If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Saturday, October 09, 2010

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion: Protocol 12 - Control of the Media

In Australia this past week, the Police have killed two citizens with tazers. The Media on both occasions changed their initial reports and have since maintained a sanitized attitiude to their coverage, which has abruptly ended. There has been brutal repression of peaceful and legitimate protests in Stuttgart in Germany.

The illegal wars for israhell and Wall Street continue to expand and absorb ever more amounts of financial resources that will not be used to maintain a minimum standard of living in the West, while terrorizing with a higher degree of sophistication and technological brutality the lives of our brothers and sisters in the Central and Middle East.

The request I make now, of my colleagues; whom make up the other voices against tyanny on the internet, is to research the latest examples of State brutality and oppression in your region or country. Perhaps we are seeing an escalation by the NWO zionazis. If so, perhaps it is time for us to 'click it up a notch' regarding our own methods and activities.


N.B. love light & peace


Musique said...

Howdy veritas!

Aussie cops don't wanna feel left behind their American counterparts when it comes to being tazer trigger happy.

Check this out:

OAKLAND, CA -- Oakland community members are speaking out today against a motion by the defense team for former BART police officer Johannes Mehserle seeking a retrial for Mehserle in the 2009 shooting death of Oscar Grant.

Mehserle and his attorneys maintain that the shooting was accidental, and that Mehserle had meant to use his Taser when he shot and killed Grant.

"The district attorney at our trial argued that even though there had been some prior cases of officers mistakenly shooting guns instead of Tasers, not a single one was identical to this case," Rains said Monday.

Rains claims the defense team has since discovered a similar case in Kentucky in which an officer mistakenly shot a suspect with his service weapon instead of a Taser. He argues that the discovery is grounds for a new trial.

Full story

I think you can search "Oscar Grant BART shooting" on YouTube, since it was captured on video.

They taze you and tag you too.

Yasir Afifi said he's pretty sure he meets the profile of a Muslim on the FBI watch list: He found a GPS tracking device attached to his car last Sunday.
Two days later, on Tuesday, he said the FBI came calling and asked for the device back.
"I'm half-Arab, a young Muslim, my dad was a religious role model in the community," the 20-year-old Santa Clara resident said Friday. "I travel overseas for work and to visit my brothers in Egypt. It's their ticket to bother me forever."
Afifi says the FBI has no reason to watch him. He said he's done nothing wrong.
However, according to Afifi and his attorney, Zahra Billoo, what happened is an example of federal authorities going on what Billoo called "fishing expeditions. It's very common in this community," she said.
Afifi said the strange series of events began Sunday, when he took his car in for an oil change to a garage not far from his Santa Clara home. As the car was raised, Afifi said he noticed "a wire hanging out." Then he noticed "a black, glimmering device."


veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,..Yep, it is really looking like the 'October surprise' is a time warp that placed us smack bang in 1984 Orwellian Europe.


Anonymous said...

fyi, somone on your link list,

DB smith is a fake, he is no good,
I see massive fakeness in him

Mark Glenn, also sees it a Christian, with a site called the
www.theuglytruth.com, Glenn, a guy that I have some disagreements with, but I agree with him on the fakeness of Smith,


veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,..Thanks for the heads-up, I won't remove the link, it does have some valuable information on it: However I will place a disclaimer with it to the effect that the content should be properly scrutinised before being accepted as bona fide.

I will pursue the allegations made by Mark Glenn regarding Smith's anti-Jesus vulgar invective. If this turns out to be true I will have more to say on the matter.