst he notes that the revised Australian Citizenship Act of 2007 accepts the loss of Citizenship prior to Jan 01 1949 it does state that many Australians who have lost citizenship under the 1948 Act, plus their children, are given access to Australian citizenship. Note the word Access is used – not Granted. This "Access" was in fact there in the first place, it appears nothing has changed!

Australia in its Citizenship Act gave citizenship to all born in Australia from 26th January 1949.

In a subsequent amendment to the Citizenship Act, believed to be in 1975, Australia ceased recognizing “Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Nations”.

Hence, it would appear that all who are on the Australian Electoral Roll, having been born before 26th January 1949, may be classified as “Aliens’ since the abovementioned amendment, unless they have applied for and received Australian Citizenship.

Whilst this indicates several million “Aliens” on the Australian Electoral Roll, action must be taken to ascertain the legality of any forthcoming Election of an Australian Parliament.

A second concern arises in association with this important matter said HRH Prince Leonard in that a person needs to have “Australian Citizenship” to be in the Australian Parliament and the following people immediately come to mind in regard this question said Prince Leonard:

The Governor-General of Australia, Her Excellency Quentin Bryce who was born in Queensland, Australia though prior to 1949.

The Hon. Julia Gillard (present Prime Minister of Australia) who was born in Wales UK and therefore needs to have become an Australian Citizen and renounced her British Citizenship as dual citizenship is not allowed in such an Office.

The Hon. Anthony (Tony) Abbott (Leader of the Opposition) in whom two matters of concern arise, one being that he was born in the UK, and the second being that though he is of "Australian" parents, they were born prior to 1949 thus leaving question as to their true citizenship and therefore the citizenship of the Hon. Tony Abbott!

It is very much desired by all concerned that these matters should be dealt with, and corrected where necessary, before an election is held.

Surely an election should not be held whilst there are aspects of legality or eligibility not replied to or dealt with and corrected.

These matters have been raised by HRH Prince Leonard by a letter of concern that he has written to the Australian Electoral Commissioner, Mr Edward Killesteyn PSM and another to Hon Ms Julia Gillard in recent weeks, to date no replies have been received thus the matter continues to grow in level of concern.

HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River
August 1st 2010


It is considered advisable, that before the Principality of Hutt River considers signing any Treaty with Australia, that verification of the Lawful validity of Constitutional Authority of the Australian Parliament and its Government, should be verified.

On a previous occasion the Principality drew the attention of the High Commissioner from the United Kingdom of Great Britain to the legal liability of the UK, as a result of the Australian Government within an act of Parliament wrote,

“We are not abiding by the Constitution because the founders
of the Constitution could not envisage the circumstance of today”.

The Commonwealth Constitution of Australia is an act of Great Britain, which we are informed was passed by the House of Lords in 1920.

There is provision therein, for the Australian Government to make amendments, only as a result of a Referendum.

There is a provision in the Constitution of Commonwealth of Australia, to, “Naturalize Aliens”, which is of course by the Act of Great Britain to grant the alien, “British Citizenship”.

Any person or Department who without actual Constitutional Authority, make claim to having Constitutional Authority, are committing an offence in Law against the Constitution.

History is quite full of Regimes, who take office and rule by the power of office a not by their constitution or legal authority, often to the detriment of its people. This is often seen to occur when the news media become blind and condone such occurrence.

On the occasion of the Australian Federal Election of 21 August 2010, it appears to be a worthy occasion by which to check the Constitutional Authority of its electors and those elected therewith.


In response to my recent letter to the Australian Electoral Commissioner, Mr Edward Killesteyn PSM, I have received a reply on his behalf from the AEC Chief Legal Officer, Mr Paul Pirani dated 03 August 2010, in which he states amongst other things:

“The AEC does not hold records of whether or not a person is anAustralian citizen and the date when that citizenship may have been acquired. The AEC acts upon the advice provided by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in relation to the administration of these provisions in the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 (Electoral Act) which contain a requirement relating to Australian citizenship.”

“The AEC notes that being an Australian citizen is not the sole ground of eligibility to be on the Commonwealth electoral Roll. Paragraph 93(1)(b) of the Electoral Act states that there are two categories of persons who are entitled to be on the Roll. First, there are Australian citizens. Second, there are “those persons (other than Australian citizens) who would, if the relevant citizenship law had continued in force, be British subjects within the meaning of that relevant citizenship law” and whose name was on the Roll prior to 26th January 1984.”

The moral entitlement of a person who had their British Citizenship, taken from them by the British Citizenship Act, effective on 1st January 1949, and who after 1975 remained on the Roll. They were not taken off the Roll, even though they were legally, Aliens, but remained on the Roll as if they were will with British Citizenship, and could thereby vote as with their British Citizenship.

But the AEC hold that all those on the Roll to vote in the 21 August 2010 Election are considered to be Australian Citizens.

Mr. Pirani states in his reply:

“However, the mere fact that a person’s name appears on the Commonwealth electoral Roll would suggest that they fall within the qualifications contained in Section 93 of the Electoral Act.”
The Official AEC guide to the Federal Election, Saturday 21 August 2010 states:

“Voting is compulsory for Australian Citizens on the Electoral Rollaged 18 years and over. If you don’t vote you may face a penalty.”

In thence checking the Department of Citizenship, whom the AEC state, they act upon the advice provided by the Department, we have checked the “Readers Guide. Australian Citizenship Act 2007”, it states:

“There is no reference to Australian Citizenship in the Australian Constitution, and consequently there is no explicit Constitutional Right of Citizenship”.

In conclusion, as verified by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, there is no Constitutional Authority for ‘Australian Citizenship', then where the Electors and Elected in the 21 August 2010 are held to be Australian Citizens, they thereby have no Lawful Constitutional Authority.

Until valid procedure is undertaken to rectify the gave legislative oversight which have occurred, as far back in time as 1948, then the unlawful situation will be a continuing prevailing matter.
In the meantime any Australian Government resulting from the 21 August 2010 Australian Federal Election will be considered to be utilizing Power of Office, not Constitutional Authority.
The abundance of disregard to valid authority of the Constitution by the Australian Government is one to be considered of a major concern by those who may have reason to deal with such an Unconstitutional Government.

There are further greater anomalies of disregard of the Australian Constitution by the Australian Government, and no intention to rectify such appears to be imminent.
We await a Lawful Constitutional Parliament and Government of Australia for further discussions and mutual benefits.

HRH Prince Leonard
Principality of Hutt River
August 16th 2010

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