If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Thursday, September 30, 2010


OK FOLKS, here’s the deal: All you ‘pseudo-truth sites’ that LIVE FOR THE GAME: Get this – The Jew-Nited states of amerika and the former Sovjat Junion have always been and will always be MUPPETS of the dirty yiddish scourge. The Jew-nited-kingdom created ‘israhell’ and also aided the persecution of the Palestinians while writing the ruling of the satanic ‘balfour declaration’ and were accessories to ‘robbery under arms’ in support of the filthy child-molesting yiddish to steal The Palestine from the traditional owners!

Benedict Arnold: Traitor!

While trying to research this scritti, it became obvious that the expellation of filthy yids from the ‘JU-K’ in the 20th century was going to be hard to back-up with evidence: Because ‘they’ – the ‘yids’ have almost completely disappeared ALL of the evidence of the expulsions; because ‘they’ the EVIL ‘chosen’ OWN THE FUCKING MEDIA!

Get REAL losers, you are not revolutionaries, you are not “fighting the good fight” you all
NEED the status quo; because without it you can’t continue your white-bread middle-class over-privileged LIFESTYLE Blogging HOBBY!

Judas sucks up before he 'dogs' the Prophet to the YIDS!:

The Jew S.A does not fund israhell: ISRAHELL IS the JEW S.A!!! They have not taken over your PRECIOUS government – they ARE your precious government – and since the loan the Rothschilds ‘gave’ to the FOUNDING FATHERS (ALL FREEMASONS) to finance the ‘War of financial Dependence’– YOU HAVE BEEN DEBT SLAVES!!!

If you really are against the evil, luciferian, satanic, yiddish global government that ALREADY controls the WORLD – say this out loud!

“I am prepared to fight physically; with all and any lethal weapons, at my disposal, to defend my family and my community, against any violent oppressive th
reat by my zionist controlled government, when the time comes!”

“So help me God!” or not?

If you think this thing isn’t biblical: GET REAL!

veritas 6464


Greg Bacon said...

Fuck a Duck, here we go again.

SARATOGA SPRINGS, Utah (ABC 4 News) - Sales people working neighborhoods in Northern Utah County have been asking some odd questions that have nothing to do with making the sale. Folks are reporting that they're asking about the new National Security Agency's data center that is being built at Camp Williams.

The sales people say they're Israeli art students and are selling their works to raise money for a gallery. Some have even produced what appear to be legitimate Israeli passports.

So, why would art students be interested in an NSA data center?

Blogs and even church bulletins are buzzing. One such bulletin sent out to LDS women in Highland said, "This is a scam! These are not art students and federal law enforcement groups are actually investigating their ties to organized crime and terrorist groups." The note went on, "Part of their mission here is to gain information on the new NSA installation coming to our area."

One Israeli artist knocked on Gail Black's door in Eagle Mountain. She bought a painting from him knowing that the price was too high, but she explained that she felt sorry for him. I asked her if he looked like a Mossad spy, she laughed and said, "No, just a poor thirsty boy." She said the subject of the NSA did not come up in their conversation.

Saratoga Springs residents have complained to their police department about the art students. Officer Matt Schauerhamer tracked down one group at a restaurant. He does not know if they were spies, but they're definitely not artists. "I told them, 'If you're actually an artist, why don't you draw something?' I gave them a piece of paper and gave them my pen. They produced a picture that was about on par with what my kindergartner could have done."

Officer Schauerhamer cited the group for soliciting without a city business license and then passed along their information to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He said ICE is investigating.

ABC 4 also contacted other agencies that might have interest in possible door-to-door spies. We were told by a spokesman for Utah Homeland Security that they were unaware of the Israeli artists and the FBI had no comment.


Shades of 9/11.

No federal law groups are investigating these MOSSAD spies, if anything, the FBI is probably escorting them around, providing cover and protection while giving them intelligence on where and what to spy on.

Timster said...

“I am prepared to fight physically; with all and any lethal weapons, at my disposal, to defend my family and my community, against any violent oppressive threat by my zionist controlled government, when the time comes!” ...so help me, or not.

veritas6464 said...

Hey GB,...We have these fuckers in our Malls selling Dead Sea sand that is mixed with essential oils etc - ecocosmetics. The products are called "Sea-crets of the Dead Sea" yeah 'Secrets of the dead sea'. I dug around and found that the factory and the products were actually owned and produced by a Palestinian family; the survivors of which are now refugees in Gaza. Some filthy yid land-thief from russia decided he wanted a ready-made business, so they bullied the Palestinian family off the land and took over the factory.

Well, I organised a couple of my Temple buddies and we went down to the Mall one day and gave these parasitic fuckers a real hard time; they disappeared for a while, I hear they are back - I don't go into the Mall more than once a year, so I guess we'll be going to the Mall some time soon.

I wasn't brought up to be hateful or bitter; the Army took care of that.

I’ve had gut full and I am getting very edgy, as are a lot of heavy people I know – if they want a world war...?


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Is that what they call an affirmation? ☺

Anonymous said...

hey man, just want you to know that I respect you and I trust that you are honestly and sincerely fighting the righteous fight, the hardest most challenging righteous fight, and I am behind you in that fight

and I hope to add helpful input,

with all the fakes and the deceptions, everywhere, it becomes really challenging to decipher real from bull shit,

but I give you my word that I am sincerely into fighting the hard righteous fight,

and if I have disagreements with you sometimes on who and what are the good guys and the bad guys,

its done out of my just trying to help the overall fight

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Thanks mate, keep up the fight brother.


Anonymous said...

"“I am prepared to fight physically; with all and any lethal weapons, at my disposal, to defend my family and my community, against any violent oppressive threat by my zionist controlled government, when the time comes!” "

well, I believe the fight is in the process of shifting into the spiritual realm

I believe that Israel has 150 nuclear weapons, that they can use anytime

and would not hesitate to to use on any country that they see breaking unfavorably towards them, and blame muslims or whatever scapegoat they think would be most believable to whatever country they nuke

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Amen brother, amen!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Is it safe to say "oy vey" in this forum?


What seems to be part of their undoing is their overweening ego and disdain for the thinking processes of those they deem to be below them in every way. Yes, we the Christians were kept naive and "forgiving" for a long time through religion. But those of us who have broken free of that mindset, without giving up their beliefs necessarily, see and remember.

Especially about those students. How dumb do they think we are? Do they give a sweet fluck? And why the HELL are they back again? Did they ever go away really? Or did they just go underground for a bit until they thought we had seen enough sports and been beaten down enough by life that we would not remember... or care?

I am afraid I am but a mouse warrior in these matters. And of course in conversation. When it comes to out and out fighting, I am one who needs defending due to physical constraints but that has nothing to do with the spirit I offer. Only I think you need to realize, Canada is even more overtaken than you. We too have now got the Noahyde Laws woven into our legal system only few know it.

Anyhow, no matter, we are all in for a struggle, if we are lucky.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Oh I left out something when I was mentioning the over weening vanity. I read a comment by Svali at one time when she was speaking of what they had in mind for us from her personal involvement with them. She also said that they have tried many times before and she had utter confidence in the fact that their downfall every time was their need to brag and "rub it in" whilst the victim is still aware... and that it would be so again. They would overstep themselves and would, once again, fail. I would like to think she was right but we know this is their last desperate bid for awhile and they have planned it well.

The biggest thing we have to fight for now are our souls and consciousness. Do you realize we are perhaps the last free thinking generation? If we do not rescue our children, we have lost.

Turning off the boob tube and its "programming" is also a great start. It is bad enough they rape their bodies but it is even worse that they steal their souls and tv is a major medium as well as public "education/social training". This is why in Europe home schooling is illegal. Yet, oddly, the big corporations seek home schoolers for brains that can think outside the box! Go figger.

So start your war at home. Unplug. No more video games involving war and crud. Educate your kids to the truth. Oh, and take them out to the woods to get away from the "real" world. And, while I am at it, teach them to only use their frigging phones and text messaging when it is needed. This is disconnecting them from reality and killing their ability to be alone or think as true individuals.

This too is part of the war.

Timster said...

All but the "god" part, I'm right behind you, mate!

Greg Bacon said...

The more things change...

Good News About Obama Appointments
From Middle East Forum, by Steve Rosen, Wed, 19 Nov 2008:

Previous postings raised questions about potential nominees to Obama Administration positions regarding their views on Israel, Iran, the Palestinians, and other issues. Today, I focus on reasons to have confidence that the incoming team will do positive things in the Middle East. Many of the candidates already nominated or rumored to be likely appointees, are well known to and highly regarded by AIPAC and other pro-Israel organizations. My colleagues, and in some cases I, had contacts and dealings with each of these people over the years, and we had evidence that gave us confidence. This includes

* Rahm Emmanuel, Chief of Staff to the President;
* Ron Klain, Chief of Staff to Vice President Biden;
* Jim Steinberg, likely to be Deputy National Security Adviser or National Security Adviser to Obama;
* Tony Blinken, likely to be National Security Adviser to the Vice President;
* Greg Craig, White House Counsel;
* Pete Rouse, White House adviser
* Jim Messina, Deputy Chief of Staff to the president;
* Phil Schiliro, Assistant to the President for Legislative Affairs;
* Dennis Ross, rumored for several top diplomatic positions;
* Jack Lew, rumored to head the National Economic Council;
* Jane Harman and Tony Lake, rumored for top intelligence positions;
* Janet Napolitano, who will head the Department of Homeland Security;
* Richard Danzig, probable Deputy Secretary of Defense;
* Richard Clarke, rumored for a ntational security post,; and many others.

Posted by Steve Lieblich

Anonymous said...

"All but the "god" part,"

you are gonna need the god part,

if u have become disgusted with "god"

you have to understand that the "God" spoken about by the fake and false Christians that "blesses" people with money, and jobs

is a figment of their creation.

I have found that God provides bread and water and thats about it,

he's pretty good for that

and you have to be happy with that on this earth

there is a better place though for those that persevere and hang in there till the end

Chrstianity is HARD, its a HARD HARD HARD road

any "christians" on some easy comfortbabe rode talking abouyt how God blesses them are in for a rude awakening either soon in this life or the next

CHristianity is not for cowards and its not for people looking for the path of least resistance

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Excellent points well made: "Binga da banga da binga da bang" - And yeah, those traits that make the tribe dominant; ruthlessness, callous disregard and arrogance, ARE the fault lines that will undermine their evil establishments. Along with sustained accurate volleys of rapid fire!☺


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...It’s all about choice brother, that’s the whole point; there is no hell to go to for sinners, just extinguished life. The choice is ours, the wager is placed by the individual, “pick a pony and putcha munee on it!” My money is on the scriptures, not because of any fundie convenient nonsense interpretations or evangelical BS: I study as many scriptures as I can, not to prove my own point – I grew up in a very anti-fundie household, dad was a brow beaten catholic schoolboy brought up in boys town as a result of being abandoned by his mum after his father left her for the lucrative post WW2 London crime-scene. Mum’s folks were laid back northerners that didn’t swear or raise their voices and couldn’t lay their hands on the house bible, even though they had one ‘around here somewhere’.

So, as long as you’re prepared to sidle up next to me at the barricade and let go the odd angry shot in the general direction of the enemy, your choices are yours brother.


veritas6464 said...

Hey GB,...As usual you come out of your corner swinging, very interesting and informative stuff.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Your passion is admirable, take care not to assume the moral high-ground.


Musique said...

Mine is sorta off topic but you'll find this interesting, veritas ... trust me! :))

this is what happenes to You when you dare to speak against the juus on JuuNN:

CNN fires host Rick Sanchez over controversial remarks

CNN host Rick Sanchez came under fire Friday after making controversial remarks the previous day on a satellite radio show.
Sanchez called out Comedy Central host Jon Stewart as a "bigot" for mocking him, and complained that Jews -- like Stewart -- don't face discrimination. He also suggested that CNN, and perhaps the media industry more broadly, is run by Jews and elitists who look down on Hispanics like himself.
Clearly, those comments didn't sit well with the network, which put out a terse statement around 6 p.m. Friday.

"Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company," the CNN statement read. "We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well."

So far, Sanchez hasn't spoken out about the explosive interview Thursday on "Stand Up! with Pete Dominick." On the radio show, the now-former CNN star didn't just make a single impolitic statement, but spoke at length -- for roughly 20 minutes -- about Stewart and a media world he believes to be filled with "elite Northeast liberals" that consider Hispanic journalists "second-tier." Sanchez is a Cuban-American.
He specifically called out Stewart as someone with "a white liberal establishment point-of-view" and "can't relate to a guy like me." Also, Sanchez claimed that Stewart is "upset that someone of my ilk is at, almost, his level."


let's push back a little bit here, shall we? Did you see that part where "Sanchez called out Comedy Central host Jon Stewart as a "bigot" for mocking him, and complained that Jews -- like Stewart -- don't face discrimination. He also suggested that CNN, and perhaps the media industry more broadly, is run by Jews and elitists who look down on Hispanics like himself.


It took that long for Ricardo to find out being in the juu dominated media and dancing to their tunes?
Very fascinating, don't you say?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,...Now that there is my kinda off topic comment! Excellent,...I was fan of stewart a couple of years ago, mostly because he bagged bush, then when obombo was put up to the job, he fell flat and that old yid-media line started to become the ad nauseam meme. Yeah, sanchez only just caught on? Whatever, turn-coats cannot be trusted when they turn for material reasons.


Anonymous said...

"take care not to assume the moral high-ground"

yeah, I am guilty of that sometimes, good observation

Anonymous said...

as to the two personalities talked about above

its a fake war,trying to give both of them publicity, try to carve out legitmacy with their core lie loving truth hating audiences this happens a lot

its wwf wrestling, they work together, its all bs

Anonymous said...

Veritas, by the way when u refer to yourself as "heavy"

is that some Australian idiom?

what do u mean by that sir?

Anonymous said...

let go the odd angry shot in the general direction of the enemy,

love it

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...I didn't refer to myself as 'heavy', I said I know some very heavy people that are losing patience with the current situation.


Musique said...

Wow! Your sentiment also resonated by Jnoubieh, somewhat:

Jnoubiyeh said...

.. What would you do if your land was occupied? What would you do if your people and children were getting killed and massacred? What would you do if your houses and infrastructures were being destroyed? You would sit and cry and surrender?

Sorry to disappoint you, but in South Lebanon, we fight back, we defend ourselves. It is our natural right.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,...powerful stuff, eh?


Anonymous said...

"heavy people" meaning

wealthy /influential/ powerful I presume?

Musique said...

Good morning from CA, veritas!
Criminazis have done it again:

Israeli judge scolds Nobel winner for propaganda

JERUSALEM – An Israeli Supreme Court has chastised an Irish Nobel peace laureate for calling Israel an "apartheid state" during her deportation hearing.
Maguire's remark about apartheid during her hearing Monday prompted Justice Asher Grunis to tell her to keep her "propaganda" to herself.


Sucha f*cking pig!(and excuse my french here)
Calling a spade a spade is "Propaganda"? Only possible in crminazi, racist, thuggish, blackhole on earth place called israhell. How 'bout making rest of the world sick with their own cooked up propaganda of holocrackagaga garbage? Are we supposed to buy that as part of our essential nutrient everyday? As I'm writing this, there will be another "miraculous holocrackagaga" story on the front page.

They have organ snatching, baby raping agents trolling the web to spread their propaganda during off seasons, "ShitrahellMuse" must be one of 'em. Yes, I did see its posting earlier. It probably had no idea that who it is messing with.

Good riddance!

Israel Muse said...


veritas6464 said...

Hey israhell moose, nice to have a talented writer come around here; the english language is a beautiful thing at the hands of a true wordsmith.

I normally delete yid bile, yours however is a treat, such a prosaic tome - molested any goy children lately hook-nose?


Israel Muse said...


veritas6464 said...

Hey israhell moose,...your falling for me aren't ya, go on, say it, say you want me; say my name bitch - you want meeee baaaaad; problem is: Big daddy don't let me date no filthy hook-nose!

Haaaagh haaagh haa, fuck you and your mitochondrial DNA pseudo matrilineal bloodline, ya knuckle-draggin' Neanderthal rock-ape!

Yay team Cro-magnon! Goooo team!

Come back when you've evolved, dirty satanic spawn! Yuk yuk yuk...


Anonymous said...

three way imaginary conversation between Israel muse and Jesus CHrist and Craig

by Craig:

Jesus Christ: so Muse, I take it u dont believe in me and you just want to try to torment my followers psychologically in your short time on this earth, before you inevitably end up in hell for all eterninty unless u have a huge change of heart?


Jesus Christ: remember forgiveness for all you sins, is still attainable and available while you are here on this earth, but you MUST accept me

Craig: I think there is 15% chance he becomes a Christian


Jesus Christ: I hope so for his sake. Craig

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...15% eh? I think you are grossly underestimating their arrogance - what you must remember, is that they manifest everything that is wrong in this 'material world' and are incapable of recognising the error of their ways because they, like the serial killers on cable TV documentaries, have no sense of remorse, they do not have the ears to hear and so it is for israhell moose...

John 8:47 - "He that is of God heareth God's words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God!"


Anonymous said...

Veritas, I am moving closer and closer into that way of thinking everyday

I am begining to believe that jewish people are incapable of Christianity

THe jews that claim to be CHristians
that I see

they dont get it

they dont get Christainity,

They dont get loving their neighbor as themself

they dont get sacrifice, humility GIVING,

they TAKE

they are like the rich CHristians who also dont get it who I think are going to be shocked when Jesus raptures up the righteous and claims that he never knew them

they are used to the "wind being at their backs" as a jewish saying goes

they dont understand suffering and hardship

they dont understand the wind blowing in your face with increasing force every day and still pushing forward

they want no part of that

they want it easy

they have never been thru situations where they are outnumbered and people are against them

they want no part of it

the jewish Christians they run to the police and the courts, used to and expecting the favorable treatment of the sick corrupt money slavede and serving instituitions all over the globe

meanwhile innocent people sit in prison while guilty people walk and it doesnt occurr to them the courts are BAD, EVIL and CORRUPT TO THE CORE

its frustrating,

you may be right

that John 8:47 verse might be referring to jews

I look at the jewish CHristians and I dont see the holy spirit,

I sick vainglorious selfish self centered, self important perversion of it

for the most part

Anonymous said...

I was in an a particularly strong anti-judaism mood when I wrote the above

now that I have leveled off to my normal level of anti-judaism

let me say , yeah there are some that might be capable of Christianity, maybe