If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Friday, March 18, 2011

No fly zone over Libya, what about GAZA? Filthy yiddish khazarians bomb women and children on purpose!

I am sick of this shit! veritas6464 says: NO MORE MR. NICE-GUY!

Fuck the jU-nited Nations, it is a crack whore for the satan worshipping turkic mongols that occupy Palestine.

There is no such country as israhell, it is Palestine, fuck the “promised Land” bullshit; the ancient scriptures DO NOT MENTION ANYWHERE a ‘promised land guarantee’! Find it and send me the link! The scriptures say that God, (our God not the demon that talmudic child-molesters worship) told the yids that he would provide a homeland for these scumbags, “When you prove you can live peacefully alongside all the other “Tribes of Israel”, let me write this again, in case you didn’t grasp the subtle nuance... all the other “Tribes of Israel” and live by MY laws!”

How is Libya's crisis worse than this murder?!

These yiddish ghetto trash have not come anywhere near meeting their obligations to our God, THEREFORE no homeland fuckers!! No inclusion in the family of mankind, nothing, nada: FUCK OFF!

So, get out of Palestine and hit the road again scumbags; your mendicancy is your own fault, because you are arrogant fucking shit-heads that are congenital liars, cheats, thieves and child-molesters!

I call for an International, enforced NO FLY ZONE over The Palestine. To protect the semitic people of Palestine from the savages of the synagogue of satan.

"Suffer little children, come unto me..."

Remember the Spanish civil war...Remember the martyrs of Guernica?

Remember the martyrs of Dresden?

Remember the martyrs of Soweto?

Remember the martyrs of the USS Liberty?

I call for volunteers to join an International brigade to defend the women and children of Gaza. The jUnited Nations is a scam, they are all fucking cowards on the take from israhell. Paid for by Amerikan taxpayers.

A little girl murdered by a yiddish khazarian coward
"Captain R"; yiddish judges let the scumbag off without charges!
Fuck israhell!

The freedom loving people of this earth, that are not peace symbol wearing hidden-agenda cowards and traitors, must put a stop to the monsters occupying Palestine.

There will never be peace or freedom or security for the semitic peoples of The Palestine or any other nation on Earth while the satanic yiddish khazars that currently own all the banks, cause all the wars, all the famines and foment all the race hatred throughout the world are not stopped by force of arms!

Fuck israhell!

Bomb the Knesset NOW!

Save a child from sexual molestation, castrate a rabbi today!

Free Palestine! The home of genuine semitic people!



INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

veritas you can be sure those fucktards in Frontex@Warsaw will be giving the boat people a guiding hand onto the beaches of Italy and Greece. The slavers will be unmolested as they land their cargo on Haifa beach and the organ traffickers will be eased onto final approach in Tel Aviv. Rothschild pirates the lot. Tortuga had the same demographics I'll bet.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Incoming,...Right on the money; speaking of Pirates have you seen that rag-arsed bunch of mendicants that the "World Media" is reporting have stolen over three hundred million dollars worth of shit from Ships they have boarded? These fuckers look like they share their 'chop' and live off each others dole cheques: If those yobos that the S&MSM say have pinched hundreds of millions of dollars worth of shit, they should turn some into cash and get a hotel room so they can all have a shower and put on some clothes that don't look like filthy rags and buy some fast speedboats instead of using those rusted un-seaworthy row boats!

What a fucking joke...

The yids occupying Palestine are the actual enablers and real pirates in that scam: they hijack ships going to Iran so that they can deprive Iran of materiel support and vital systems maintenance logistics. I will be putting up a post on the Pirates of Aden soon.



P.S. I haven't finished my first cup'o'joe yet so I'm not my usual light-hearted self. Haaargh!