If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Angry mob storms kool aid factory then hands itself in to the police and makes full voluntary confession...

Dirty fucking evil scum of the earth satanic spawn - I hate yids - FUCK THEM ALL!

I am tired of their shit and want a worldwide angry mob to storm every Bank and burn the fucking things to the ground and then hurl Molotov cocktails and bricks at the homes of every yid we can find; everywhere.
The filthy yiddish invaders from north west khazarian satellite state or the EU formerly known as Europe, continue to murder and abduct Palestinian children for organ theft and sexual abuse without any complaint from “Da Nigga in da House - doh’barma” or the Tweedle brothers in ‘Rostov on the Thames’, or that insipid little zionist Lezzo in Rothschalia’s Capital Territory.
Jewish pig-men are child molesters – undeniable proof:

Three Year Old Brides for filthy Yiddish child-molesters

When Jesus accused the Pharisees of his day of being Satan's spiritual children, Jesus fully realized what they were capable of: Second century rabbi simeon ben yohai, one of judaism's very greatest rabbis and a creator of kabbalah, sanctioned paedophilia—permitting molestation of baby girls even younger than three! He proclaimed, “A proselyte who is under the age of three years and a day is permitted to marry a rabbi.”
This year, top Israeli Rabbi Moti Elon was
indicted by police for sex crimes against minors. "Far from being the rabbi of an obscure Hasidic sect, the charismatic Elon is a high-profile leader, educator and media personality, representing the more mainstream religious Zionists and former head of the renowned HaKotel (Western Wall) Yeshiva. He comes from a family of high achievers in law, politics and academia that has drawn comparisons with the Kennedy clan."

More proof that yiddish khazars are congenital psychopaths; only a fucking fruit-cake could make the following statement and keep a straight face:

"We will never forgive the Palestinians for making us kill them" - golda meir.....What tha fuck?

If there is a Christian God: he or she should waste no time with his or her thumb up his or her arse waiting for the dirty pig-men to change their psychotic ways;

My prayer:

For the immediate attention of the divine ineffable, commonly known and referred to as God, who art in heaven, whatsoever your hallowed gender;



Your impatient and probably annoying mortal servant veritas6464 AMEN!”

Well, there it is readers, shouldn’t be long now; probably have time to brew-up before the bangs and flashes start appearing on the horizon in the general direction of israhell...mmm, OK, what about a sing along, eh? Kumbaya is probably not appropriate given the shit about to rain down on the synagogue of satan – ooh, I’ve got it - “A Hard Rains Gonna Fall”, yep, that’s it, ironic really, anyhow; in your own time start singin’...


tap tap tap, hmmm..?

Ok, maybe there’s a hold up, I’ll try again later, I think God may be offline, or something, who knows.

You know we have all heard the spurious reasoning for accepting a Global government due to Climate Change™: “If it is true we should not waste anymore time arguing, because we just don’t have any time to waste and if it isn’t true, there’s no harm done. So, it is better to just do it rather than not.”

Well I use the same argument regarding faith in the divine ineffable: “We could all do much worse (and we are) than to live by the teachings of Jesus, and if it’s all BS, no harm done, in fact the world would be a great place to live, rather than the dirty, violent, sordid, ghetto that the yids have created around us!

Think about it, sharing the abundant food, labouring to provide free, clean power sources for each other, free land and housing, labour to build each other’s houses from natural sustainable materials; it’d be groovy, no poor people (debt-slaves of the yids), no wars (financed and encouraged by yids), no famines (manufactured by yids). No greedy usurious banksters (yids again).

Come to think of it, if it wasn’t for that dirty evil tribe of yids, it would be possible to achieve a great deal of positive situations without any arguments regarding religious one-up-manship, yeeehaaa!

And here’s a Factoid for ya’ll... Australians have about 380,000 square metres of land per person. Yet 91% live in urban areas.

Every single person on earth could live in Australia comfortably, each individual would have approximately 100 square metres to themselves; also this would leave the entire States of Queensland and Tasmania empty:

Yes folks, the earth is not overpopulated, we are not running out of food because the earth cannot sustain our population: We have food shortages and famines because the dirty lying child-molesting thieving yiddish talmudic monsters from khazaria control the world’s finances and wish to completely control every human and every resource on earth for their own satanic benefit.

So, we’ll need pitch-forks, flaming torches and a lot of unruly aggressive towns-folk shouting loud vulgar invective – I just can’t see anyone being intimidated by a quiet well-behaved unarmed and orderly procession of sensible people, in sensible shoes singing kumbaya; It just sounds wrong – Yes, it has to be a screaming ranting mob of oddly armed drunks, oh, yeah I think alcohol should play a roll, an uninhibited mob swarming out of the local taverns is always a more effective image than a sober well-organised crowd of parishioners filing out of church in a dignified manner.

Oh, yeah, another great idea – we should dress like football hooligans, yeah, there’s not much more terrifying image than a bunch of drunken English football fans.

Righty ‘o’ then... all in favour of action direct say, Aye!

Repeat after me:

“Oooh aargh, aye let’s git’em”

“Yeah, lets”

“Aargh, ‘angins too good for ‘em!” (perhaps it’s not, though hanging is a rather ugly way to do away with someone).

I’m sure you all get the gist; I expect a good turn-out and there will be tea and scones after we wrest control of the earth back from the yids, we estimate sometime mid-afternoon.
Now, then go home and get some rest as we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow and don’t forget your pitch-forks and torches; matches and cigarette lighters will be provided by the organizers, however bring them if you have them and I’ll see you all in the town square tomorrow morning about 9am-ish.



By the way: Sharks apparently are the only animals that never get sick. As far as scientists can tell, they are immune to every known disease including cancer.

Israhell: 60 years of ethnic cleansing with no sign of a U.N force, to stop the slaughter by force of arms! Why? Because the U.N. is a yiddish muppet!


Timster said...

"A Hard Rains Gonna Fall"...beautifully ironic! Song stolen by chief Zimmerman of the tribe! Like Carlin said...when I pray, about half of my prayers get answered...half don't. Here's hoping yours is in the former group.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...Yesss, it warm the cockles of my heart to think the last thing a yid hears are the words of a song stolen by one of their own.

You should read the Cuckoo piece by Joe The Philosopher he's a real talent, his "Pat Robertson.M4 vid on jutube is a riot.


Anonymous said...

"Think about it, sharing the abundant food, labouring to provide free, clean power sources for each other, free land and housing, labour to build each other’s houses from natural sustainable materials; it’d be groovy, no poor people (debt-slaves of the yids), no wars (financed and encouraged by yids), no famines (manufactured by yids). No greedy usurious banksters (yids again).

things would be so groovy

thats how I see the 1000 year millenial kingdom on earth, which is coming, something like that

I think 144,000 remnant good yids are gonna make it,

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Unfortnuately it's not enough not to be an arsehole; you have to do good works in Christ and share the WORD. So, just being silent and not taking part in their genocidal acts, is not enough, they have to be baptised and then they have to actively spread the Good News etc.