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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mubarak resigns, israhell set to employ a new donkey!

"israhell depended on mubarak to blockade Gaza from the south...what now?"

I have reproduced an interesting and informative article by Richard Edmondson that will give those with eyes to see and ears to hear some food for thought regarding the next move of the chabad lubavitch satanists of occupied Palestine. israhell depended on mubarak to blockade Gaza from the south,  that "nigga-in-da-house" obongo, has lauded the value of peaceful protests: WTF? Which revolution was he watching? Thousands injured and detained, hundreds killed and tortured. What the fuck does that smak-daddy nigga smoke? Since when is it his prerogative to TELL the Egyptian people to continue to recognize the peace agreement with the satanists in occupied Palestine?! Fuck you and your "Change We Can Forget About", Bullshit!

Oh, are some of you offended by my racist term "nigga" for obongo; tough shyte! I am offended by filthy yiddish khazarians murdering children in Palestine! If you promise to stop the satanic yids from committing genocide upon the rightful hereditary owners of the Palestine, many of whom are also the blood relatives of my Christ: I won't refer to that soddomite step'n'fetchit as a "nigga"! Do we have a deal?  Because as I see it, a photograph of little Palestinian girls and boys mutilated in the smouldering dust and rubble of their homes; destroyed by bombs donated to satan's own murderous orks, by dumb yanks are about as racist and grotesque an image of hell-on-earth as any one could imagine.

"smak-daddy kisses yid satanist arse"
So, where does Egypt go from here? Projection: I think israhell will foment internecine rivalries between "radical islamists" who will no doubt call for "israhell to be wiped off the map" etc etc; leading to running street battles causing chaos and "insecurity" in the Sinai that israhell will be forced to intervene in militarily as a necessary means to "defend itself" yada yada: Fait accompli, israhell has military control over Sinai and defacto control of Egypt through its new puppet regime - then they move to secure the Nile!

Remember the "Muslim Brotherhood" is an israhelli construct. As were the "extremists" that murdered Sadat.

By Richard Edmondson

Ovadia Yosef, the racist Israeli rabbi who says goyim
exist only to serve the people of Israel, has finally found a gentile he likes: Hosni Mubarak.

In a letter sent mid-2010 and
reported at the time in the Israeli media, Yosef expressed his fond wish that the Egyptian dictator might “continue to lead your countrymen in majesty, courage, and strength, for a lifetime and in peace; may you succeed in all your doings.” Apparently Yosef’s ardor is not unrequited. Mubarak, who on Wednesday dispatched stanchion-armed thugs into Tahrir Square to attack pro-democracy demonstrators, responded to Yosef’s letter with a cordial missive of his own, addressing the rabbi as “dear friend and greatest of teachers.”

Yosef, as I say, is not terribly fond of gentiles.

In October of last year, this spiritual leader of the far-right Israeli Shas Party expressed his belief that,
“Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they would have no place in the world—only to serve the People of Israel.” The Jerusalem Post reported that the comments were made as part of Yosef’s “weekly Saturday night sermon on the laws regarding the actions non-Jews are permitted to perform on Shabbat.”

Having thus relegated goyim to the status of perpetual servitude, Yosef went on to draw a comparison between them and donkeys, that is to say hooved quadrupeds, which, if they happen to belong to a Jew, enjoy the benefits of God’s protection, he asserts. Apparently, in the rabbi’s view, non-Jewish human beings fall into the same category. As reported in the Jerusalem Post:
“In Israel, death has no dominion over them…With gentiles it will be like any person—they need to die, but (God) will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money.

This is his servant…That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” Yosef said.

“Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat.

“That is why gentiles were created,” he added.

It would appear then that inside Israel, the plow-pulling Mubarak is indeed looked upon by some as a donkey, although this is perhaps not as debasing as it may seem. One thing for which Jews certainly must be lauded—if we are to extrapolate, that is, from the dictator’s case—would be the signally humane treatment of their work animals. Since 1979, Israel’s puppet leaders in America have given the Mubarak regime an average of $2 billion annually. Not a bad life for a lowly beast of burden, although there seems a difference of opinion on the way to proceed forward from here. The puppets in America seem to think it’s time the donkey was put out to pasture. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on the other hand, clearly believes his Egyptian burro (burro being the Spanish word for “ass”) has a few good years left. Netanyahu may be right—after three decades in power, Mubarak, it would appear, has but made it only up into the low end of the life expectancy range of the average donkey, said range being 30-50 years—although of course the Egyptian people may have something to say about it as well.

The main fear naturally is that should Mubarak be tossed out like yesterday’s offal, the other donkey-leaders, say in Saudi Arabia and Jordan, may get a little spooked and begin to buck. One thing is certain, however. The Egyptian dictator has well earned his fodder and feed, and this has been especially true since 2007 when Israel imposed its blockade on Gaza.
Mubarak has repeatedly impeded humanitarian aid convoys to Gaza, most recently the Road to Hope Convoy in late 2010. “That convoy was forced to take a ship from Libya into Egypt because of the corrupt Mubarak regime, which does not allow land convoys to travel through their land, which would reduce the cost and allow us to bring more aid into Palestine,” Ken O’Keefe, who was part of that convoy, said in a recent video posting.

O’Keefe says that in effect there are two blockades of Gaza—an Israeli one and an Egyptian one.

At age 90, Yosef is no spring chicken, and it might be tempting for non-Israelis to dismiss his outlandish comments as a symptom of creeping senility. This, however, is not how the rabbi is viewed in the Zionist state.

Yosef’s letter to Mubarak, according to Haaretz, was hand-delivered by none other than Netanyahu himself, and apparently was followed up with a second letter sent at the urging of President Shimon Peres. The second letter was described by Haaretz as a “conciliatory message” following remarks made in August in which the rabbi reportedly called upon God to strike the Palestinians with a plague—here again, however, though he surely would be in much of the rest of the world, in Jerusalem this “greatest of teachers” is regarded as anything but deranged.

Peres holds “the honorable rabbi” to be a “centre of peace seeking,” according to Ynet, while his letter to Mubarak is said to have been described by the president of Israel as “very important.” We are also told of some complimentary things the Nobel-Peace-Prize-winning Peres had to say about the stouthearted leader of Egypt, calling him a man who “stands firm in preventing wars and acting for peace.”
The suspect taken into custody, though not yet named, has been identified as a member of the Israeli Sayeret Matkal, or General Staff Reconnaissance Unit, which if true would be a major development. Sayeret Matkal is described by Wikipedia as “an elite special forces unit” whose main roles are “counter-terrorism, deep reconnaissance, and intelligence gathering.” What other Israeli involvement in the government crackdown may be at play would be difficult to say, but the Wednesday attack by Mubarak’s thugs resulted in at least six deaths, and now comes news of pro-government snipers being deployed on building tops in downtown Cairo.

Haaretz report on the rabbi’s love letter to Mubarak mentions that the two are personal acquaintances, Yosef having “filled various positions in the Cairo rabbinate and religious courts between 1947 and 1950.” It does sound as if a true and longstanding bond of affection has arisen here, and one wonders if, in their private moments, Yosef may have embraced his donkey—maybe slipped him an apple core, or perhaps even a few sugar cubes.

In either event, Mubarak’s stall definitely needs to be shovelled out, though this is no simple matter. In their present uprising, the people of Egypt are struggling to throw off not only their own government, but the Israeli bridle, reins, and saddle that have been attached to it for more than three decades (a task Americans need to tend to as well). Perhaps it was a female Egyptian protester who said it best, during a live feed broadcast
over Aljazeera yesterday: “We just want them (all people of Egypt) to live in dignity. We are fighting for them to live with dignity. Because we are not animals. What separates us from animals is that we have dignity.” 

Moreover, it would appear that Peres and Netanyahu are rushing to the defense of their firm-standing donkey. Within the past week Israeli planes are reported to have landed at an Egyptian airport, offloading some delicious, high-grade alfalfa in the form of crowd-dispersal weapons, while this morning came news of the arrest of an alleged Israeli spy inside Egypt.




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