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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Julia Gillard sucking up to genocidal land thieves the ashkenazim WAR CRIMINALS of israhell.

Benny Netanyhu’s Lies: Operation Cast Lead and Civilian Deaths

Besides vast destruction and mass population displacement, 313 children were killed among the 1414 that died over a 23-day period. Of the 5300 injured - many seriously; 1606 were children.

Of the children killed:

-- most were at home or nearby;

-- around one-third were girls;

-- almost 15% were under age 5 and another 25% were between 5 and 10;

-- the remainder were between 11 and 17;

-- the "overwhelming majority" were killed in densely populated residential areas;

-- 46% were killed in northern Gaza;

-- 38% in Gaza City;

-- 9% in Khan Yunis and Rafah and 7% in less densely populated areas.

Israel used conventional and illegal weapons. The former included missiles, artillery and tank shells, mortars, and automatic weapons.

The illegal weapons of mass destruction included:

-- white phosphorous that burns flesh to the bone and can be fatal; it's use is prohibited in civilian areas;

-- flechettes that are 4cm long darts used as anti-personnel weapons; they penetrate to the bone and can cause multiple horrific injuries; up to 8000 of them can be packed into one artillery shell; on explosion, they travel at high speed in multiple directions up to around 300 meters; and
-- various other internationally prohibited weapons that PCHR investigations uncovered and condemned.

Its case studies show a consistent failure of Israeli forces to protect civilian lives, especially those of children. They document indiscriminate attacks against densely populated neighborhoods in grave violation of international laws.

To safeguard civilians and non-military areas and structures, IHL requires that precautions be taken in any attack, and civilian protection is paramount. Israel pays no heed and attacks indiscriminately in grave violation of the law.

Shimon Peres: this scumbag and certified WAR CRIMINAL enthusiastically supported a highly aggressive campaign by Talmudic Jewish settlers, known as ‘Gush Emunim’, to grab Palestinian land in order to build Jewish-only colonies.

The purpose of the large-scale land-grab was twofold: First to build a Jewish colony near every Arab village and town so that the messianic settlers would harass the native Palestinians into fleeing their land, and, second, to create irreversible “facts” on the West Bank in order to make it impossible for any future Israeli government to withdraw from occupied territory.

Peres’ criminality and cruelty assumed a high-pitched expression in 1969 when he as Prime Minister ordered the Israeli army; the Jewish Nazi SS, to bombard the UN peace-keeping forces at the village of Qana where hundreds of Lebanese civilians had sought shelter from indiscriminate Israeli bombing of Lebanese villages and hamlets in southern Lebanon.

The bombardment, in which heavy artillery shells were used, killed at least 101 children and women and injured and maimed many others.

The genocide of one family...

The al-Dayah Family

In the Zaytoun district of eastern Gaza, 22 family members were killed when a bomb struck their home - including 12 children and a pregnant woman. The explosion destroyed the house and buried many of the family inside. Only two family members survived, 28-year old Aamer and his brother Rida. Those killed included:

-- Fayez Musbah Hasham, age 60

-- Kawkab Sa'id Hussein, age 57

-- Radwan Fayez Musbah, age 22

-- Sabrin Fayez Musbah, age 24

-- Raghda Fayez Musbah, age 34

-- Eyad Fayez Musbah, age 36

-- Rawda Hilal Hussein, age 32

-- Ali Eyad Fayez Musbah, age 10

-- Khitam Eyad Fayez Musbah, age 9

-- Alaa' Eyad Fayez Musbah, age 7

-- Raba'a Eyad Fayez, age 6

-- Sharaf Al-Din Eyad Fayez, age 5

-- Mohammed Eyad Fayez, age 7 months

-- Ramez Fayez Musbah, age 27

-- Safaa' Saleh Mohammed, age 20

-- Baraa' Ramez Fayez, age 1.5

-- Salsabil Ramez Fayez, age 5 months

-- Tazal Isma'il Isma'il Mohammed, age 28 and 8 months pregnant

-- Amani Mohammed Fayez, age 6

-- Qamar Mohammed Fayez, age 5

-- Arij Mohammed Fayez, age 3, and

-- Yousef Mohammed Fayez, age two.

EHUD BARAK WAR CRIMINAL: For those who don’t know, Barak has a long history of criminality and murderous intent toward the Palestinians.

Barak said he would make sure that very little food and medicine will be allowed to reach Gaza. He also said that Israel would cut off electricity supplies to the hermetically blockaded costal enclave which already looks very much like a concentration camp.

March 11, 1978 a Bus was allegedly hijacked by eleven Palestinian ‘terrorists’ (actually they were people fighting to defend their homeland from a yiddish invasion). Ehud Barak led the israhelli assault to stop the bus and free the hostages. The bus was finally stopped by a police roadblock near Herzliya, and a long shooting battle ensued...

Time magazine speculated that “more hostages may have been killed by the wild shooting of the police and Army than by the terrorists.” An explosion, caused either by an exploding fuel tank, or a grenade set the bus on fire. Thirty-eight civilians were killed in the attack, thirteen of them children, and seventy-one were wounded.

According to reports, Ehud Barak, the current Israeli Defense Minister, led the military operation against the alleged terrorist attack. One of the alleged terrorists in particular; a young lady called Dalal Mughrabi, was murdered by Barak personally; there are reports of photographs of Ehud Barak firing multiple shots into her head and body as she lay wounded by the side of the road.

Like most ‘false-flag’ operations designed to portray the filthy yids from Eastern Europe as ‘The’ victims ‘all’ the time – the Bus Hijacking resulted in no ‘terrorist’ prisoners, and many of the ‘hostages’ were killed and the Bus was completely burned-out. No evidence apart from a few locals providing vague eyewitness accounts and of course - the israhelli government’s press releases: Remember those compassionate press releases after the Operation Cast Lead genocide and the Flotilla massacre?

Ehud Barak is a murdering little tyrant and an obvious case of ‘small man’s syndrome’.

Actually look at the photos; they are all short-arses - a picture says a thousand words!

Angry little jews destroying the world!


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