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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vote in the latest Poll: Is murdering children a worse crime than racism?

The Athenian law-maker, Solon, decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy, so....

Please vote in the comment section:

These filthy lying evil yiddish squatters infesting The Palestine with the evil stench of their greed and murderous deceitful ways,

Settlers hacked his arm off for throwing stones!

do this:

"Cast Lead' scores another terrorist!

and this:

They are also guilty of enslaving this “stoopit” nigger bitch’s great grand-mammy; yet: This dumb fucking coon supports with lies and obfuscation the very same child murderers and slave traders that abducted her ancestors from their villages in Africa and sold them to rich freemasons and their mates in the british amerikan colonies; perhaps they still own her “Blak-Ass”:


So, TELL ME! Is brutally murdering children with savage, disgusting, disregard, so that you can steal their land, a worse crime than calling this coon-bitch a shill for israhell?


Fuck israhell!

Fuck the dumb-fucks that voted for obongo!

Fuck the dumb-fucks that voted for Jewlia Shillhard!

End times? Whatever; bring it on!

Free Palestine!



I understand and wish to continue said...

Hi V.
I have a story i found on jta.org.
So Wrong...


Israeli parents want to use dead son's sperm
The parents of an Israeli man who died in an accident have asked Israel's attorney general for permission to use his sperm to father a grandchild.

The sperm were taken from Ohad Ben-Yaakov following a work accident in September, according to Haaretz. Ohad, 27, reportedly did not leave either a written or verbal request indicating that he wanted his sperm used to bring a child into the world.

He was not married or dating anyone at the time of his death.

Parents Mali and Dudi Ben-Yaakov agreed to donate their son's organs after he was declared brain dead following two weeks in a coma after the accident.

They also requested that his sperm be collected.

According to legal precedent, collected sperm are the property of a man's partner, not his parents, and may be used only by his partner.

"If we were entitled to donate the organs of our son, why are we not entitled to make use of his sperm in order to bring his offspring into the world? This is what he would have wanted," the Ben-Yaakovs told Haaretz

Ohad's parents would like to find a woman who is willing to have Ohad's baby and raise the child as a single parent, but welcome the involvement of the paternal grandparents.

so wrong on so many levels.
Cheers A13

veritas6464 said...

Hey A13,...Mmmm, just trying to calculate how many levels that shit is soooo wrong on: Maybe the weirdest shyte I've read in, oooh, hours!

Hey mate, so, ya more offended by children being murdered or racist slurs?


Craig said...


I want to use that tragic pic of the kid with the arm hacked off

how trustworthy would u say your sources are for that photo,

that the act was performed by Israeil settlers against a Palestinian child

veritas6464 said...

Hey Craig,...It's genuine, yes the yid squatters did it.

I understand and wish to continue said...

Hi V.
I'm terribly offended by Children being murdered by the souless demons..fuck the racist slurs..
Where i live i'ts common to be called a White @unt
but, i don't put up with that either.
Hopefully that clarifies.

veritas6464 said...

Hey A13,...Thanks for the clarification: I am not a racist at all, I have lived and worked all over the world. I am offended by racism, however, I am more offended by the murder of children and the complicity of one ethnic group exploiting an opportunity to be exploited because of their skin colour, as a means of deflecting criticism of the policies of their pay-masters. Obongo, CONdi Rice, Powell and now this new bitch all being played by the yids for the PC value of their skin colour that keeps people from speaking their mind due to a fear of accusations of racism. The yids are ruthless in their attempts to use and abuse everyone, for their own evil gains.

Cheers mate,