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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott grovel to Money and Jews

This is how one pundit characterized the run-up to the Australian election Aug. 21:

"Here's the plot: an unmarried, foreign-born, atheist woman whose partner is a male hairdresser wants to lead a nation famous for manly men. Her opponent [Tony Abbott] is the Mad Monk - a Speedo-loving amateur boxer who once studied to be a priest." (William Pesek in "An election about nothing that's made for TV")

Australia's current prime minister Julia Gillard is the first woman and first unmarried (cohabiting) childless Prime Minister of Australia.

Australian journalist Andrew Bolt noted that Julia Gillard began as a Communist and was a member of the Socialist Forum from 1998-2002 which later merged with the Fabian Society.

"It's all about israhell Jewlia."

"I agree Mist eRabbit."

Australian conservatives should be aware that their darling faux-conservative John Howard was also a Fabian. To give credit, at least Julia is open about her left leanings. She is not as open about her lesbian sexual preferences. Many Australians think that Tim Mathieson, Julia's so called partner is a "beard."

One of Julia's first moves as prime minister was to pretend to lift (her predecessor) Kevin Rudd's tax on miners. We have now learned that Gillard did a back room deal favoring the big miners over the smaller ones.

The Rudd tax was paraded as the reason for his failure. It is clear now that corporate media spin began against Rudd in early 2010.

There was a soft droning of "Rudd is a weak leader" and "the party is unhappy" at the same time as a Julia Gillard push. Ms Gillard is not Elle McPherson or Megan Fox. Until late 2009 she was plain Jane in the background. In early February we noticed that she was looking more feminine and somewhat softer. Machinists were, how shall we say ... less inclined to borrow her face to sharpen their drill bits.


John Howard announced his commitment to the Iraq war in 2003 in front of a Jewish group in the US. The television news showed him walking out of a meeting surrounded by traditionally dressed Orthodox men, probably Rabbis. The "John Howard Negev Forest" was established in Israel in 2007 in his honour.

Kevin Rudd crossed the line. He dared to stand up to Israel for forging Australian passports and the flotilla raid. Well, he did not really stand up, but at least he commented. Rudd expelled an Israeli diplomat in a hollow gesture. (He was due to return to Israel shortly anyways.) Rudd, unlike Howard was more inclined to resist involvement in Israel's imminent war on Iran. Rudd had also angered the miners and faltered on climate change.

On the passports and the flotilla, Julia kept silent. She towed the party line behind Rudd on carbon trading and the miners tax. Perhaps Julia was encouraged by her live-in partner/handler (a hairdresser who works for an Israeli lobbyist) that she can sit on the throne if a.) she is prepared to sacrifice other people's children in Iran and Palestine b.) she assists the big miners over the small ones - treachery in the workers paradise c.) she pushes ahead with carbon trading known here as the Environmental Trading Scheme or ETS.

Julia now does the bidding of the Israeli lobby, big business and the banks. As a Communist, Julia may not outwardly support the big miners or the Israeli agenda, but as a Fabian the connection is natural. Gradualism is not the gradual distribution of wealth to all parties, it is the gradual draining of wealth to the elite.

Julia's allegiances are complex. She has just signed a preference deal with the Australian Greens in the senate. The Green leader, Bob Brown, is a self admitted homosexual who is green on the outside red on the inside. If Julia is elected and the Greens help her over the line Australia will be in for an emissions trading scheme (ETS) death duties and open boarders. What affect the Green influence will have on the Israeli connection is anyone's guess.


Recently there is a cooling towards Australian Labour in the media. The campaign has become a freak show and every hack journalist seems to be gunning for Labour.

The media swing toward Abbott may have been influenced by his recent genuflection to Israel. At the Australian Israel Chamber of Commerce in Melbourne, Abbott said his government would "never support a one-sided UN resolution against Israel to curry favour with an anti-Israel authority". Rather than remain silent on the flotilla affair as did Gillard, Abbott actually criticized Rudd for overreacting.

So Ms Gillard (of ambiguous sexual orientation) is a Fabian socialist, atheist, foreign born, unmarried woman living with a hairdresser (also of ambiguous sexual orientation) who works for an Israeli lobbyist. She is beholden to the Jewish Lobby, the enviro’ lobby, the miners, the Greens and its homosexual leader. Her office is built like a masonic temple in the masonic city of Canberra.

August 14, 2010 by John Vermeulen (FOR HENRYMAKOW.COM)


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