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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Myth of Defending the Homeland

For Australians the legend of the ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) is part of our social framework, a reference for all things akin to Australia’s self-image or the idealised “Ozzie” character, to wit; The model Ozzie is a strapping broad-shouldered, sun-tanned young man with a square chin and the bearing of a maturity beyond his years; none the less he is a jaunty lad with a glint in his eye which suggests a cheeky larrikin of good-humour and pleasant temperament. He loves his mum and respects his dad; he is a good brother and a staunch mate to his friends and a loyal boyfriend to his partner and if you can find a young Ozzie that fits this description, I’ll marry him!

The ludicrous caricature described above is for many Australians the idyllic Alpha male archetype, why? Since the First World War or what I refer to as The Great Slaughter of 1914 to 1919; the framework within which Australian journalists are programmed to operate has manifested a meme regarding our financial, and materiel support for the British and subsequent Amerikan Empires and their Military exploits over the years, that leave little or no room for objective analysis. Recently, or since 9/11 the framework for perpetuating the Anzac stereotype has become even more rigidly enforced as a dominant narrative. This is not to suggest that much of the pro-war reportage of Australians at war is not enthusiastically pursued by many of our so-called professional Journalists and Reporters. The fact is, without willing and eager participants to rally to the summons of the succeeding Governments of Australia and thereafter present positively spun and downright propagandistic turpitude – Australia would not have the flower of its youth fighting and dying in some corner of a foreign field, as I write.

The sad and very poignant fact is that the soldiers that the “Anzac Day” anniversary celebrations are intended to remember, were, upon returning and certainly as evidenced in their vetted letters home, for the most ‘anti-war’ and certainly not jingoistic patriots; many joined political parties and associated groups for social reform, unilateral and bilateral ceasefires and many demanded a total end to Australia’s involvement in the war. None of these sentiments or opinions was espoused by the media then or now, in exceptional cases, you will now find criticism of ‘the War’ from an Australian perspective, these will invariably be academic chat-fests broadcast on Government sponsored minority mediums, if they are broadcast at all, or in the alternative media on the internet.

This article is not posted to undermine or disrespect the lives lost and shattered by the wars Australia has been sucked into. Their lives were precious and deserve the utmost respectful remembrance: Lest we Forget and continue with this insane folly of running-dog to empires.

Regardless of the shallow sentimentality and glossy heartlessness employed, to perpetuate the stereo-type of Bronzed Ozzies fighting bravely for King and Country. The fact remains that the basis of all this jingoistic clap trap is the relentless suggestion that our young men and women are fighting to defend their homeland: Well, here’s the thing, and I think this will go some way to dousing the patriotic nonsense that fuel this sacrificial pyre of jingoism.

Australia is not their Homeland.

Yes, many were born on this land, however; Australia was and is the natural property of the native aboriginals that “discovered” and populated this continent 40,000 years ago. The land was stolen from them at gunpoint – under the Westminster System of Common Law (Criminal Law) this act is referred to as a “Robbery under Arms”. Since Lieutenant Cook commanded HMB ‘Endeavour’, which was a Barkentine, or 'Bark' not a Ship, and yep, Cook was a Lieutenant when in the role of “OC” or ‘Officer Commanding’ HMB Endeavour at the time he and his crew came upon and charted the coastline of what was to become Australia. The excuse that was given which made it ‘legally’ accepted for the British Navy to claim this ‘landfall’ for HM was the term “Terra Nullius” which suggested that “the land is empty”.

Similarly and for exactly the same reason the yiddish khazarian gangsters from eastern Europe used the term “A land with no people for a people with no land” when they entered illegally and took by “an act of Robbery Under Arms” the homeland of the Palestinians.

The same tactic was used against the native inhabitants of the land now referred to as North America. And so, soldiers of the U.S.A are equally deluded when they suggest that their military aggression against foreign foes is in Defence of their Homeland.

It’s not their Homeland; its stolen property, the title of ownership for which should be returned immediately to the rightful owners and recognised as such across the globe, or at the very least a situation should be created whereby a more equitable representation of the indigenous communities is established and the profits from all and any revenues accrued on, by or from that land should be distributed as equal shares to the respective aboriginal (generic native) communities.

The consistent theme here with these acts of “Robbery Under Arms” is that all these new “Nations” are by definition illegitimate and the positions they hold that they are defending themselves is null and void, due to the illegitimacy of their preposterous status as the legal owners of those stolen lands.

Each of these ‘Nations’ is currently involved in murderous and illegal conflicts throughout the world. I put it to the people of these ‘Nations’ that they call upon their respective Governments to recall their offensive forces and attend to the business of resolving the illegal and immoral conflicts of ownership that currently obtain with their self-proclaimed nationhood statuses.

Free Palestine



Anon said...


Australia does not need to be involved in any wars.

Indonesia is not a threat. But beware the USA.

(I knew an Australian with military connections who was allegedly bumped off because he knew too much about what the CIA was up to.)

- Aangirfan

veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,...Thanks mate. I know of at least three Aussie Prime Ministers that have been retired, due to 'issues' with jU.S.A foreign policy; one, Harold Holt; disappeared in the Surf at Cheviot Beach near Portsea in Victoria (happens to be an Officer Cadet Training College about five Kms from where the PM vanished). It was reported briefly that he was carrying a brown leather monogrammed sabretache containing ‘Top Secret’ Vietnam War documents: The Feds said “No War Docs, but we did find his shopping list and some personal investment documents”: Holt was said to be in private negotiations with the Chinese regarding unilateral arrangements, he was also not keen on expanding Australia’s military role in S.E.Asia. The media started a rumour that a Chinese mini-sub took him to China. No evidence at all of that happening, however it was the accepted myth for 40 years.
The PTB in their insolent wisdom chose to name the new swimming centre in Melbourne after Holt... They name a swimming pool after a Prime Minister that drowned; wtf?

In plain sight?


Penny said...

Hey Veritas:
off topic so I do apologize. Well not entirely off topic. The theft/displacement of all of North American land and it's people by the colonialist is something we in North America rarely hear of unlike the WW2 'holocaust' which is endlessly rehashed for our consumption.
I saw a picture the other day. My husband showed it to me of a mass burial at Wounded Knee. You know after all the natives were slaughtered, they just dumped them all in a big hole.

But, you know "holocaust, holocaust, holocaust" for the followers of Judaism, but, never for anyone else...

Also wanted to ask how is the whole flood situation?

Has it subsided some, it hasn't been getting as much news coverage here, which means nothing.
So, thought I would ask?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Thanks for the link: Crazy picture, I had not seen that one before. With regards to the floods, the majority of the water is draining into the sea on the East coast, however a great deal of it has entered the Murray Darling Basin (western Border region) which is causing flood waters in Victoria to rise substantially though at a slow and steady rate. There is not much info' available apart from the MSM Copy - Reason: The Government had not run-off any water prior to the wets season beginning due to pressure from the climate-gaters, because if we are facing drought due to global warming, running-off the Dams would send the “wrong” message – the wet season rains will replenish the Dams, hence, “If you run off the Dams there will be a catastrophic drought as there will be no rains this Wet Season to refill them, Boogie Booogie Booogie"! The Wivanhoe dam is supposed to be empty or at least close to it as its reason for being built against much opposition was and is “Flood mitigation” not water supply. On or about the 9th or the 10th of January the Government secretly opened the sluice gates of Wivenhoe Dam; some of the worst flooding, particularly that in the suburbs of Brisbane and Brisbane itself, peaked on the 14th; it is my intention to gather sufficient information to prove that several lives were lost and over eight thousand homes and businesses due to the Government and its Climate Change agenda, resulting in the emergency release of millions of gallons of water through the sluice gates at Wivenhoe, to save the Dam from being destroyed by the massive pressure building up on the inner face of the Dam wall, as the mandatory run-offs were not actioned due to devious political expediency. The Dam was not designed to ‘hold’ water, but to ‘catch’ water to avert disaster like the one they caused.

So, Wivanhoe Dam is a Flood Mitigation Dam, or ‘catchment reservoir’ it should have been able to mitigate the flooding by catching most of the excessive run-off from the torrential rains; it is not a necessary water supply, because hello, hello, we are not in drought nor have we been, Rothschalia has two types of farming land: Wet Area farming land, naturally verdant land that has substantial seasonal rainfall. Dry Area farming land; these are enormous tracts of land that were snatched up by agents of the Landed Gentry of Britain when the Squatter laws were enacted; most of the land available for free acquisition by squatting was ‘acquired’ by rich families from Europe; these areas are naturally arid, so the rich arseholes had a dilemma, how do we grow European crops in an arid land: Easy! Saturate the ground with massive irrigation systems. Only problem is, arid land has a natural salt table very close to the surface. Constant unnatural saturation over many years caused the salt table to rise to the surface and poison the land, all, I mean the entire native flora and natural wetlands were destroyed; the surface became crusty dust due to the roots of the normally resilient native flora perishing. Wind took care of the natural top soil and a saturated saline solution poisoned the Billabongs and they all dried up causing the ancient Gum trees that form an oasis style copsing of trees to die also.

Greedy rich fucks destroyed our economy and our environment, now they want to tax us out of our homes as an alternative profit resource for themselves.

Fuck Greenies, they are all on the Government Bus and fuck the “Environmental Movement” Yiddish stooges and lackeys all!