If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Monday, March 14, 2011

Roger Waters discusses the apartheid wall in Occupied Palestine. With a little of veritas's affectations.

This Post is dedicated to Rachel Corrie and the Children of Palestine... 

"Legality alone is no guide for a moral people. There are many things in this world that have been, or are, legal but clearly immoral. Slavery was legal. Did that make it moral? South Africa's apartheid, Nazi persecution of Jews, and Stalinist and Maoist purges were all legal, but did that make them moral."

 -- Walter Williams




musique said...

Heya V!

Awesomely done!!

Did you re edit the vid? Since I saw the word "israhell" few times .. couldn't think of anyone else. :)

LOVing the new song!!
Roger Waters' (Pink Floyd) Song for Gaza

May I suggest what to do with the demolished wall? How 'bout shoving back brick by brick in every foxman, weasel, nuttyjuuhu and sharon's out there (mouth first than ass) until all the bricks are gone, never to be seen again?

I spotted an article recently and you have no idea how pissed off I was:

Zionist O’Keefe & His Antics, Sabotage

Everything about O’Keefe is Jew.

He’s self-righteous, loud, narcissistic, obnoxious, and is welcomed on the Jew and Jewey media to spout on and on about every sort of Jewey “value” he picked up in the Jew-manuals of his Jew heroes, Zinn and Chomsky.

I don't want to link to his filthy site but it came from brian akira's"what do you believe". This MF plays the Christ loving Xtian card and hate Muslims jast as much geert wilders does in his pantie.

Did someone pushed too hard on the HAARP button aiming at Japan? I am beyond sick with the criminals.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...G'day mate...yes, that hero looks too 'gift-wrapped' to me. Haarp definitely, rivero says haarp is not a weapon, two days ago, whatever; I was on his show last week, he seems amicable, which is always snakey to me; if you are pissed off with the tribe and their shit, spray it! I always say.

Great comment, I will watch the gaza vid, strangely enough I have not watched it yet, though many of our colleagues have put it up; I will watch it off your link now.

maranatha brother...


P.S. I drink beer, luv to share a couple with you one day. Keep your head down brother.