If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Monday, October 18, 2010

Zionist War Crimes (Genocide In Palestine) MUST SEE video!

This little girl had her head blown apart by an israhelli bullet fired point-blank!

This is a part (Zionist War Crimes 3.7) of a documentary that is not the most polished production you will see, it is however comprehensive regarding the longest genuine holocaust in history, inlike the manufactured nonsense of WW2 which is force-fed to gullible goyim, The Palestinian holocaust is real and ongoing.

Link to full-length Google video: Zionist War Crimes (Genocide In Palestine)

I support the complete dismantling of the illegal apartheid squattocracy of israhell - veritas6464


Greg Bacon said...

Rabbi Weiss, of the Ultra Orthodox Jewish group called Neturei Karta, who is based just north of New York City, explains why his worldwide organization believes that Zionism is the exact opposite of Judaism and why they pray for the peaceful dismantling of the Zionist state of Israel.

Even some Jews realize that Apartheid Israel is inherently evil and needs to 'disappear from the pages of time.'

The rest of the article goes into the "Zionization" of Florida.

veritas6464 said...

Hey GB,...Yeah, I have had some contact with Neturei Karta, we have some reps here in rosthchalia; unfortunately they are still talmudists - that shit they preach is evil. No two ways around it, they have got to lose that shit. I pigeon-hole those guys with all the other yids that complain about israhell's excesses - self preservation not genuine concern for their fellow man - why? They fear the angry mob; while they practice their satanic shit, remember, their books refer to us as cattle and slaves.

There were two types of NWO minions; fabian socialists and communists, one branch of the firm used the subtle social engineering tactics and strategies, the other used brutal force and oppression: Same shit different suit - democrat or republican?

It'd be nice to think they weren't all playing their part in the 'war by deception'. While they practice the Kol Nidre, they can all go up against the wall: No rest for our enemies no mercy for child-molesters and murdering psychopaths.

I wasn't always bitter and vengeful; I used to write poetry and photograph wild animals and landscapes: Their monstrous behaviour shaped me and now I see I have become that which I despised.


Musique said...

sickos, sickos, sickos
sickos of the universe!
all the sickest things these gollums been doing since earth can remember,
eternal hell is waiting patiently
for these bastards to get in.
This is eternal hell, not oven.
No escape.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,..Yep, they are sickos, and I am sicko to death of them!

Nice little haiku by the way.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

"I wasn't always bitter and vengeful; I used to write poetry and photograph wild animals and landscapes: Their monstrous behaviour shaped me and now I see I have become that which I despised."

ZING! straight to the heart with that one, mon ami.

This is why I say, "if you hate, they have won" and keep that thought very close to my heart, wrapped around my soul, 24/7. Otherwise, that anger, that righteous anger that rises from deep within, would push me to the dark side and I really don't want to perpetuate things.

I like to visualize them in their Talmudic hell, chained within that burning cauldron of feces ~ surrounded by the smiling faces of happy truly free goyim of all races and colours.

These people would be attired in cloths of gold, dripping with gold decorations, playing with gold, swimming in gold, tossing flakes of gold, etc etc, just for sheer pleasure.

And these ones could do no more than watch the pleasure others take in the one thing that rouses their lust, besides blood of course, gold.

In my more (ir)rational moments, I have visualized them being FED that gold, still in melted form of course.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...You read my thoughts, you're spot on as usual, don't know about the gold thingy and molten gold? Whoa;

You nass-ty grrrl you! Love it.


Penny said...

what a horrid sight. Imagine her broken hearted parents?
I am speechless.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...I was sickened, I was so horrified I nearly cried, I have two little girls the youngest five. I feel so sad for these mum's and dads in Gaza and The Palestine; I was beside myself when I read the caption.

Remember, some dirty yid walked up to this baby and shot her in the head from less than 30 centimetres away!