If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Let’s make this a real revolution shall we!?

It should be obvious to any intelligent sensitive person that what has been started in the Middle East is an attempt by israhell and its shit-kickers in the jooSA to refresh and re-assert their stranglehold on the pan-arabic nations. israhell has relied on the scumbag mubarak to oppress and bully the Egyptian people which is the deal he was offered by israhell that gave mubarak the Presidency of Egypt 30 years ago. Tyranny is the modus operandi of the filthy yiddish khazarians that now almost completely control the world; they certainly control ALL the politicians and ALL the economies. They do not control me and I am not a pacifist! If you want sissy pacifists go to a sensible " rationally antisemitic"   site where loyalty and comraderie are just lip-service.

The peace agreement between israhell and Egypt which prevents the Egyptian people from accessing their own property – The Sinai desert, is just another yiddish scam. The demilitarised zone is just a security buffer for the yids and deprives Egyptian desert people of their traditional homelands. I pray and wish for an interim council to manage Egypt that does not kow-tow to the filthy land-thieving, child-molesting yids in occupied Palestine. I want the Egyptian people to open up the Gaza Concentration Camp from their side and give the Gazan Palestinians an opportunity to fight back with some seriously heavy duty weaponry.

I want the other pan-arabic nations to rise up and hang ALL their muppet stooges put in place by yids in occupied Palestine and launch simultaneous combat assaults against israhelli military targets and pound them into mince-meat. I want to see pictures of mutilated yids in the rubble of Tel Aviv, just like the ones I see in Gaza; just like them!!

Oh, and for crying out loud stop pretending that the jooSA government has any say in any matter that involves money or murder, anywhere: Hello; yanks! Your government is a bunch of shit-kickers that work for yids, PERIOD! The CIA are the fall guys for mossad, the jooSA government are the scape-goats for the zionazis that run this satanic ‘werld’ and you yankee peasants are the cannon-fodder for dirty bearded child-molesters in fedoras! Get a fucking clue yanks, your sons and daughters are dieing like lemmings and all you do is piss and moan about the price of a gallon of gasoline!

This is why the pan-arabic nations need to push on with the beginning of this global revolution:

From the JTA a yiddish hasbara site...

 “The largely American-equipped and American-trained Egyptian army — by far the most powerful military in the Arab world — numbers around 650,000 men, with 60 combat brigades, 3500 tanks and 600 fighter planes. For Israel, the main strategic significance of the peace with Egypt is that it has been able to take the threat of full-scale war against its strongest foe out of the military equation. But a hostile regime change in Cairo could compel Israel to rethink its military strategy, restructure its combat forces, and, in general, build a bigger army, diverting billions of shekels [which are actually US taxpayer’s shekels] to that end with major social and economic consequences.”

“Worse: If there is a domino effect that also leads to an anti-Israel regime change in Jordan, with its relatively large Islamic political presence, Israel could find itself facing an augmented military threat on its eastern border, too. That could leave it even worse off than it was before 1977, facing a combined military challenge from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and the Palestinians.”

Yes, that’s right folks, the filthy yids that we are all sick of and want punished once and for always, are shitting in their knickers because if an honest government is put in power in Egypt, yiddish occupied Palestine will cease to exist! Yeeehaaaaa!

Fuck israhell; fuck yiddish khazarians and let’s start our own new world order of Love Light and Peace!

First we Fight!

Free Palestine! Free Egypt, then we can free the world!

veritas; not a “rational anti-Semite”


Timster said...

I like your domino thing. Wouldn't that be great?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster, yeah, great.

chuckyman said...

I’m in two minds V. The anarchist side of me screams – yippee burn it down baby - and the old git side of me says watch and wait.
Once you light the blue touch paper all control is lost. Hopefully the feckers that lit this match have not figured that in the master plan.
In the end we must tear it all down and rebuild. Never let the elites use this as another opportunity to move the players around. It doesn’t matter if we get it wrong – doing nothing is NOT an option. Like sharks – we swim or we die.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Chuckyman,..."It doesn’t matter if we get it wrong – doing nothing is NOT an option." That's it right there! Right on brother...


A. Peasant said...

hey V. you know they always try to make everything a win win. the other way to control the egyptian military is to fight them with the israeli military, thereby destroying and bombing all sorts of equipment and infrastructure, and killing lots of people. win win. thus one way they can achieve this is by making sure Egypt falls into the "wrong hands."

veritas6464 said...

Hey AP,...Yeah, the win win looks like 'chaos' will do just fine, the bonus would be another crooked schmuck that kow-tows to the yiddish occupiers of The Palestine. The "wrong hands", wouldn't that be nice?


Noor al Haqiqa said...

You don't mince words, do you sweetheart? My worry is that the ordinary protesters are being set up for more heartache... we don't know from day to day what to expect. I put up a piece last night, well two of them. Go take a look... you will see what Israel is really up to here.

EGYPT what a mess and A dangerous plan for Israel....

pretty shocking but no surprise

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...I'm over playing Mr. Nice guy (grin), the yiddish khazars that currently occupy the entire world are making their final push for global tyranny; if we thought it was bad in our patsy western first "werld" rock-shows now, wait until they get us out of the saucepan!

See at your place...


Anonymous said...

hi, i think the yids will get a puppet in egypt. Thses ayraabs are an ignoant bunch, all of them. Im muslim by the way. Then the new incumbent will open the border to the palestinians clearing out shisrahell for the kikes from all over the world. Starting a new world government from there. Thats my take. I can futher elaborate but im on my mobile, maybe some other time. Great site, i always like your style. Not a regular commentator.

May the coming of jesus p.b.u.h be quickened amen