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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Israeli psychotic freeloaders from Eastern Europe exposed! The Lunatics of zion:

The Lunatics of Zion

A Jew learns as part of his sacred Bible and Talmud studies that crimes against Gentiles, such as genocide, mass murder, child abuse etc. are considered holy services to God. The Bible and the Talmud the holy books of hate, mandating innocent Jewish youngsters to hate, to murder, to deceit, to expel, to rob non-Jews in the name of God. This leaves not only a dent on their mental structure, but turns their soul into a festering spiritual deformity.

They live and work together with non-Jews in communities throughout the world, liking their Gentile neighbours, enjoying their culture and even at times falling in love with members of the Goyim opposite sex. However, because of the strict law and restrictions (based on racial purity) imposed upon them, they are forced to grow up and develop in a world in which they learn the skills of obeying one command and living a double life. The dilemma the ordinary Jew faces, is that he has to obey the Rabbis interpretation of God's laws. They educated the young minds of the Jewish nation to despise, to subjugate, to look down upon and even to hate the non-Jewish world. Failing to follow these holy commands results (as they are taught) in severe punishment by God. This must result naturally in mental aberration amongst the Jewish community.

One loathsome example-patient of this serious mental illness, that befalls Jews, is America's Secretary of State, Mrs. Madeleine Albright. She takes joy in starving hundreds of thousands Iraqi children to death. In May/June 1999 in an interview on 60 minutes, Leslie Stahl asked Madeleine Albright: “I understand that 500,000 Iraqi children have died due to our sanctions...was it worth it?” Albright replied, "It was worth it."

[From the JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA, Vol IX, 1902 edition, under "Nervous Diseases":

The Jews are more subject to the diseases of the nervous system than the other races and people among which they dwell. Hysteria and Neurasthenia appear to be most frequent. Some physicians of large experience among Jews have gone so far as to state that most of them are neurasthemic and hysterical ... As regards Austria and Germany, the same neurotic taint of Jews has been emphasized by Kraft Ebing, who states that nervous diseases, and especially neurasthenia, effect the Jews with exceptional severity ... Biswanger, Erb, Jolly, Mobius, Lowenfield, Oppenheimer, Fere, Charcot, Bauvet and most of the other specialists in nervous diseases, speak of this in their monographs on neurasthenia and hysteria in the male which is so rare on other races, is quite frequent among the Jews ... The education of the Jews must not be forgotten when studying their nervousness ... He begins at a quite early age to spend the greater part of the day in studying the Bible and Talmud, is also an important factor in the production of nervousness among the Jews

So, under threat from the holocaust cudgel, Germany now tops-up its Jewish population to pre-WW2 levels and appears to become the Medicare provider for 1 in 3 mentally debilitated patients suffering from a hereditary disease. A Lebanese lawyer once said to the German correspondent of NANA: “Your government is stupid, it is unbelievable.”

We are unconcerned for the fate of Germany as by its devotion and servility to Jewry it deserves little sympathy. But we find it sad that the entire globe is now been managed and controlled by a people, suffering the above mental disorders. Especially as Israel now ranks as the third largest nuclear power on earth, after the USA (which must eventually be considered as Israel itself) and Russia. The state of Israel functions as a regime in contempt of mankind, which has practiced an unbroken genocide and robbery on the Palestinian people continuously since 1947. Israel’s sick philosophy states: “Non-Jews are compared to dogs ...and there is no punishment for the murderer of a Gentile”. A disturbed people, who can scorn at the rest of mankind, have managed to gain the control of the greatest fire power of mass destruction of all time - as well as the new ethno-bomb. A device that can select races for extermination.

Here is a taste of God's commands for his Chosen People:

“Non-Jews are Satanic creatures from birth (making all Gentile babies 'little demons'), no better than worms.” (Chabad-Lubavitch called “Likute Amarim” or “Tanya.” It is one of the primary texts used in their indoctrination or “outreach” programs, published by their “Kehot Publication Society” New York --London, 1973).

The famous Hatanya fundamental book of the Habbad movement, one of the most important branches of Hassidim [states]: “All non-Jews are totally satanic creatures in whom there is absolutely nothing good. Even a non-Jewish embryo is qualitatively different from a Jewish one. The very existence of a non-Jew is 'inessential', whereas all of creation was created solely for the sake of Jews”. (Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 27 (ISBN 0 7453 0818 X).

“Thus an Orthodox Jew learns from his earliest youth, as part of his sacred studies, that Gentiles are compared to dogs.” Quelle: Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, Seite 94 (ISBN 0 7453 0818 X)

Sharon Kalimi, a Hasidim Jew: “Arabs are beasts, no human beings. Their flesh is flesh from mules and therefor they should be treated as such.” (Süddeutsche Zeitung (Munich), April 3,1999 (SZ On Easter) page III)

“All Jews are good by nature, all non-Jews are evil by nature. The Jews are creation's crowning glory, the non-Jews are the scum of the earth.” (Rabbi Shneur Zalman, of Liadi, founder of the Lubavitch movement and author of the Tanya, quoted in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 11.3.1994, page 14)

In 1962, a part of the Maimonidean Code referred to above, the so-called Book of Knowledge, which contains the most basic rules of Jewish faith and practice ... Maimonides ... was also a philosopher and his Guide to the Perplexed is justly considered to be the greatest work of Jewish religious philosophy and is widely read and used even today. Unfortunately, in addition to his attitude towards non-Jews generally and Christians in particular, Maimonides was also an anti-Black racist. Towards the end of the Guide, in a crucial chapter (book III, chapter 51) he discusses how various sections of humanity can attain the supreme religious value, the true worship of God. Among those who are incapable of even approaching this are:

“Some of the Turks [i.e., the Mongol race] and the nomads in the North and the Blacks and the nomads in the South and those who resemble them in our climates.” “And their nature is like the nature of mute animals, and according to my opinion they are not on the level of human beings, and their level among existing things is below that of a man and above that of a monkey, because they have the image and the resemblance of a man more than a monkey does.”

Israel Shahak, Jewish History, Jewish Religion, Pluto Press, London 1994, page 24/25 (Chapter 2: Prejudice and Prevarication).

It is a Jewish problem and only Jews themselves can resolve and improve their unenviable situation and way of life. “Drawing on his study of the Talmud and rabbinical laws, Shahak argues that the roots of Jewish chauvinism and religious fanaticism must be understood, before it is too late.” (Covertext of JEWISH HISTORY, JEWISH RELIGION, by Prof. Israel Shahak)

“Benjanim Harshav, a Jewish Professor of Literature in the United States, supports the provoking thesis: »Maybe Jews are not so excellent by high intelligence but by their disturbed psyche.” (Allgemeine Jüdische Wochenzeitung, Bonn, July 12,,1990)

“This Land [Israel] draws lunatics in like a magnet. If we could build a roof over it, we’d have a lunatic asylum.” Gad Granach, Jewish artist in Der Spiegel, Nr. 5/1998, p. 163:

“If this city [Jerusalem] enclosed by a roof, it would be a lunatic asylum.” Gad Granach according to H.M. Broder “The Lunatics of Zion” (Die Irren von Zion), Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg 1998, Covertext.

“The truth is this: The Jewish question is unresolvable.” Theodor Lessing according to H. M. Broder, “The Lunatics of Zion”, Hoffmann und Campe, Hamburg 1998, Covertext.

This disgusting racist shit can be seen in full by following the link:


I am going to create a cartoon entitled “How to Gas a yid”, it'll be funnay as hell; everyone with a sub-prime mortgage, a failing superannuation scheme or a missing child will laugh out loud.

This article was cut & pasted from: http://www.ety.com/HRP/jewishstudies/mental.htm


Anonymous said...

Albright replied, "It was worth it."

she is the worst of the worst

Anonymous said...

...Especially as Israel now ranks as the third largest nuclear power on earth, after the USA (which must eventually be considered as Israel itself) and Russia...

acc to CNN / 39th US president 1976-80 Jimmy Carter,

Israel has 150 nukes


veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,..."Worst of the Worst"; yep, then there's Tzipi Livni the mouth piece for satan. Then there's the amerikan caligula's Ho; Hillarious Cuntin'.

The list goes on of satanic whores that have an unnatural disdain for children, including that lesbian communist stooge in Canberra.


musique said...


Nasty beast got its hemorrhoid all flared up:

Israeli army condemns publication of Gaza 'war criminals'
Names, photographs and addresses of soldiers said to have taken part in Gaza offensive put on website.
Israel's military today condemned the publication of the names and photographs of 200 Israeli soldiers on a website that labelled them war criminals.

The site also published the home addresses and ID numbers of many of the Israelis. They included senior commanders and low-ranking soldiers whom the site claimed took part in the three-week offensive in Gaza that began in December 2008. The accuracy of the published details could not be confirmed.


Entire nation should be on that list, 200 is too short!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Musique,... I've got a copy of the entire list; including photographs, addresses and all details pertaining to these satanic maggots!

I was going to put it up on Internet Journalists Co-op, no can do, I can no longer access the blog for posting or anything: Go figure.


Anonymous said...

This is great truth. We are having the true nature of our age-old enemy revealed now like never before. May the Most High give us all courage for what is coming on the world.
An aside: The "rapture". Big lie, started in Scotland by pentecostals about 100 years ago. Beware, it is the biggest falsehood that has decieved many. Also, beware the teachings of Saul. No-one else ever said, I, Paul, not even the Lord said I, Jesus. All the ministers i hear say, "listen to Paul". Why should i listen to Paul when i can listen to God himself???

veritas6464 said...

Hey anonymous@1:04pyem - If that is what works for you then God speed you! I happen to agree with the Paul as fraud meme: I do not trust yids and if they pretend or have some dispensation to favour we goyim, so be it; I do not value the spawn of the wiccan!