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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Saudi princes are the high end buyers in the US child sex slave market: Updated


This little girl and thousands like her are tortured sex-slaves
because people that watch Fox programs are fucking stupid!
 The Newsletter the Saud family and their Washington retainers love to hate:


The Arabian Peninsula inhabitants have long been involved in purchasing slaves. Up until recently, most of these slaves were purchased in Africa. With the advent of oil wealth the Saudi princes have been able to extend their slave purchases throughout the world. This has enabled the Saudi princes to become more selective and specialized in their tastes for slaves. The Saud family continue to be the prime purchasers on the international slave trade and are known as high end buyers.

The Saudi Arabian Government continues to refuse to sign the United Nations treaties on slavery or other human rights issues because they do not want to be subject to their provisions.

Sex slavery is funded by people that
 watch Fox News
They will not sign extradition treaties even with Washington. They constantly declare they are free of slavery but will not allow international scrutiny.

We will deal with the kidnapping of US male and female children by Saudi princes and their associates in this issue. We will substantiate the pattern of abuse using documented occurrence where the princes and their associates have been caught.


It has been an open secret in Washington that the State Department has been extremely sensitive to criticism of its actions regarding Saudi Arabia and its princes. There has been an unusual amount of personnel turnover at the Saudi Arabian desk where officials showing the slightest tendency towards ethics and morality are either transferred or terminated to make an example to others.

Beaten by coward saudis that are bitter because
they have small penises
 Why the State Department sensitivity?

There are things going on in Saudi Arabia which are so embarrassing to Washington that if the United States citizenry knew, their worst fears about Washington would be corroborated. We will deal with one of these sensitivities in this issue, child abduction by Saudi princes. This is one of several issues we have been reluctant to publish because of the emotional ramifications to families of children who have been abducted around the world in general and the United States in particular. We had to balance what the Saudi princes involved in these abductions would do upon publication. 

saudi men abuse arab women because
saudi men are inadequate sex partners

In considering publishing this article against the potential benefits of making known their actions, we chose the latter. The humanitarian action would be for the Saudi Arabian Government to return the sex slaves to their US families so they could receive hospitalization and rehabilitation. We believe this will be considered impractical because of the numbers as well as the legal and political ramifications. we have seen time and time again US media reported scandals when slaves of Saudi princes and their associates brought into the United States try to escape.  
The State Department then intervenes on behalf of the Saudi princes with diplomatic or retroactive diplomatic immunity. We initially became aware of non-parental child abductions by Saudi princes when a US citizen enslaved and tortured by King Fahd's nephews was told by a guard in their palace prison the last person to inhabit his cell was a "US girl child whore slave". We soon found the extensive nature of the non-parental abductions of US children by Saudi princes and their procurers.

"Saudi" Arabia was created by the same back-stabbing cowards that sold-out the Palestinians to the evil yiddish scum from eastern europe! The murderers and child-molesters in this picture are typical of the cronies that perpetrated 9/11 for the yiddish occupiers of israhell and the thieves that profit from the rothschild international banking scam:

This room eerily looks like the room in Kuwait used by the Iraqis to torture Kuwaitis during the gulf war. This cell is in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia within King Fahd's nephews' palace and is where the "US child whore slave" was held.


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Anon said...


- Aangirfan

veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,..."Scary" but true. These saudis are zio-muppets, same in egypt. You know it.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Gosh I cannot do the hasbara thing? Shucks you spoil all my fun! I thank you for this link.

I have done a fair bit on white slavery in Israel and Argentina, kind of fits the mindset that permits body part theft, doesn't it?

I have also posted articles on the Jewishness of the Saudi serpentine Zionist criminals.

I have also written and posted HOW they came to power and under whom, the British and American imperialists/East India Trade Company.

They are a Jewish family from Baghdad originally as you probably know by now. As we know, Jews will change names and anything they can to be chameleons and practice their chicanery, the Saudis are no different. The creation of Wahhabism is due to collaboration between the imperialists and the Saudis to break up Islam, fractionalize, divide and conquer. I have posted this as well. Diary of a British Spy by Mr. Hempher covers this easily.

Israel is acknowledged as the center of international slavery. Curse them all. Again, I have covered this stuff but your link will give me more meat to chew upon in the future.

Sorry if I am droning on and on. Jews are very active as we know in the sex trade. So are Jewesses. Did you know that the White Russians who escaped the Red Terror, a good number of the ladies, to survive, found themselves in Jewish brothels in the orient to survive? Just as often as not, the owner is a woman, they are rather equal opportunity in these things.

Grrr... slavery on any level makes me want to rampage the fluckers.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Nice to see you here; your work on this topic is exemplary. As for yiddish women: The term "jewess" in Europe was synonymous with "prostitute" for a thousand years, or since about the time these monsters crept over our eastern borders enmasse: In fact the trend for young goy girls to wear a bell on their ankle in the 1970's was originally a tactic used by yid whores in the dimly-lit side-streets of Europe to make men in the vicinity aware that a prostitute was approaching, without the need for conversation; shameless, dirty scumbags and discrete/devious to boot.

I don't care what the social engineers say about prostitution; it demeans all women, not just the shameless greedy ones, that a woman's body is seen as a commodity.


Penny said...

"I don't care what the social engineers say about prostitution; it demeans all women, not just the shameless greedy ones, that a woman's body is seen as a commodity."

that is worth repeating

chuckyman said...

The Saudi regime and the twisted Wahabbi sect of Islam they have financed and spread are nothing more than bunch of Sabattean crypto jews imposing their evil on the native populace. In many ways they are the enablers for the Zionist serpent in Palestine. They have been the paymasters for the entire region’s controlled opposition.

It is surely no coincidence that Israhell is the centre for white slavery in the region. The 2 regimes have so much in common. Noor has posted some great articles on these monsters but I read this one recently.

Great link posted at the end of the article. This proves the total lock down of US media and the shared agenda - truly a revolutionary truth.

PS I noticed the clip of the new recycled Merkeva on the sidebar V. I came across this. It’s a bit propagandistic (is that a word) but after 60 years of incessant murder some in the region are up for the next one.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Here here..heh heh heh...

Thanks Pen'.


veritas6464 said...

Hey C-man,..How yoo do'in? Great to see you here and yes you are spot on...as per.

I'll check out that vid,



musique said...

wasabi monkeys are totally insult to Islam and Muslims. Since these f*ckers were hand picked and put in power by the "flipping kite" tribe almost at the same time they were greasing up to write protocols for the shitheads.

They play the "protectors of Islam" role throughout the world while they are f*cking the hell out it. Typical nature of a y'hid cultivated cult.

Thanks for exposing 'em, Paul!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...there it is.