If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Julia Gillard lesbian satanist not my Prime Minister or Shabaz goyim weirdos control Australia for khazarian psychopaths that perpetrated 9/11!

I was working on an article about the embarrassing decent into a mire of internecine rivalry and duplicity of the Australian political hierarchy led by a lesbian satanist; honestly there are probably not more than half a dozen politicians in Australia that deserve their liberty. The rest should be arrested for lying compulsively, for accepting enormous salaries under false pretences and for just being selfish greedy wankers. They are not respectable and their ‘honourable’ titles are not even a joke anymore, it is an insult to the collective intelligence of the Australian population that these dirty crooks should be permitted to be referred to on official documentation as ‘The Right Honourable’; it’s ludicrous.

Anyway I have decided to skip an article criticising Australia’s shabaz goyim and instead, post a photo essay of the attack on the world by the evil satanic yids of israhell on September the 11th 2001.

If you are not already convinced by the OVERWHELMING evidence that proves that a bunch of arabs with box-cutters and plastics knives operating from a damp cave with no electricity supply DIDN’T pull-off the most expensive elaborate and sophisticated terror attack in history, go away, just go back to your bed and go on snoozin’ while the evil yids destroy the world. You are not welcome here and I am not posting this photo-essay as an educational exercise to vainly attempt to wake up ‘brainwashed by television’ media-morons. If you still think Osama Bin Laden ‘masterminded’ 911, why doesn’t the FBI list him as a suspect?

The following photo essay is a celebration of the tenacity and integrity of the anti-zionist truth movement. Over the past nine years there has formed around the world a community of intelligent resilient and courageous men and women that by virtue of their grit have not succumbed to the harassment and intimidation of the yiddish psychopaths that rule this material ‘world’.

Suffice it to say; the Yiddish bankster criminals that perpetrated the crime of September 11th 2001 are not Israelites, they have no genuine claim to The Palestinian homeland and are the cause of ALL suffering, all over the world – it is about money and these greedy devils make their money financing death and destruction – everywhere!

9/11 just another ‘satanic jew’ crime against humanity:

Pinpoint accuracy; anyone that has any knowledge of the skills required by a Pilot to navigate with a full instrument console and support from Air-traffic controllers; knows that it is almost impossible for even an experienced Pilot to fly blind over great distances to find an airport let alone a 100ft wide building at 500 kms per hour!

Well, there goes ALL the fuel! So, what melted ALL the steel beams and stanchions on EVERY floor at exactly the same time for exactly the same reason - they were melted by fuel fires! What fuel?

TWO pinpoint accuracy Plane strikes both aimed from hundreds of kilometres away at 500 kilometres per hour and one of the Planes allegedly piloted by a man that couldn't get a licence to fly a small twin-engined Cessna:

Does the following photograph look like a building falling because it is completely consumed by flames? Or perhaps it looks like it is being pulverised in a pyroclastic detonation? The US Geological Survey website provides us with a definition of a pyroclastic flow as a ground hugging avalanche of hot gas and debris. The rising gas chimney is clearly visible in this photo of the North Tower implosion, with pyroclastic flows between buildings. The cauliflower shape of the debris cloud is a telltale sign of pyroclastic flows generated by massive explosions, typical of volcanic eruptions and controlled demolitions.

Building seven was not hit by a plane, it was only burning on three floors and these isolated fires were allowed to burn without being fought by fire-fighters for EIGHT hours! The building was evacuated by order of the Mayor of New York Guilliani, who was TOLD that the building was going to "Come Down". At 5pm Larry Silverstein said "Pull it": "...so I gave the order to 'Pull it', and we watched it come down."

In the following picture the Penthouse is still visible on the roof of WTC 7 prior to the central core imploding. The black rectangle seen on the centre of the roof is the top of the Penthouse:

A BBC Journalist is caught-out announcing the collapse of WTC 7 30 minutes prior to the actual event: How this 'News' report could possibly have been a mistake defies determination: The building is clearly still standing as the image over her shoulder shows; Who was feeding her the report? Did she know it was going to come down and just assumed it had happened, why didn't she take a look over her shoulder? Lazy journalists are the norm today, however in the past the crime of 911 would probably have been a lot more difficult to get away with, prior to the advent of the 'Media-celebrity' and the lifestyle benefits of 'playing the game':

One second after the Penthouse disappears into the building as the central core implodes through itself in a progressive unimpeded vertical collapse: there has never EVER been a progressive collapse caused by fire, EVER, IN HISTORY; PRIOR TO 911!
Notice the lack of flames, none, no billowing clouds of fire and smoke - nothing, this is a classic controlled demolition:

The draconian laws that are now being used to bully us; the massive slaughter of innocent civilians all over the world, abduction, drugs, pornography and para-military style Police forces in civilian suburbs throughout the western world: all these things have become the dominant factors in our day to day lives - why?

Because the entire world is controlled by a crime syndicate known as the Rothschilds - khazarian jews from eastern europe that pretend to be hebrews and are not. They are psychopathic murderers, child-molesters, thieves, pathological liars and ritual satanists.

There is only one way to defeat these devious satanists whose desire is total domination of every country and person on earth through the establishment of a New World Order - REVOLUTION!

That there are only a few that are prepared to fight and have not been brain-washed by the stooges of the mainstream media, is not important - no successful revolution has ever been achieved by more than 7% of the population.

Numbers are not the issue - the issue is the tenacity and courage of the revolutionaries.

Never give in to the tyrants, never give up hope, fight with every ounce of your being, because surrender is not a jail term, surrender is death!

The legacy I wish to leave to my children is FREEDOM!


Musique said...

Superb article, veritas!

Do you know how did building 7 collapsed? well ... because of juuberry syrup theory! You gotta have syrup to go with pancakes - according to the "official theory", that's how those two buildings collapsed. Naturally, building 7 came down because it was saturated with too many "juu"cy berries.

OR ....

building 7 wasn't a building at all ..it had a heart. Seeing the tragic fates of those two towers, it couldn't bare to live by itself. It just self terminated.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,...Thanks man, long time no speak, I haven't commmented at Greg's for a while, I guess I should say hello, I love his work.
Anyhow, great comment and funny to...



Anonymous said...

amazing extraordinary work Mr. vertias sir

"Pinpoint accuracy; anyone that has any knowledge of the skills required by a Pilot to navigate with a full instrument console and support from Air-traffic controllers; knows that it is almost impossible for even an experienced Pilot to fly blind over great distances to find an airport let alone a 100ft wide building at 500 kms per hour!"

I began suspecting that the pilots were not controlling the planes about 2 years ago,

You seem to think tis obvious, that there is no way they could have been controlling the planes,

its pretty amazing that that aspect is not brought up too much

while that as going on, at the same time that day another plane was flying near the white house and I remember reading that this other plane first stopped in mid-air near the white house, *and then it circled around and crashed into the pentagon,

*either saying it could if it wanted to, or perhaps there were massive high tech wars going on behind the scenes fighting for control of that plane

I would be curious to hear your ideas about the other plane that crashed into the pentagon

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Thanks mate, there are three trains of thought that I am aware of, regarding the un-marked white plane that was seen above the Pentagon. 1. That the plane was the mobile command vehicle for the 'missile' or Drone that actually struck the building. 2. That the white plane was supposed to be seen to be a large commercial carrier to provide 'eye-witness' accounts with substance. 3. That the white plane was the vehicle that launched the missile from its undercarriage; many variants of cruise missiles are actually delivered close to their targets from larger aircraft.

I don't know if any of these theories are correct and maybe they are all correct to varying degrees. I just don't know, I should probably take a look, however, I try to retain an 'Australian' angle to my work, as the community here are probably one the most unsophisticated in the western world; not because they are stupid, I think the stupidest people in the world today are the amerikans, present company excepted. The british are not far behind. That these countries have large truth movements is consistent with their large populations; here in Australia, there is only a minuscule truth community. The Australian people are almost entirely influenced by the Ju.S.A and the Ju.K. media.


Anonymous said...

I should get more -facts- together before offering any kind of beleifs about what struck the pentagon,

Wrting from my american angle,
I think whatever happened there, among many other things, strongly suggests a level of displeasure with George W. Bush, who fought them on some things not everything but some things

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Dubya, was, is and will always be shabaz goyim - I don't understand why you think that fool has an iota of humanity in him. He is definately an evil bastard.


Musique said...

Hey veritas, I think Greg is taking a little break, hopefully he will be back soon and take care of that hasbarat named "israel muse" from his last article - "What would a world without Israel look like?".

Your site it bookmarked, finally!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,...That israhell muse, is so totally a 'hasrat'.


Penny said...

Hey veritas! Good job with the 9/11 false flag post, I missed making a comment this year, on account of being busy that day, then it seemed as if the moment had passed.

Sometimes I think if people haven't got it yet, haven't woken up to the fact the the official story is an out and out fabrication, I don't know what it is going to take to get them to come to their senses,

Cripes, when members of the 9/11 commision say that they didn't get the whole story, and stuff was kept away from them, or they couldn't conduct a proper investigation, what does that tell ya?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Thanks, don't get me started on the 9/11 commission(ha ha ha).


Masher1 said...

I think i know the reason for the very long duration fires on the ground zero site(over sixty days long)

The Towers had units called tuned mass dampers.
600 to 800 tons each tower.

If they were filled with Uranium 238 granules (DU) and the bottoms of these containers at the top levels of each tower were blown out to allow the contents to flow down the elevator shafts into the basements and a substance was used to innate that material to burn (Thermate)
could have been the reason for such long and sustained fires on the site that was doused the whole time with MILLIONS of gallons of water from the east river. Mass is all you really need to concentrate on. Jones thinks Thermate. Ward thinks Micro-nukes. I say BULLSHIT to em both.

Uranium 238 may have been used to obscure evidence by fire. And it needed to be in place... PURPOSELY installed into those TMD units way back in 78 just like the tons and tons of asbestos whilst the towers were built.
Thermate is not even close to being sufficient enough mass wise to burn for 2 or 3 days forget about SIXTY PLUS even without the effects of all the water pumped into the "bathtub"

500 plus first responders and EVERY SINGLE dog used to help find trapped victims is dead.

Hit my URL. Choose oldest comment first and have an open mind read of the entire post at WUFYS on the Melted vehicles of 911.

Try as i might i can not account for these fires any other way than using U-238 as fuel.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Masher1,...I have spent an hour or so reading all the comments regarding your link, I am not convinced that a SADM was used - the progressive collapse required many explosions not one 'big' one, sorry, nice theory but it is not relevant. Oh, the pyroclastic flow theory covers the cars you talk about and the cars you show under the overpass were dumped there, they were not toasted there. Keep it real man.

The Bali Bombing is probably something you should look into:




Thanks for the comment...


Masher1 said...

Collapse was a matter of a controlled demo. Many have proven that. Cutter charges,C4 under floor pans Etc. Etc.

I am just postulating a reason the aftermath was wrought with fire for 60+ days in a closed off container with tons and tons of debris,concrete,steel,asbestos and Sixty plus days of dozens of 4" fire lines soaking the whole mess down.

I know the towers were a controlled demolition. So do you. The aftermath is a matter of Far longer concern than most realize on this single fact - If DU was used to burn up or melt very incriminating evidence in the basements then the whole event is a long term health hazard to anyone exposed to the fumes and fallout.

Fires burned for more than sixty days.

Not one report of the 600-800 tons of lead the TMD units were supposedly filled with.

Millions of gallons of water were poured onto the debris pile for the entire time.

Molten steel was found in the basements as the cleanup progressed.

No explanation leading to a duration of sixty+ days of fire on the site.

No plausible explanation of the fuel source to cause the resulting molten steel found under (3) buildings (one,two and seven)

Ed ward has gone on record as saying micro nukes caused the observed cratering of the site.

Stephen Jones has gone on record saying nano-thermite was the source of many of the effects of an obvious controlled demolition.

Pre collapse blasts reported by folks IN the towers were never properly investigated. Some were even burned and injured by these blasts.

No explanation of the many many fire and ambulance units burnt in very unusual ways.

What does your mention of SADM relate.

As to keeping it real.... We are all tested Veritas6464.

Now you have been too.

Anon said...


It's interesting that Mohammed Atta chose to learn to fly at a Venice Florida airfield long used for CIA operations.

- Aangirfan

veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,..Thanks, that's some serious endorsement; you cut your own path man, cheers.