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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Palestine Occupied by murdering psychopaths that should be annihilated from the earth! Video:

There is no other way that our precious earth and its ‘human’ people can be saved! If you don't agree - watch this!

The Al-Jabari Execution In Hebron

From Kawther Salam [edited for clarity and grammar]

Fat yiddish pig: Colonel Yehuda Fuchs is seen here “inaugurating” a building stolen by the settlers from the family of Fayez al-Jaabari of Hebron with the help of falsified documents. Like everything the IDF does, what he does is to support theft, lies and murder.

Let us look at the “innocent, normal” activities of Brigade Colonel Yehuda Fuchs’s troops in the early morning of Wednesday, June 6, 2007 at the home of Yehya Al-Jabari, a Palestinian citizen aged 80 years in occupied Hebron. Colonel Fuchs sent his paratroopers to the home of Yehya Al-Jabari who lived in the B’er Haram Al-Ram area of Hebron. Fuchs sent his troops to arrest a boy of 17 (“a terrorist and wanted person” according to the IDF), the boy is a son of the family. At 3AM, over 50 Israeli soldiers with trained attack-dogs invaded the home of Yehya. The IDF knocked at the door, Mr. Yehya Al-Jabari opened the door; the IDF troops shoot him to death at the door and then entered the home without a warrant, the soldiers immediately began shooting at the family asthey stormed from one room to the next. Five unarmed civilian were injured during this ( what Colonel Fuchs described as “innocent activity”). Yehya’s wife Fatima, (unarmed) 65 years of age, was shot in the head and in various parts of her body; her skull was broken, she was taken to the local medical centre in a critical condition.

Kamil, age 24, and his brother Radi, age 36, (both unarmed), the sons of Yehya, were shot inside the home too. The women and the small children were dragged by the IDF soldiers into the living room. The children vomited and urinated in their cloths because of the trauma caused by the “innocent activities” of the IDF soldiers, and because of the pools of blood now covering the floors in the hallway, and living room and one of the bedrooms. The soldiers did not leave the house until the survivors of the massacre signed a paper stating that they would turn in the 17-year old son themselves.

There was no need for a press release by the IDF, as everybody knows that they are liars. Also, there is no need for press releases about future crimes committed by the IDF. Everybody knows what the IDF is, and what the Press spokesperson of the IDF is: liars trying to cover up crimes against humanity.

The video published here is from sequences recorded during the murderous event by a Hebronite journalist and aired on Al-Jazeera.

FUCK the yiddish squatters in Palestine!




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