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Sunday, April 17, 2011

History of Judas Goat Kosher Nazi Clowns in the White Nationalist Movement !

Long and Illustrious History of Judas Goat Kosher Nazi Clowns in the White Nationalist Movement

1960's Nazi Poster Boy George Lincoln Rockwell

He ran the American Nazi Party in the 1960s. He drove around a VW bus with six Jewish kids. He was national news for 7 years.

Rockwell's father [shabatz goyim] "knew and entertained many Jewish performers. For example Jack Benny, George Burns, and Groucho Marx attended Lincoln Rockwell's christening"

1970's Nazi Fuhrer "Frank Collin", nee Joseph Cohen

Jewish publicity hoax to kickstart Holohoax Propaganda Machine
Collin/Cohen der Fuhrer?
The year was 1977, and most people never heard of the Holocaust. All we knew was that we fought a war against evil Nazis, but the Holocaust never made it to the Silver Screen till the late 1970's.

The early blockbusters, such as 'Judgment at Nuremberg', forgot to mention the gas chambers.

Frank Collin Lights The Holocaust Fuse

In April of 1977, Collins demanded to march through downtown Skokie, the largest enclave of Holocaust survivors in America.

14 Months Of National News

From April 1977 through June of 1978. ABC, CBS, and NBC, bombarded us nightly. Jews were weeping, Nazis were goose-stepping , and endless legal battles fought by Jewish ACLU lawyers defending the Nazis, and the right of Freedom of speech.

The Fuhrer Vanishes And Is Discovered to be Jewish

His real name is Joseph Cohen, born on Nov 3,1944 in Chicago, conceived in Feb of 1943 in Dachau concentration camp (According to his father).

Daniel Burros- Jewish Grand Dragon of the KKK

A look at Daniel Burros

...a nice Jewish boy from Queens
Burros was a real hot-headed proponent of the long-defunct Third Reich. After a stint in the Army, he became involved with the American Nazi Party. He rose to second-in-command of the American Nazi Party and was a Grand Dragon with the Ku Klux Klan.

Burros wanted to assassinate prominent Jews, whom he calls “society’s disease.” Luckily, the newspapers spread his diabolical plot before the assassinations.


It turns out Daniel Burros was a nice Jewish boy from Queens who somehow went from being his Rabbi's star pupil to being a top "Nazi". In 1965, following Burros' arrest at a KKK event in New York City, it was disclosed that he was Jewish. He was shot and the fellow Jews claimed Burros took his own life.”

Jordan Gollub - homosexual Jewish Grand Wizard of Mississippi KKK

The History Of This Wizard
Gollub the "faygeleh"
Jordan Gollub was the imperial wizard of the Royal Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. There was a lull in Klan anti-Semitic activists, but that ended when Gollub stepped onto the scene as "head" of the "Ku Klux Klan." He immediately received great fanfare by the news media as a "spokesman" for "rightists”.

The Jews at the ADL and SPLC called him a ‘Venomous monster’. The southern press praised his dastardly deeds and gave him enormous publicity. He led numerous marches throughout Mississippi – often intimidating Negroes with lynching.

The Grand Wizard has a secret

It turns out he was Jewish and a homosexual. He quickly dropped out of sight, but not before leaving the impression that his element will attempt to pressure public opinion from dark and devious haunts.

Meet The Parents

Jordan Gollub, the Hebrew Klansman, was born of Jewish parents in Philadelphia, managed despite that fact to become Grand Dragon of the Virginia chapter of the Christian Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. In 1985 he was dismissed by Virgil Griffin, the self-proclaimed national leader of the anti-black, anti-Semitic hate group. Gollub contends that it was not his Jewish origins that led to his ouster, but an intra-Klan factional dispute. Undeterred, Gollub moved on to Mississippi and snaked his way back into becoming that state's Klan leader.

Wolfgang Hawke aka Nathan Greenbaum

In 1998 It Was Wolfgang Hawke
yiddish penis enlargement Czar
Wolfgang (nee Nathan Greenbaum) was the first internet Fuhrer.

Wolfgang Hawke Happens To Be Jewish; Now sells penis enlargement pills on the internet and is a Spam Lord

In 1999, the year Hawke became semi-famous as the "Commander" of a neo-Nazi outfit he'd founded in high school. Hawke, who announced that summer on Fox News, "I plan to make the Final Solution a reality."

After some pre-teen Gaultier said das Fuhrer was uncircumcised, Nathan started Amazing Internet Products, which sold 'Penis Pills' (Pinacle), and just in July of 2003 he sold $600,000. Nathan Britt Greenbaum sent millions of e-mails offering penis enlargement pills, weight loss supplements, handheld devices called "personal lie detectors" and other bogus products.

Commander Bill Weiss

Who Is Bill White?

...attended predominantly Jewish schools: Well there it is!
For those of you that still don’t know, Bill White is the self appointed leader of the American National Socialist Workers Party, an ADL/SPLC front used by the Zionists to incite violence against minorities. I’ve written about this fake Nazi before, in an article entitled Alleged White Supremacist Bill White‘s Kosher Attack on Ron Paul,” in which I detail Bill White’s past, he grew up in a Jewish neighborhood and attended predominantly Jewish schools. I cite facts that the MSM, who loves to quote him, which ought to be a dead giveaway, aren’t going to mention, like his close ties with known FBI agent provocateurs like David Gletty, who while working directly with the FBI formed a “neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando's black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.”

My source LoneWolf, original source: judicial-inc.org

For fucksakes! FREE PALESTINE from these yiddish freaks!

Der veritas6464 


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

Ah yes Veritas just who were the Nazis and what really went on in the "extermination" camps? Bearring in mind they were run by Jewish "Commie" Kapos with access to the international capital markets you can see how a good turncoat traitor like Soros could be lauded at Brettonwoods 2 decades alter. Still working for the religioKriminals.

Right now in UKplc we are about to have our airwaves polluted by survivors of survivors telling us how miraculous it was they survived their "captors'" machinations! Of course no one will mention that they will be interviewed from fine homes, well appointed and safe from drive by shootings and drug deals in the bestest parts of 21str century town. Just like 100 years ago before they all got kiled. We will also be invited not to notice that there will be no testimony from Roma, Serbs, Catholics, non-Commie Politicos, officers, academics, hard working gentlefolk and nonRed trades union leaders.

As I said at C's place the answer is in that Bhuna plant. Jew on Jew kill. All working for the Rothschild dollar.

BTW Tortuga sur Mer's little war in Libya is working out fine don't you think. They and their ChiComm mates will be putting a move on Iran very soon now that the west has been fully preoccuppied. Right now Ahmenijad will be looking through brochures of fine penthouses overlooking Central Park, a ranch in Virginia or Maryland for the family.

That then brings the obvious question. White folks. Born dumber than a horses ass or made that way?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Incoming,...Nothing went on in the "Extermination camps" as they were Labour camps. Of course I state this not for your benefit, rather as a qualification for any random yids that might be sneaking past.

I often worry about my Briton; as a son of the ancient Setanti, of the Greater Northern Tribe of the Brigantes - I have an ancient connexion to my Land and birth-right. One day I will make my claim to a corner of my Briton that shall be forever SETANTI!

As for the rothschilds(bauers), the chinese communists and the filthy yiddish khazars that occupy Palestine - they are doomed, it is written and I shall know by signs when it is my time to step up.

Oh, by the way I was over at Lone Wolf's place today and found an excellent article, as well you read. I think it is time that we established a unified: “viribus unitis” "with united forces", Front: I think we can roll this synagogue of satan. tout suite.


By the way; fuck soros and Ahkmedinijad, who I hear is a Mason(?)!



Anonymous said...

You and your Nazi butt buddies can go suck Hitler's cock. You are sick disgusting liars. You probably blame the tsunami/earthquake on the Jews too, you fucking lying bastard! But you just keep on sucking on Hitler's cock and worshiping your pagan man god bastard jesus. Get fucked up the ass with HIV you Nazi fuck!

John Friend said...

Figures....the Zionists infiltrate and manipulate countless organizations and groups to advance their agenda.

I didn't know Ahkmedinihad was a Mason! Got a source for that?

veritas6464 said...

Hey anonymous = coward,...Glad to know the truth makes you child-molesting homeless tramps so angry. All that satanic venom, no wonder your spawn are such ugly fuckers; Oh, Hitler was circumcised, so a rabbi ("mohel") sucked his cock - FACT, yiddisher schlumpf!

I allow one of you scum to comment every now and then so that we humans remember what a yiddisher mongol becomes when confronted with the truth - flaming troll.

You won't get to comment again so, fuck off and don't come back!


veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...I can't remember where I saw the allegation that Akmedinajad is a mason, I will have a rummage through my files.


John Friend said...

Oh Anonymous, you slay us. Way to show some courage by posting an incoherent rant anonymously, real classy bud.

If you'd care to actually address any of the factual information presented in this piece, or any piece, feel free. Until then, your childish bitching, moaning and name calling will only provide cheap entertainment for those of us out here that care about the planet and humanity. LOL!

Hey Veritas, let me know if you find that source, I'd like to see it.

veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...Here's a number of the sources for concern from my file:





The vid has a dodgy sound-track but it does make for interesting viewing, particularly if one is familiar with the role that sabbatean yids play in the whole agenda of the synagogue of satan.

Remember the "young turks"; they were all yids and orchestrated the genocide of the Kurds in the former Armenian territories now claimed by Turkey.

I hope this info' snippets help you to formulate your own view, take them as you find them, I am not a fan of Jones or any of his vessels, sometimes they are useful as info' resources.

Cheers brother,


musique said...

Gotta love anonymouse mohel @Sunday, April 17, 2011 10:30:00 PM!!

Such potty mouth! jeez, if you ever havta bake that thing, make sure to set the temp @ 666°F .

Okie, back to earth.....

Excellent reading material, cuz V! Almost felt like as I was on a teeveee game show called "Guess who's NOT a juu?" I was like OH NO... can't be him??!! But then again ... oh yes, it's HIM, that dirty soap bastard!

V, while I was trolling on fecesbook, I came across a pageful of clowns called ADL, oh no .... I ain't talking 'bout that foxy jabbajuu's adl but Australian Defence League. Hmmm, got any stories on 'em? So far I hear that they have no problem with the kosher kriminals or that occupied land by the shitty satanic hibs.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,..I was beginning to worry man, long time no sapeek! Welcome back, yoo funny wit dat yid & da cooker thang.

Yeah, the downunder adl deal is a sad version of the evil original beast; they were hitting my comment section hard when they first kicked off, but luckily they are laid back like aussies and have drifted away. Shit like that doesn't really rub with us, we have very little in the way of motivation to begin with, so the big evil doesn't get much air, if you get my drift.

Which is also why the NWO has to be patient here, no one gives a fuck; bad from the perspective of educating folks about the nwo and 911 and Bali etc. Good because the evil tribe are struggling to score big. Putting fluoride in the water here is a fucking huge waste of money, haaargh!

Cooooee, thank God for lazy-arse Aussies!!

maranatha brother musique...