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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ariel, illegal settlement in Palestine: “most Israelis favour the incorporation of the Ariel bloc within WHATEVER MAY BE THE FINAL BORDERS of Israel.” WTF?

In 1978, with the approval of the Israeli government, 40 families, led by Ron Nachman, (pictured right) took up residence on top of the rocky and barren hill that would become the City of Ariel. The government subsequently gave the outpost development town status and the residents chose the name Ariel, a Biblical reference to Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, [two sites that have absolutely no connection to yiddish khazars AT ALL]. Two years later, construction began on Ariel's first neighbourhood, the first Jewish homes built in the Shomron in 2000 years.

The capital of Samaria, Ariel is located in the West Bank, 25 miles east of Tel Aviv , 25 miles west of the Jordan River and 31 miles north of Jerusalem. The city stretches 8 miles in length and is situated almost 2,000 feet above sea level. The western tip of the city (i.e., the part closest to Israel) is about 10 miles from the Green Line, and the eastern edge of the settlement is more than 13 miles from the Green Line.

Ariel has a population of 18,000 residents and is one of only four settlements classified by Israel as a “city.” Another 8,500 people are students in the College of Judea and Samaria (which was upgraded to the status of a university in 2005). More than 45 percent of Ariel's population are immigrants from the former Soviet Union.

Ariel has 26 preschools, 4 elementary schools, a religious school (grades 1-9), two junior high schools and a high school. Ariel's new Sports & Recreation Complex will ultimately house an indoor swimming pool, sauna, whirlpool, showers and changing rooms, a multi-purpose hall, activity and games rooms, a day care centre, kitchen and cafeteria, lobby, reception and offices. Tennis courts, a miniature golf course, gymnasium and fitness centre have already been completed and are operating full-time.

Most of Ariel residents are secular; only about 10 percent of the population is Orthodox. Though affiliated with the political right, the Jews in Ariel are not considered hardline ideologues. Rather, most moved there because of the higher standard of living they enjoy and the economic incentives provided by the government. In particular, residents can obtain better mortgages and repayment terms because the government designated Ariel as a “national priority” development area.

In 1985, Ron Nachman became the first elected mayor of Ariel, and he's been re-elected four times since, most recently in 2004.

The city is not known for its [Palestinian]sites; it is not in an area of any religious significance,[according to the athiest yiddish khazars] but many tourists visit Ariel because it is one of the safer places to see what life is s like in the West Bank [If your a child-molesting yid]. Ariels is also an example of a successful development town [stolen at gunpoint].

Ariel is now the [black]heart of the most populous bloc of [russian yiddish]settlements, which includes Kedumim, Karnei Shomron, Ma'ale Shomron, Bet Arye, Ofarim, Nofim, Yaqir, Immanuel, Peduel, Alei Zahav, Brukhin, Barkan, Kiryat Netafim, and Revava. This bloc is approximately 47 square miles and includes about 37,000 settlers. On February 20, 2005, the Israeli government approved a route for the security barrier[aparthied wall] that includes the Ariel bloc, but this portion of the fence has not been completed yet, in part because of opposition from the United States.

The city's position expands Israel's narrow waist (which was 9 miles wide before 1967) and ensures that Israel has a land route to the Jordan Valley should Israel needs to fight a land war to the east.[Who talks like that?] Because of its size, most Israelis favour the incorporation of the Ariel bloc within whatever may be the final borders of Israel. [What the fuck?] It is more controversial than the other “consensus” settlements because it is the furthest from the 1949 Armistice Line. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Barak’s proposal at Camp David included Ariel among the settlement blocs to be annexed to Israel; the Clinton Plan[total complicity] also envisioned incorporating Ariel within the new borders of Israel.

Source: yiddish online lie-brary.

Construction of settlements are illegal under international law because they violate the Fourth Geneva Convention, on protection of civilians in time of war. That document, adopted in 1949, specifies that the “Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies”. In May 28, 2009, Obama told Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas that his administration would press Israel to meet its obligations under a 2003 “road map for peace” endorsed by the UN, the US, the European Union and Russia, which included stopping the construction of new settlements and the expansion of existing settlements, which by that time housed close to 500,000 Israeli citizens in the West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem.

From the Middle East Media Centre:“According to the Palestinian Water Authority, the settlement of Ariel has been pumping its sewage directly into the nearby Palestinian village of Bruqin, creating a dangerous and unhealthy situation for the residents of Bruqin.” Do you believe this shit!? These fucking yiddish skid-marks of filthy sub-human excretion are shameless!


For an excellent article about the illegal immoral nest of vipers called Ariel go here: http://mantiqaltayr.wordpress.com/

I HATE israhell, fuck the yiddish khazars, I think Helen Thomas meant to say “Go back to Hell!”

Free Palestine!


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Palestine Occupied by murdering psychopaths that should be annihilated from the earth! Video:

There is no other way that our precious earth and its ‘human’ people can be saved! If you don't agree - watch this!

The Al-Jabari Execution In Hebron

From Kawther Salam [edited for clarity and grammar]

Fat yiddish pig: Colonel Yehuda Fuchs is seen here “inaugurating” a building stolen by the settlers from the family of Fayez al-Jaabari of Hebron with the help of falsified documents. Like everything the IDF does, what he does is to support theft, lies and murder.

Let us look at the “innocent, normal” activities of Brigade Colonel Yehuda Fuchs’s troops in the early morning of Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at the home of Yehya Al-Jabari, a Palestinian citizen aged 80 years in occupied Hebron. Colonel Fuchs sent his paratroopers to the home of Yehya Al-Jabari who lived in the B’er Haram Al-Ram area of Hebron. Fuchs sent his troops to arrest a boy of 17 (“a terrorist and wanted person” according to the IDF), the boy is a son of the family. At 3AM, over 50 Israeli soldiers with trained attack-dogs invaded the home of Yehya. The IDF knocked at the door, Mr. Yehya Al-Jabari opened the door; the IDF troops shoot him to death at the door and then entered the home without a warrant, the soldiers immediately began shooting at the family asthey stormed from one room to the next. Five unarmed civilian were injured during this ( what Colonel Fuchs described as “innocent activity”). Yehya’s wife Fatima, (unarmed) 65 years of age, was shot in the head and in various parts of her body; her skull was broken, she was taken to the local medical centre in a critical condition.

Kamil, age 24, and his brother Radi, age 36, (both unarmed), the sons of Yehya, were shot inside the home too. The women and the small children were dragged by the IDF soldiers into the living room. The children vomited and urinated in their cloths because of the trauma caused by the “innocent activities” of the IDF soldiers, and because of the pools of blood now covering the floors in the hallway, and living room and one of the bedrooms. The soldiers did not leave the house until the survivors of the massacre signed a paper stating that they would turn in the 17-year old son themselves.

There was no need for a press release by the IDF, as everybody knows that they are liars. Also, there is no need for press releases about future crimes committed by the IDF. Everybody knows what the IDF is, and what the Press spokesperson of the IDF is: liars trying to cover up crimes against humanity.

The video published here is from sequences recorded during the murderous event by a Hebronite journalist and aired on Al-Jazeera.

FUCK the yiddish squatters in Palestine!




Thursday, February 24, 2011

666 calendar days prior to December 21st 2012 as of midnight last night EST Australia.

Two facts to pique your interest in 2012.

1) If the Maya intentionally pinpointed the exact day of the winter solstice in 2012 from over 2,000 years ago, they would have needed to know the length of the year to within 45 seconds!

2) Five cycles of their Long Count calendar add up to the length of the earth's processional cycle to within one-half of one percent and the Maya often talk about all five cycles!

The Mayan Calendar

First off a brief history of the Mayan's: They were an ancient civilization that were brilliant astronomers. Their calendars were accurate enough to track every planet in its orbit and then show 

dates of astrological events such as a lunar eclipse. So, where do the Mayans come into play in this hoax you might ask? Well they have a few calendars, one of them called the long count calendar. It has a period of 5,126 years, the end of this long count calendar is set for December 21st 2012 (the long count calendar on this day will be The Mayan's never predicted the destruction of the Earth on this day; instead they said great change would happen on this day. They never said what the great change was, it could be the destruction of the Earth; however, others speculate it to be a shift from our old ways, a kind of a spiritual evolution (I on the other hand believe no such spiritual evolution will occur). Most likely there will be Pole shift, this has happened before and does not bring about the destruction of Earth.

Also; the calendar might be just reset from to 
Some say that on this day the Earth will align itself with the galactic plane, this is false though, it will not align with galactic centre, it will pass through as it has done many times. Nowhere does it say in the Mayan Calendar that doomsday will occur on December 21st 2012. We western societies tend to think 'beginning to end', which is completely different then how the Mayan's think, they thought in cycles, their calendar does not end it is just another cycle.

My advice: There will probably be an increase in geographic activity, however: Do not live in fear because nothing specific will happen on this day, it will just be another day except the doomsayers will feel really foolish. However, it is always important to have a plan for natural disasters as these could occur at any time. It is important to have enough water and food to last you a month, as well as survival clothes. I urge you right now to make a survival kit for you and your family and always be prepared. Right now there is a lot more to worry about then some theoretic “Doomsday” in 2012.

Anyhow, just though I’d say. (Brilliant essay here.)

Free Palestine!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Genuine TSA Airport security event; includes rough full-body search!

TSA Customs Agent: 'May I know your name?'

Passenger: 'Batman'

TSA Customs Agent: 'What's your name!?'

Passenger: 'My name is Batman'

TSA Customs Agent: 'Trying to be funny, eh? What's your surname?'

Passenger: 'Superman'

TSA Customs Agent: 'So you're telling me your name is Batman Superman?'

Passenger: 'Yes'

TSA Customs Agent: 'Arrest this guy...

When the TSA agent and his buddies had the passenger in custody, he received quite a rough full-body search, whereupon his identification card was discovered:

Haarrrghh haa haa! This is gold; fuck you chertoff you skull-headed nosferatu looking SOB!


Free Palestine!



Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Part 1 from:

Jan 25, 2011

Anyone familiar with the recent Conspiracy Theory Television Series with Jesse Ventura will be somewhat familiar with the FEMA Camps that have been reported on throughout the United States. The release of the Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory FEMA Camps episode caused so much controversy that the episodes were supposedly pulled after airing. How this was done and by who still remains a mystery and also highly suspicious.
Astonishingly, FEMA has also been active for years in Australia which is news to many Americans.
One particular YouTube Channel has documented not just FEMA Camps activity in Australia, but HAARP and Chemtrail (Aerosol GeoEngineering) in Australia as well. He includes an interesting diagram of the World Power Structure which has been put together from research over the years by numerous individuals. Nearly all of this information is verifiable and factual – exactly how these organizations are connected remains unclear, but they exist and are controlled centrally for all intents and purposes.

Part 2 from:

READY FOR THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE this one is well camouflaged in the open near ‘Sports Arenas’

This film has been taken off this site several times by NWO UN IMF Banking cartel which is the International Crime Syndicate.

"Since when does Australia build compounds near sports arenas with 'Double 4m Razor wire to keep people in and housed with compound lighting and speakers, and security iron gates at the exit?"



In the December 8 2009 writ the applicants demand that the executive government of Australia ‘cease all operations that are carried out under the Commonwealth of Australia ABN 122 104 616 and registered with the United States American Securities and Exchange Commission:

No. 000 080 5157 and further command them to dissolve their subsidiary companies being:

The State of New South Wales ABN 066561153
The State of Victoria ABN 054558619
The State of Queensland ABN 066 102930
The State of South Australia ABN 050208921
The State of Western Australia ABN 072526008
The State of Tasmania ABN 053201308
The Trustees of Northern Territory Government ABN 09059854

And Halliburton KBR (Kissinger/Cheney/Bush admin kings) are called in by UN NWO CFR and Military TREATIES to build UN needs in Australia.

WARNING: If the film is not seen here; it often gets taken off by the UN NWO IMF banking cartel group, already they have taken OFF the films that show the truth several times, they are desperate to stop you from knowing this info-, and we have to keep replacing them... Just click the link. see film USA concentration camps.


"What for?"

If the film is not here - The IMF Banking cartel, don’t want you to know this info, and they take down this film often, we have to replace it repeatedly. Please click link.

"Since when does an empty compound get covered with PRISON standard expanded steel mesh to keep people in the camp compound?”

This is the same heavy steel fencing placed around ground zero 9/11 site to keep the secrets in.

HITLER type control is back, Hitler used Rail Carriages to move masses of detainees, Again here trains can bring thousands of dissenters into this prison compound "What for?”

WARNING - If the film is not seen here; it often gets taken off by the UN NWO group, already they have taken OFF the films that show the truth several times, and we have to keep replacing them.. just click the link. The UN and IMF Banking Cartel which are the International Crime Syndicate dont want you to know this information.

How many more lies do we have to take before we wake up?

This compound is adjacent to a [newly built] Football Stadium as shown in the pictures. [The funny thing is that Google Maps has updated their aerial photographs; however, they have not used new pictures which would show the newly added railway lines, they are still showing the old pictures that show the area prior to the two train lines being laid. The train lines can clearly be seen in the private citizen funded aerial photographs (see video).]

image created by veritas6464 2/22/11

image created by veritas6464 2/22/11


Free Palestine!


Monday, February 21, 2011

A Brief History of Thought Crime

It would appear that Political Correctness has struck many bloggers silent...so much for avoiding controversy.

Free Palestine!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vote in the latest Poll: Is murdering children a worse crime than racism?

The Athenian law-maker, Solon, decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy, so....

Please vote in the comment section:

These filthy lying evil yiddish squatters infesting The Palestine with the evil stench of their greed and murderous deceitful ways,

Settlers hacked his arm off for throwing stones!

do this:

"Cast Lead' scores another terrorist!

and this:

They are also guilty of enslaving this “stoopit” nigger bitch’s great grand-mammy; yet: This dumb fucking coon supports with lies and obfuscation the very same child murderers and slave traders that abducted her ancestors from their villages in Africa and sold them to rich freemasons and their mates in the british amerikan colonies; perhaps they still own her “Blak-Ass”:


So, TELL ME! Is brutally murdering children with savage, disgusting, disregard, so that you can steal their land, a worse crime than calling this coon-bitch a shill for israhell?


Fuck israhell!

Fuck the dumb-fucks that voted for obongo!

Fuck the dumb-fucks that voted for Jewlia Shillhard!

End times? Whatever; bring it on!

Free Palestine!


Treason charges filed against Prime Minister Julia Gillard and other Australian Politicians!

Australia: The State of Victoria’s Department of Public Prosecutions is to be charged with perverting the course of justice over charges against Julia Gillard.

Adelaide businessman Graham Daniels, has charged the Victorian Director of Public Prosecutions Jeremy Rapke QC, with perverting the course of justice after the Office of Public Prosecutions dismissed Mr Daniels’ charge against Prime Minister Julia Gillard under provisions of the Crimes Act relating to taking an unlawful oath to commit treason.
On July 29th, 2010, in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, Mr Daniels filed a charge against Ms Gillard of breaching Section 316 (2)(a)(vii) of the Crimes Act 1958 (Vic) during the month of June 2010. Mr Daniels, of Adelaide, is an international business consultant and part owner with his father Peter J. Daniels, of Australia’s only bullion bank. The Victorian Office of Public Prosecutions wrote to Mr Daniels on July 30, informing him that the DPP had taken over the conduct of the proceedings and withdrawn them.

The treason-related charge against Ms Gillard was not the first. On January 29th, 2007, Victorian farmer Brian Shaw charged Ms Gillard, then his local Federal Member, of concealing an alleged act of treason by the Parliament of Western Australia. Mr Shaw’s allegations of treason against the WA Parliament were subsequently dismissed by the WA Supreme Court and Mr Shaw declared a vexatious litigant. Mr Shaw denies he is a vexatious litigant and continues to hold public meetings across Australia alleging subversion of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution. Numerous other public figures have been charged in the past few years by Mr Shaw for alleged treasonous acts against the Commonwealth of Australia including misprision of treason and being attainted of treason, that is, acts associated with concealing treason.

Jeremy Rapke, QC, Director of Public Prosecutions Victoria, threw out Mr Daniels’ action, so Mr Daniels has decided to charge Mr Rapke. The charge is: The accused at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on 30 July 2010 did use unlawful authority to take over and supress an indictable offence filed against Julia Gillard (The Accused) by Graham Daniels (The Informant). The unlawful authority occurs in the fact that the purported power came from the Public Prosecutions Act 1994 Victoria, an Act that has removed Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second from such Act at Section 51.3 of such Act. By such unlawful conduct the accused did attempt to pervert the Course of Justice.

Time: October 25, 2010 from 9:30am to 1pm Location: Melbourne Magistrates Court Street: 233 William Street City/Town: Melbourne Website or Map:

Event Type: court
More details here: http://www.elijahschallenge.net/legal.htm


In knowing that acts of treason have occurred, yet concealing that knowledge:

1. They breached their oath of allegiance concerning the people of Australia

2. They broke existing law in order to enable substitution of another law, when...
3. No permission or referendum was sought to alter or substitute another law.
Three examples of these actions:
* The Australia Act 1986 (No referendum held)
* In Western Australia in 2004 the Crown and Oath of Allegiance was removed , but no referendum was held.
* In Victoria the Oath of Allegiance was removed from the Legal Practice Act in 2000 without referendum.
The List below of Australian Politicians and Public Servants inc' Judges who are charged with 'Treason'
If you regard this as the most serious threat to Australian way of life and our freedom Urgently.Australian MUST reject the present Governance by Labor/Lib/Nats as absolutely a NON acceptable Government to re-elect.
The Ruling Elite, The Ghost Government behind the Government. "Who are the "RE" ? They are intent on 'speeding-up' the NWO UN take-over, hoping to get Australia into being a 'UNION' before the Supreme Court is compelled to sit.- They are hoping AUSTRALIANS will not be alerted, will not wake up to their evil deeds. - It is By 'SUBVERSION' changing laws without referenda to make Australia a republic. (A Plebiscite, does not replace a Referenda) it is not legally binding.
The NWO Banking cartel make Presidents to suit their aims, and when one of them dissents and rejects their agenda, they are murdered, as with Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy who was against their 'Secret Societies' (listed herein) who he realised were pushing their own agenda which was trying to gain more powers to have higher security laws which would then enable them to take total control of the people, sadly, he was murdered by the "RE" before he was able to dismantle their power base, 'the MEDIA.' .
These people are getting ready to take over our sovereignty, take over our property, take over our Governments, and apply their criminal intent using the IMF to induce their policies - , BUT here in Australia Criminal Treason Charges are laid on many who have been implicated in this act of Treason. More LIES and MORE MEDIA cover-up, will result in more people being charged with 'TREASON' - Take the names of any Media personnel that refuses to alert the people; They will be charged also with Misprision of Treason Sect 44..- It is an offense for any Person, Corp, Public Servant, Media Personnel to refuse, or to hide this primary offense committed by the defendants.
(WARNING - Make printed copies- Distribute Urgently - Let Australians be alerted)
Senator Bob Brown's Plebiscite to make Australia a Republic. April 2010 - This is not a legal binding document and is Treason.
 People don't realise; for any public servant to conceal, hide, or aid the crime of TREASON is to be guilty of the same offence. And these persons cannot hold any public office whilst under the charge of Treason, that includes the Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
John David Phillips QC LLB retired JUDGE of the Supreme Court of Victoria which was referred to as "Business Unit 19" by the Victorian Government.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Phillips_%28jurist%29 Victorian Government, where the Supreme Court has lately been reduced to "Business Unit 19" within the Department of Justice. This is an act of Treason, and puts all Judiciary as 'employees' under the Government.
Page 1 of 21

IN THE SUPREME COURT OF VICTORIA No of 2009 - FULL COURT – CRIMINAL JURISDICTION IN THE MATTER of the Crimes Act 1958 And - IN THE MATTER of an Application by Brian William Shaw
Date of Document: December 2009
Filed on behalf of: The Applicant
Prepared by: Brian William Shaw
I, Brian William Shaw, of 280 Leakes Road, Truganina, 3030 of the State of Victoria state and affirm the following –
Grand Jury Applications
1. THAT, I have filed a number of Grand Jury Applications in the period 2001 – 2009 in the Supreme Court of Victoria under the Criminal Jurisdiction of the Full Court of the Supreme Court
2. THAT, both staff and Judges operating out of this particular Court are under unlawful orders from persons unknown not to issue file numbers nor stamp the filed documents or list a hearing date, accordingly the respective offenders named in each Grand Jury Application have not yet had the legal process of Grand Jury exercised...
Page 2 of 21
3. That under the unlawful umbrella a Bill titled “Criminal Procedure Bill 2008” has been introduced into the Parliament of Victoria stating one of the purposes of the Bill at 1(f) “to abolish the procedure of indictment by Grand Jury”
4. THAT, I have knowledge that the Supreme Court of Victoria, formerly running under the arm of State Government, the Judicial arm is now called “Business Unit 19” and as such is purportedly included under the umbrella of the Justice Department of Victoria, headed by the Victorian Attorney General Mr. R Hulls.
The current President of the Court of Appeal Victoria is Mr. Chris Maxwell in addition the current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is Marilyn Warren The existence of “Business Unit 19” was revealed in departing speeches of Justice Phillips and Ormiston. The existence of “Business Unit 19” under the purported auspices of Mr. Hulls would destroy the impartiality of the Supreme Court and place Mr. Hulls above the Supreme Court unlawfully.
5. That I state in this affidavit that “Business Unit 19” formally called the Supreme Court of Victoria is under such concealment because the people of Victoria and Commonwealth do not know of its existence or purpose.
Manner & Form
6. THAT, I state in this affidavit that a concerted attack has been launched by persons unknown against the Constitutions of each State to remove established and existing law by removing the stated allegiance without “the required referendum” required under manner and form.

7. THAT, within the State of Victoria in the period 1975 – 2009 specific legislation has been both introduced and enacted without valid manner and form.
8. THAT, under existing law the current Commonwealth Constitution is the superior Constitution and as such sections 106, 109 and 128 are superior and binding in law...
Page 3 of 21
9. THAT, in this affidavit I state that the occultist structure and organization of Freemasonry is the casual link to the destruction of existing law within the Commonwealth of Australia in particular the respective States of such Commonwealth
10. THAT, the oath of allegiance in the Australian jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Masonic warrant is entirely unknown to the people of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia
11. THAT, the compulsory oath of each member embracing Freemasonry contains a compulsory oath / affirmation “To conceal and never reveal”...
The Victorian Constitution
12. THAT, in the year 1975 the Victorian Parliament purportedly repealed the former Constitution of the State of Victoria 1855 and introduced the 1975 Victorian Constitution of 1975, but, up to and inclusive of this present date the Victorian Parliament has been unable to produce the United Kingdom’s Parliament Act that formally repealed the Victorian Constitution document of 1855, the legal property of the United Kingdom and as such unable to be repealed by the Victorian Parliament without formal repeal legislation by the United Kingdom prior to repeal and enactment legislation
13. THAT, in the year 1975 the Governor of the State of Victoria was Henry Winneke the former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Victoria and Father of John Winneke a former President of the Court of Appeal Victoria established 1995, now under the Justice Department (Vic) Five Judges Presiding 14. THAT, in the year 2001 I did co-join with Carmen Walter in a Grand Jury Application under section 354 Crimes Act 1958 Victoria to hear indictable issues against Freemasonry Victoria and their various entities...
Page 4 of 21

15. THAT, the President of the Court of Appeal at the time was President Winneke who refused a disclosure challenge from the bar table on the day of the actual hearing thereby creating a void hearing and as such must be heard again 16. THAT, since the original Grand Jury Application hearing in this particular chain of litigation the Supreme Court of Victoria, or rather “Business Unit 19” has not heard any of the filed Grand Jury Applications No UK Repeal Act
17. THAT, I have stated in this affidavit the primary legal issue being the enactment of a New Constitution for Victoria without the formal Repeal Act of the United Kingdom Parliament prior to the enactment in 1975, in addition specific changes to respective Crown appointments or officers have occurred specifically in the legislation affecting the Director of Public Prosecutions Act (Vic) and the Legal Practice Act (Vic)
18. THAT, in the State of Queensland unlawful legislation has been introduced and enacted that altered the Constitution of the State of Queensland and created an entity titled “Brigalow Corporation” without valid manner and form...

Western Australia
19. THAT, in the State of Western Australia in the period 2003 up to and inclusive of the present date an Act titled “Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and Legal Practice Act 2003 (WA)” unlawfully and illegally removed both Crown and Oath of Allegiance from sum 80 odd Acts within the State of Western Australia without valid manner and form...
Mr. R Hawke
20. THAT, in the period 1984-1986 the then Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia Mr. R Hawke in union with the various State Premiers did cause legislation to be introduced and enacted into the respective State and Commonwealth Parliaments involving the United Kingdom Parliament involving specific legislation to create “The Australia Act”, but, the Australia
Page 5 of 21
Act was created in constitutional breach of sections 106, 109 and 128 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia and as such is invalid legislation Or ultra vires under the current Commonwealth Constitution Treason
21. THAT, the offence of Treason is created when the Oath of Allegiance is breached. This is established law
22. THAT, the offence of Misprision of Treason (Concealment of Treason) is created when the primary offence is concealed
Section 44
23. THAT, the current Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia at Section 44 of such Constitution disqualifies any person who has taken an Oath of Allegiance to a Foreign Power or is Attainted of Treason from sitting in the Commonwealth Parliament or of being chosen
High Court
24. THAT, in the year 2004 the Crown and Oath of Allegiance was unlawfully and illegally removed from the State of Western Australia, (No Referendum) but the current Chief Justice of the High Court Mr. Robert French came from Western Australia after the removal of both Crown and Allegiance, thereby tainting the entire High Court with the primary criminal offence of Breach of Allegiance
Grand Jury Defendants
25. THAT, in the period 2001-2009 the following individuals have had Grand Jury Applications filed against each individual in the Criminal Jurisdiction, Full Court, Supreme Court in the State of Victoria an original State to Federation and as such created at Federation from the former Colony status
Mr John Winneke Former President Court of Appeal (Vic)
2) Mr Brooking Judge Court of Appeal (Vic)
3) Mr Charles Judge Court of Appeal (Vic)
4) Mr Buchanan Judge Court of Appeal (Vic)
Page 6 of 21
5) Mr Chernov Judge Court of Appeal (Vic)
6) Mr. Charles Wheeler Former Master Supreme Court (Vic)
(2 Applications)
7) Mr Paul Coghlan Former Director of Public Prosecutions (Vic)
Currently a Judge of the Victoria Supreme Court
8) Mr Phillip Cain Registrar Court of Appeal (Vic)
9) Mr Damian Bugg Director of Public Prosecutions Commonwealth
10) Mr David Ward CEO ANZ Trustees
11) Mr James Rutherford Director/Partner, Harwood Andrews
Lawyers Geelong
12) Mr Ewan Evans Master Supreme Court (Vic)
13) Mr Thomas Smith Judge Supreme Court (Vic)
14) Kathryn Kings Master Supreme Court (Vic)
15) Mr M Kirby Former Judge High Court of Australia
16) Mr Ian Callinan Former Judge High Court of Australia
17) Mr James McGinty Former Attorney General Western Australia
18) John Howard Former Prime Minister
19) Kim Beazley Former Leader of the Opposition
20) Michael Jeffery Former Governor General (Commonwealth)
21) Philip Ruddock Former Attorney General
Commonwealth of Australia
22) Sydney James Stirling Attorney General Northern Territory
23) Michael Atkinson Attorney-General South Australia
24) Kerry Shine Former Attorney General Queensland
25) Rob Justin Hulls, Current Attorney-General Victoria
26) Simon Corbell, Attorney General ACT
27) Steve Kons, Attorney General Tasmania
28) Robert John Debus, Attorney-General NSW
29) Audrey Gillian Braddock Supreme Court WA (Commissioner)
30) Wayne Stewart Martin Supreme Court WA (Chief Justice)
31) Christine Ann Wheeler Supreme Court WA
32) Christopher David Steytler Supreme Court WA
33) Christopher James Lonsdale Pullin Supreme Court WA
Page 7 of 21
34)John Roderick McKechnie Supreme Court WA
35) Michael John Buss Supreme Court WA
36) Corryn Rayney Supreme Court WA (Murdered)
37) Robert Cock QC Director of Public Prosecutions WA
38) Darren W L Renton Commonwealth DPP, WA
39) Robert MacKenzie Mitchell State Solicitor's Office WA
40) John James Mansell Bowler Minister Mining (Now Independent)
41) Mr J Maley Grand Master, WA Freemasons
42) C Randazzo Melbourne Magistrates Court (Stood Down)
43) Mr Ian Leslie Gray, Chief Magistrate, Magistrates Court of Victoria
44) Mr Malcolm Macleod, Southwest Christian Church Werribee (Pastor)
45) Mr Max Bower, Anglican Church Werribee (Priest)
46) John Dyson Heydon Justice (High Court)
47) William Montague Charles Gummow Justice (High Court)
48) Anthony Murray Gleeson Justice (High Court)
49) Susan Maree Crennan Justice (High Court)
50) Kenneth Madison Hayne Justice (High Court)
51) Rob Hulls Attorney General Victoria
52) Julia Gillard (MP) Werribee Victoria (current Deputy Prime Minister)
53) Dodds-Streeton Judge Court of Appeal (Vic)
54) Justice Nettle Judge Court of Appeal (Vic)
Vexatious Litigation
26. THAT, resulting from the criminal offences laid against the Attorney Generals and Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions two specific Attorney Generals in Victoria and Western Australia have had their respective Courts declare myself a Vexatious Litigant in an “attempt to pervert the course of justice ”, so that their respective Grand Jury Applications would never be heard, in addition, the Victorian Attorney General Mr R Hulls has moved to attempt to remove the legal right within Victoria to go before a Grand Jury under Private Prosecution status section 354 Crimes Act 1958 (Vic)
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Justice Nettle and Dodds-Streeton
27. THAT, on 14th March 2008 Justice Nettle and Dodds-Streeton heard the Appeal in the matter No 9997 of 2006 Shaw v The Attorney General for the State of Victoria, both Justices refused the bias challenge and ignored the Grand Jury Applications, accordingly the following individuals present within the Court filed Grand Jury Applications against both Justices and exhibited with their respective affidavits, the Grand Jury Application involving and concerning Julia Gillard, the current Deputy Prime Minister of Australia sitting in the electorate representing Werribee/Wyndham (Vic)
1) Mr Darren Latham
2) Mr Wayne Glew
3) Mr Kim Shadbolt
4) Mr Clive Willis Jones
5) Mr Angelo Bonola
6) Mr Stewart Ropata
7) Mr Rangi Ropata
8) Mr Calvin Tipene
9) Mr Maxwell Wilson
10) Mr Peter Ridout
28. THAT, on the 15th December 2006 at the Melbourne Magistrates Court in the State of Victoria Chief Magistrate Ian Gray did preside over the private prosecution charges issued by myself against specific named individuals. During the course of the hearing Mr. Grey stated “You will not be relying on the Constitution in my Court”
29. THAT, as a consequence of this unlawful statement a number of individuals present did lay private prosecution charges against Mr Gray and others returnable to the Melbourne Magistrates Court 29th January 2007 after which all named defendants had Grand Jury Applications filed against them at the Office of the Court of Appeal, Full Court, (Vic) 450 Lt Bourke Street Melbourne Victoria...
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30. THAT, the specific people who filed these charges and Grand Jury Applications are
1) Angelo Bonola
2) Graham Daniels
3) Darren Latham
4) Richard Lloyd
5) Jack Moran
6) Michael Turner
7) Steve Douglas
Religious Leaders
31. THAT, in relation to specific Religious Leaders within the Commonwealth of Australia the following Religious Leaders have direct knowledge of the criminal activity revealed in this affair, but, for reasons unknown have concealed the criminal offences against the State and Commonwealth Constitutions from the respective Church Members/Electors both State and Commonwealth
1) Mr Graham Laidlaw Werribee (Vic)
2) Mr Graham Harris Werribee (Vic)
3) Mr Malcolm MacLeod Werribee (Vic)
4) Mr Erin Shaw Werribee (Vic)
5) Mr Max Bower Werribee (Vic)
6) Mr Stuart Robinson Blackburn (Vic)
7) Mr Ross Bourdon Ballarat (Vic)
8) Margaret Court Perth (WA)
9) Mr. Phillip Baker Perth (WA)
10) Mr. Danny Natliah Melbourne (Vic)
11) Mr Mark Wilkinson Werribee (Vic)
Crimes Act 1914 (Commonwealth)
32. THAT, section 44 of the Crimes Act 1914 (Commonwealth) is operating in this particular affidavit, but, the legal consequences are not limited to this particular portion of the Rule of Law. The section is quoted into this affidavit
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Compounding offences
Any person who asks receives or obtains, or agrees to receive or obtain, any property or benefit of any kind for himself or herself, or any other person, upon any agreement or understanding that he or she will compound or conceal any indictable offence against the law of the Commonwealth or a Territory, or will abstain from, discontinue, or delay any prosecution for any such offence, or will withhold any evidence thereof, shall be guilty of an offence.
Penalty: Imprisonment for 3 years.
33. THAT, in respect of all current Senators currently sitting in the Commonwealth Parliament at Canberra Australia all have been legally notified in writing that the Crown has been fractured unlawfully and illegally. Such written information is not included in this affidavit but is available during the course of due process
Former Governor General
34. THAT, I state within this affidavit that one of the named defendants specifically the former Governor General Michael Jeffrey is a confirmed and committed Freemason, but, in the alternative also states that he is a Christian. The two allegiances are impossible to reconcile together, additionally Mr. Jeffrey did not ratify the appointment of Quentin Bryce because of specific Queensland Crown Authorities relating to the Heiner Affair in Queensland. Exhibited into this affidavit is a copy of a letter written by Jake Lee, Dr Frank McGrath, Alastair Macadam, R.P. Meagher, Barry O’Keefe, Alex Sland QC, and David Malcolm to the then Premier of Queensland Mr Peter Beattie, stating in portion
1) “We believe that it is the democratic right of every Australian to expect that the criminal law shall be applied consistently, predictably and equally by law-enforcement authorities throughout the Commonwealth of Australia in materially similar circumstances”
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2) “We believe that any action by Executive Government which may have
breached the law ought not be immune from criminal prosecution”
3) “To do otherwise, we suggest would undermine the rule of law and
confidence in government. It would tend to place Executive Government above the law.”
4) “This affair encompasses all the essential democratic ideals. The right to a fair trial without interference by government and the right to impartial law-enforcement, to say nothing of respecting the rule of law itself rest at its core.”
5) “Respecting the doctrine of the separation of powers and our constitutional monarchy system of democratic government are involved.”
The three page letter is marked “The Heiner Affair (Qld)”
Exhibit 1
Full Court Western Australia
35. THAT, in the period April 2006 I did appear before the Full Court of the Supreme Court of Western Australia on appeal from the vexatious application issued in the Western Australia jurisdiction against myself by the then Attorney General Mr. James McGinty and co-joined by the Director of Public Prosecutions Commonwealth Mr Damian Bugg. The Full Court comprised Justices Steytler, Buss and Wheeler, the three Justices were placed under arrest from the bar table and presented with their formal notice and charge, which was formally filed and served via the Victorian jurisdiction and currently awaits a grand Jury hearing in accordance with Rule of Law and judicial independence The eleven page notice and charge tendered into the respective Court within Western Australia on the day is exhibited and marked “Formal Notice and Charge (WA)”
Exhibit 2
Page 12 of 21 Justice Heenan
36. THAT, on 22nd October 2007 in the matter No 1955 of 2007 I did appear before
Justice Heenan in the Supreme Court of Western Australia. A 27 page transcript of that appearance is exhibited into this affidavit and marked “The Heenan Transcript (WA)”
Exhibit 3 Crown Removed Western Australia
37. THAT, in the period 2003/2004 the former Attorney General of Western Australia did introduce legislation into the Parliament of Western Australia that was entirely “Beyond Power”, the legislation is titled “Acts Amendment and Repeal Courts and legal Practice Act 2003 (WA) exhibited into this affidavit and marked “Amendments about the Crown” Exhibit 4, is Part 8 of such legislation relating to plus the enactment, 8 pages in total Criminal Charges (Vic)
38. THAT, by letter dated 15th April 2008 I did receive correspondence from David Ryan, managing principal Solicitor for Victorian Government Solicitors Office, the correspondence is exhibited and marked “Criminal Charges” Exhibit 5
Legal Practice Act (Vic)
39. THAT, in the year 2000 the Attorney General for Victoria Mr. R Hulls did introduce legislation into the Parliament of Victoria titled, Courts and Tribunals Legislation (Further Amendment) Act 2000 portion of which removed the Oath of Allegiance from the Legal Practice Act (Vic) without referendum approval or consent in Constitutional breach of section 106, 109 and 128 of the Commonwealth Constitution, but not limited to these sections. The entire Act is exhibited and marked “Oath of Allegiance Removed” Exhibit 6
Phillips Speech
40. THAT, on 24 March 2005 the Age Newspaper wrote an article titled “The Corporation of our Courts” quoting the closing or departing speech of John D Phillips, a former Supreme Court Judge, portion is quoted herein
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“Yet within the department of Justice this Court is now identified and dealt with would you believe as “Business Unit 19” within a section labeled “Courts and tribunals” a section which indiscriminately includes all these tires of the Court structure and VCAT”
The article is exhibited and marked “Business Unit 19” Exhibit 7 Criminal Procedure Bill
41. THAT, on 2 December 2008 the Victorian Attorney General Mr. Rob Hulls ( a Grand Jury Defendant) did introduce a Bill titled “Criminal Procedure Bill” into the Victorian Parliament. The Vic Hansard, House of Assembly extract is exhibit and marked “Hulls Bill 1” Exhibit 8
42. THAT, on 2 February 2009 the Criminal Procedure Bill (Vic) had second reading activity (Clark). The Vic Hansard extract is exhibited and marked “Hulls Bill 2” Exhibit 9
43. THAT, on 2 February 2009 the Criminal Procedure Bill (Vic) had second reading activity (Rich/Phillips). The Vic Hansard extract is exhibited and marked “Hulls Bill 3” Exhibit 10
Australia Act Section 6
44. THAT, the purported power to alter or change State Constitutions or Oath of Allegiance emanates from the 1986 enactment of the Australia Act under Mr. R Hawke, but, section 6 of the purported Australia Act states that if legislation is created without correct or valid manner and form then the created legislation is not valid in law. The section is quoted into this affidavit AUSTRALIA ACT 1986 - SECT 6
Manner and form of making certain State laws notwithstanding sections 2 and 3(2) above, a law made after the commencement of this Act by the Parliament of a State respecting the constitution, powers or procedure of the Parliament of the State shall be of no force or effect unless it is made in such manner and form as may
Page 14 of 21from time to time be required by a law made by that Parliament, whether made before or after the commencement of this Act.
State Constitutions
45. THAT, three State Constitutions contain binding manner and form legislation, these States are New South Wales, Queensland, and Western Australia
5B Disagreements—referendum
(1) If the Legislative Assembly passes any Bill other than a Bill to which section 5A applies, and the Legislative Council rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the Legislative Assembly does not agree, and if after an interval of three months the Legislative Assembly in the same Session or in the next Session again passes the Bill with or without any amendment which has been made or agreed to by the Legislative Council, and the Legislative Council rejects or fails to pass it or passes it with any amendment to which the Legislative Assembly does not agree, and if after a free conference between managers there is not agreement between the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, the Governor may convene a joint sitting of the Members of the Legislative Council and the Members of the Legislative Assembly. The Members present at the joint sitting may deliberate upon the Bill as last proposed by the Legislative Assembly and upon any amendments made by the Legislative Council with which the Legislative Assembly does not agree. No vote shall be taken at the joint sitting.
(2) After the joint sitting and either after any further communication with the Legislative Council in order to bring about agreement, if possible, between the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, or without any such communication the Legislative Assembly may by resolution direct that the Bill as last proposed by the Legislative Assembly and either with or without any amendment subsequently agreed to by the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, shall, at any time during the life of the Parliament or at the next general election of Members of the Legislative Assembly, be submitted by way of referendum...
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...to the electors qualified to vote for the election of Members of the Legislative Assembly. The referendum shall be held and conducted, if the Constitution Further Amendment (Referendum) Act 1930 or any other Act relating to the manner in which the referendum shall be held and conducted is in force, in accordance with that Act or with any other such Act, but if that Act is not in force and no such other Act is in force the law for the time being in force relating to the holding and conduct of a general election of Members of the Legislative Assembly shall, mutatis mutandis, apply to and in respect of the holding and conduct of the referendum, with such modifications, omissions, and additions as the Governor may by notification published in the Gazette declare to be necessary or convenient for the purposes of such application.
(3) If at the referendum a majority of the electors voting approve the Bill it shall be presented to the Governor for the signification of His Majesty’s pleasure thereon and become an Act of the Legislature upon the Royal Assent being signified thereto, notwithstanding that the Legislative Council has not consented to the Bill.
7A Referendum for Bills with respect to Legislative Council and certain other matters
(1) The Legislative Council shall not be abolished or dissolved, nor shall:
(a) its powers be altered,
(b) section 11A, Division 2 of Part 3 (sections 22G, 22H, 22I and 22J excepted), the Sixth Schedule or this section be expressly or impliedly repealed or amended,
(c) any provision with respect to the persons capable of being elected or of sitting and voting as Members of either House of Parliament be enacted, or
(d) any provision with respect to the circumstances in which the seat of a Member of either House of Parliament becomes vacant be enacted, except in the manner provided by this section...
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(2) A Bill for any purpose within subsection (1) shall not be presented to the Governor for His   Majesty’s assent until the Bill has been approved by the electors in accordance with this section.
7B Referendum for Bills with respect to Legislative Assembly and certain other matters
(1) A Bill that:
(a) expressly or impliedly repeals or amends section 11B, 26, 27, 28 or 29, Part 9, the Seventh Schedule or this section,
or (b) contains any provision to reduce or extend, or to authorise the reduction or extension of, the duration of any Legislative Assembly or to alter the date required to be named for the taking of the poll in the writs for a general election, shall not be presented to the Governor for Her Majesty’s assent until the Bill has been approved by the electors in accordance with this section.
53 Certain measures to be supported by referendum
(1) A Bill that expressly or impliedly provides for the abolition of or alteration in the office of Governor or that expressly or impliedly in any way affects any of the following sections of this Act namely-- sections 1, 2, 2A, 11A, 11B; and this section 53 shall not be presented for assent by or in the name of the Queen unless it has first been approved by the electors in accordance with this section and a Bill so assented to consequent upon its presentation in contravention of this subsection shall be of no effect as an Act.
(2) On a day not sooner than two months after the passage through the Legislative Assembly of a Bill of a kind referred to in subsection (1) the question for the approval or otherwise of the Bill shall be submitted to the electors qualified to vote for the election of members of the Legislative Assembly according to the provisions of the Elections Act...
Page 17 of 21
...1915-1973 and of any Act amending the same or of any Act in substitution therefor. Such day shall be appointed by the Governor in Council by Order in Council.
(3) When the Bill is submitted to the electors the vote shall be taken in such manner as the Parliament of Queensland prescribes.
(4) If a majority of the electors voting approve the Bill, it shall be presented to the Governor for reservation thereof for the signification of the Queen's pleasure.
(5) Any person entitled to vote at a general election of members of the Legislative Assembly is entitled to bring proceedings in the Supreme Court for a declaration, injunction or other remedy to enforce the provisions of this section either before or after a Bill of a kind referred to in subsection (1) is presented for assent by or in the name of the Queen.
73 Legislature as constituted by this Act empowered to alter any of its provisions
(1) Subject to the succeeding provisions of this section, the Legislature of the Colony shall have full power and authority, from time to time, by any Act, to repeal or alter any of the provisions of this Act. Provided always, that it shall not be lawful to present to the Governor for Her Majesty’s assent any Bill by which any change in the Constitution of the Legislative Council or of the Legislative Assembly shall be effected, unless the second and third readings of such Bill shall have been passed with the concurrence of an absolute majority of the whole number of the members for the time being of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly respectively. Provided also, that every Bill which shall be so passed for the election of a Legislative Council at any date earlier than by Part III provided, and every Bill which shall interfere with the operation of sections 69, 70, 71, or 72, or of Schedules B, C, or D, or of this section, shall be...
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 ...reserved by the Governor for the signification of Her Majesty’s pleasure thereon
(2) A Bill that —
(a) expressly or impliedly provides for the abolition of or alteration in the office of Governor; or
(b) expressly or impliedly provides for the abolition of the Legislative Council or of the Legislative Assembly; or (c) expressly or impliedly provides that the Legislative Council or the Legislative Assembly shall be composed of members other than members chosen directly by the people; or (d) expressly or impliedly provides for a reduction in the numbers of the members of the Legislative Council or of the Legislative Assembly; or (e) expressly or impliedly in any way affects any of the following sections of this Act, namely — sections 2, 3, 4, 50, 51and 73, shall not be presented for assent by or in the name of the Queen unless — (f) the second and third readings of the Bill shall have been passed with the concurrence of an absolute majority of the whole number of the members for the time being of the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly, respectively; and (g) the Bill has also prior to such presentation been approved by the electors in accordance with this section, and a Bill assented to consequent upon its presentation in contravention of this subsection shall be of no effect as an Act.
Superior Constitution
46. THAT, in addition to the binding manner and form requirements found in three State Constitutions the superior Constitution also contains a binding manner and form requirement at section 128 Commonwealth Referendum 1999
47. THAT, at no time in the period 1984 up to and inclusive of the present date have any of the States or Commonwealth abided by their required manner and form...
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...limitations with the exception of 6th November 1999 when section 128 of the superior Constitution was activated in relation to the electors removing the Constitutional Monarch and substituting a republic.
Sections 106 and 109
48. THAT, in relation to the superior Constitution section 106 and 109 are included into this affidavit
Saving of Constitutions
The Constitution of each State of the Commonwealth shall, subject to this Constitution, continue as at the establishment of the Commonwealth, or as at the admission or establishment of the State, as the case may be, until altered in accordance with the Constitution of the State.
SECT 109
Inconsistency of laws
When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.
Mr. R Hulls
49. THAT, on three separate occasions Grand Jury process has been instigated and lodged at the Full Court, Supreme Court, Criminal Jurisdiction against the current Attorney General for the State of Victoria, Mr. R Hulls. The applications remain pending on such application is exhibited with the Court stamp and date.
Exhibit is marked “Hulls Grand Jury Application” Exhibit 11: Julia Gillard
50. THAT, on 29th January 2007 the Melbourne Magistrates Court heard Criminal
Charges filed by Private Prosecution right against a number of named defendants; one such defendant was and remains Julia Gillard, the current Deputy Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Australia. (now Prime Minister).
Page 20 of 21
The Grand Jury Application is exhibited and marked “Gillard’s Grand Jury
Application” Exhibit 12 Section 80
51. That, I state in this affidavit that the superior Constitution is the Commonwealth Constitution accordingly the Constitutional Right of Trial by Jury under section 80 of the superior Constitution is hereby exercised in relation to the lodged Grand Jury Applications in the period 2001-2009
Trial by jury
The trial on indictment of any offence against any law of the
Commonwealth shall be by jury, and every such trial shall be held in the State where the offence was committed, and if the offence was not committed within any State the trial shall be held at such place or places as the Parliament prescribes.
52. Attached to this affidavit are exhibits marked
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 1” The Heiner Affair (Qld)
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 2” Formal Notice and Charge (WA)
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 3” The Heenan Transcript (WA)
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 4” Amendments about the Crown
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 5” Criminal Charges
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 6” Oath of Allegiance Removed
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 7” Business Unit 19
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 8” Hulls Bill 1
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 9” Hulls Bill 2
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 10” Hulls Bill 3
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 11” Hulls Grand Jury Application
Exhibit marked “Exhibit 12” Gillard’s Grand Jury Application
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Affirmed by Brian Shaw...At Werribee in the State of Victoria This Day of December 2009 Before me.

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