If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Monday, December 13, 2010

Sex Slavers and Childmolesting yids rubbing their dirty hands; set for huge profits: We wish the Shoppers at Yidmart Happy holly days

I see so many on the net, that are at pains to profess their lack of spiritual and scriptural inclination; yet I see these same bloggers, cringe and go quiet at Christmas, why? Why!? Because they are hypocrites? Perhaps these atheists and boodists and hindooists enjoy the holidays the yiddish satanists have conconcted for them?

Got Shopping? yiddish Santa says usery your credit card!!

If you do not accept Jesus as The Christ, if you do not study the ancient texts you shouldn't celebrate Christmas (I do NOT mean the KJV Bible; IMHO; it is antiquated language which distracts from the message – to wit, it does not encourage the choice of Christ. Regardless of the beauty of its ancient poetry). To all of you out there that do not believe in the Christ; make a bold statement this year and tell your friends and family you are boycotting Christmas, no ifs, buts, or maybes. Don't use the children as an excuse to "go along", don't kow-tow to enthusiastic partners, say:

"No, please do not wish me a Merry Christmas as I do not wish anyone of you a Merry Christmas, because I am an intelligent and reasoned person and I don't believe in the reason for the season".

Go on, all you atheists; have some courage of your convictions (or lack there of) and tell your mums, dads, children and friends "Bah Humbug"!

I bet not one of you has the nuts!

Also, to those of you that deny your Christian heritage: If you say “Merry Christmas” ONCE, if you profit a yid by buying one single Christmas present; you are a hypocrite. If you give ONE single Christmas card; you are a hypocrite. If you profess atheism and wish one soul a “Merry Christmas”: Close your Blog and hide under your bed-covers – You are a hypocrite! If you buy a ‘Christmas Gift Voucher $$$’ rather than a real present – you should avoid going outdoors during electrical storms!!

No joy for Santa in yid occupied Palestine!

If you really don’t believe in the power of the spiritual entity we who are Christians completely accept and yet you will be attending a Christmas feast that is a celebration of the alleged birth of the Christ on the 25th of December; you are a hypocrite.

My statement not withstanding: I wish you all a Merry Christmas, as it pertains to a celebration of hope for a glorious spiritual future without the horrors and inequities of the synagogue of satan.



Anonymous said...

LMAO at the santa picture

lmao = laughing my ass off

Maranatha :)

Anonymous said...

my apologies

I didnt at first glance pick up on the seriousness of the piece

nuff said

Anonymous said...

hey Vertias, not sure if you noticed, but I recently got banned from the Gordon Duff website

I am a little sore about it

any advice for me?

I am hoping they eventually lift the ban and let me comment there,

I really like it there, and I think I am making a positive contribution

I noticed you comment there sometimes too

Anonymous said...

what am I missing?

what is it that apparently is bothering people there?

do u think?

I lack the soldier perspective that many of them have

is there anything that can be done about this disconnect?

Anonymous said...

never mind
I am thru with veterans today

I still have respect for most of the US military

I just dont have much respect for that website

why am I telling you this?

bc I have to let it out to someone that at least might kind of understand


veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...The issue people have with you is simple: The Bush crime family - stop defending the Bush family, they are totally corrupt and evil. Your constant support for them make you look demented.



musique said...

Days of romanticizing about soldiers are over long time ago. Todays soldiers are nothing but pure zionist controlled corporate slaves/killing machines.

Would you feel soft and gooey about those monsters deployed in Iraq & Afghanistan and their daily heinous act of violence & cruelty?

Very few of them realize the fantasy they been fed throughout their lives such as loyalty, freedom, patriotism, honor etc are nothing but zionist corporate generated big words. Some of them don't even make it and most of them end up as homeless drug addict on the street.

Don't get to see true patriots like cousin veritas, Ken O'Keefe & Greg Bacon. You guys are fighting for the oppressed people's rights, not to protect criminal zionist corporate interests. You guys are the Real patriots & True soldiers in my eyes.

bush family? Yuck! Even satan would refuse to be associated with those f*ckers.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Always on the money brother, it's always a treat to see you comment here.

Maranatha brother,


Anonymous said...

The issue people have with you is simple: The Bush crime family - stop defending the Bush family, they are totally corrupt and evil

thanks for trying to help

cant do that though

I dont believe that


Anonymous said...

musique were you a soldier ever?

Anonymous said...

curiousity question for you Mr Veritas as a person who I assume has seen lots of Australians.

Does Julian Asstrage

"look Austrailian"?

to me he doesnt

"sound Australian"

not that it matters

musique said...

.. it's always a treat to see you comment here.

:) Thank you rather for having a marvelous place where glasses aren't necessary to see through those parasitic creatures who're destroying this beautiful planet.

Damn!! I must apologize on behalf of the few sensible Americans out here:

Oprah appoints herself Australian 'ambassador'


This self absorbed fatso calls semen weisenthal her personal friend, weisenthal is another really old lyin' SOB media whore. Aussies will be way much better off without her.

Umm ...Do you have any dingos or crocs roaming around near by, veritas? If so, PLEASE send 'em on her way. I am sure they would love to have both of 'em as tasty friends!

speaking of holowax, did you see this?

Yad Vashem struggles to teach Holocaust to Arabs

JERUSALEM – Six decades after the Nazis murdered 6 million Jews, Israel's national Holocaust memorial has launched a new effort to educate the country's Arab minority — many of whom either deny the horror or undermine its scope.



When God cursed so called "chosen" people die, it is called holocaust but when the Palestinians die by the chosen bloodthirsty thugs, it is called collateral damage.

Anonymous said...

musique I will let you know when I understand what the hell u are saying

for now I will rely on veritas to explain to me somehow what the hell u are saying


veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...I concur; the fat whore known as oprah is a shill aimed at cajoling dim-witted house-wives and fags into acting like tipsy teenagers. The same way the yids use obombo to suck in all the white-breads, fatty is employed to con the Sally-housecoats. As for six million yids gassed (pa’leeeze); the census’s taken in Europe and Germany prior to WW2 (the Second attempt by the manipulative satanists to force the goyim into giving them our holy land) shows: Approximately three and a half million yids in the whole of Europe. Even the yids had to admit the numbers of alleged crispy critters at auschwitz was (is!) grossly exaggerated: http://www.rense.com/general69/dim.htm

Palestine is a genuine genocidal holocaust: anything a dirty greedy yid says is horseshit!


veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...If you are confused and anxious; try doing some research and being less abrasive, the attitude coming through your last comment is not consistent with the christian ethos: I am guilty of belligerence sometimes as well, however, this does not excuse a bad comment where there is no excuse for it.


Anonymous said...

If you are confused and anxious;

nope and nope

but I trust that your diagnosis comes from a good pleace


Anonymous said...

Ill try to be less abrasive

sorry about that

Anonymous said...

I am a little sore but its going away almsot gone


Anonymous said...

IF I become a burden let me know

I dont wnat to burden you in anyway

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...Don't sweat it brother, we need thick skins out here or we might as well forget about it.



Anonymous said...

thanks man

btw as a mesage to all here

I like it when I see a lot of comments on vertias page

that makes me happy

I realzie that making me happy is far from your hghest pririty

beleive me I do

but jstu to put it out there

if you want to make me happy

get lots of converstaion going on this blog

I would like that

of course I will vociferously go off on people if they say things I dont like

but still

I like to think there are people kind of similar to me

lurking here

whcih is what I would call


Anonymous said...

here is an idea for a blgo post for you

if you can

elaborate on your

"I was outed by the corporate media"

times they are a changing

I am interestede in more details on how that went down

anything you can share

veritas6464 said...

Craig, do not post comments just for the sake of it, I am not interested in volume I only visit a hand-ful of sites myself and some I rarely comment at. The point of this Blog is 'my opinion', nothing else. If my feelings and thoughts add to the weight of egregious will effecting the dirty yids, good, if all I am achieving is a carthartic release, good.


Anonymous said...


musique said...


I'm sincerely sorry for causing all these strings of misunderstandings and taking the full responsibility of it. I'm working with Greg plus I am assuring you that my comments weren't anywhere to grill you rather my concerns which I've discussed to you in the mail. Since I respect you as a brother, I could never ever do such to anyone, I wasn't raised that way. I didn't bad mouth anything about the person I was concerned with either.

Yes, I should've kept a copy it before posting it on Greg's and didn't realize it would turn out this way.

I am again deeply sorry for all these.

Steve Bayley said...

Hey Veritas,
That time of the year again huh??? When I was a kid, not so long ago..... 50 yrs or so,(keep that to yourself ok??) There was a special feeling about Christmas, it was a wonderful time, midnight mass was in full swing, You got 1 gift from your parents, errrr, plus an apple and an orange. It was a peaceful time and I have to say, I loved it.
Sadly now, as you say, it is all about spending money that they have not got to spend for most people, but, spend it they will and suffer the penalties later, oh how brainwashed they all are. I hate this time of year, and my family hate being around me, I am called scrouge, old misery etc. etc. I suffer them for their sake, I have told them why I am like I am, I have asked them what they are celebrating and quite honestly, they don't know. So I say to them "You have lost sight of what christmas is all about, you are brainwashed" I must say, I have no religious tendancies, I believe there is an almighty, but I choose to leave it at that. BUT I respected the Christmas celebration for what it is meant to be. Sadly, the greedy bastards who would rule the world have ruined that too. I would not want to be in their shoes when the Real power that be returns to his children. That which calls itself "israel" has been given a warning with raging fires, they could not control them, this tells them that they are in the open and fully exposed, I am of the opinion that what calls itself "israel" is being set up as a sacraficial lamb, I think it will be utterly destroyed by it's own PTB to kickstart WW3. I also thing they have made a monumental fuckup and they know their days are numbered, hence the acceleration of their purpose..............TOO LATE

Peace and Happiness to you brother.


Steve B