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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Promised Land of Organised Crime: If you haven't seen this information, you should see it NOW!

These filthy yiddish scumbags represent the worst monsters on earth, they are: Semion Mogilevich 'yiddish Mafia boss' allegedly "the most powerful man in the world". Mikhail Khordorovsky and Boris Berezovsky

Child-sex slavers, Drug Dealers, Arms smugglers and utter fucking evil bastards - ALL YIDDISH KHAZARS!

Free Palestine; send the fuck'n yids back to birobidjan!



Penny said...

Of course they are not all Italians, never have been.

Meyer Lansky
Jack Rubinstein.
Bugsy Seigel
Trying to think of more.

Well you get the idea. I always figure this is a way of smearing the Italians for the association of their leadership with the Fuhrer.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Pen,...Right on the money as usual, yids ARE the evil men do!


P.S. Have some news re; my Syrian mate.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

How is this for more hasbara. Here in Canada and maybe the US is a new much touted programme. A 8 part series called "The Borgias, the Original Crime Family"

Great video. Nothing I was not aware of but putting it together makes it so easy to use as a teaching tool. I have done many postings on the Jews and the White Slave Trade.

One that was very interesting was the founding and organization of the Zwi Migdal. You might like to read it to hear how a solitary sex slave brought them down which resulted in them relocating in New York City.

They do keep it secret. An Argentinian Jew reader wrote in Comments:

"This has been enlightening info. Being an Argentina born Israelite, I had no more than a vague idea on the "trata de blancas", a term I used to hear more than once as a child in Buenos Aires in the early 50`s of the 20th century. TXS"

So even many Jews are kept in the dark on this issue as well.


NOW we understand why Duke is so hated.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Nice Post, Just this morning the issue of sex-slavery has been floating around the media, no real coverage though and this morning the shills on morning Talmudvision are running with the "brutal controversy" of "islamist" countries supporting extremist decapitaion for charges that aren't "even" crimes in Rosthchalia. e.g. homosexuality, murder, rape and adultery, of course they had to drag out that old chestnut of the Princess and her public beheading, for adultery, after she was raped; which has been proved to be a fake and a scam.

So, the jooSM here have side-stepped the issue of sex-slavery, one Channel (murdoch's NINE) going so far as to "debunk the conspiracy theory" of sex-slavery citing a "report from the U.S." which finds NO evidence of sex-slavery!

It just couldn't get more ridiculous than it is, surely, we are living in Animal Farm. Oh, and don't forget DR. Duke is an anti-schlemite and a holohoax denier, so he's a crank.



veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,... I have put up a perma-link to the Post you link in your comment, in my side-bar; I have used your pic as the link key, hope you don't mind, I will edit as you require.



John Friend said...

Utter fucking evil bastards is an understatement here.

The Russian mafia, that's laughable! These guys are all Jews!! Hollywood has done a number on the American people, who instantly associate the mafia with Italians. Jews have played the major role in organized crime for years now, yet it's never mentioned, of course.

If I remember correctly, Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky played a major role in the Zionist assassination of JFK.

Israel, land of sex slaves and murderous psychopaths.


veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...Everything, absolutely everything in this world that is evil and global in nature is yiddish backed and promoted!

Great link, cheers.



John Friend said...

More links for you, although I think we both know these things already.



The Israelis are getting ready for another ritual blood-letting in Gaza. It appears it's already started.


veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...It's the links that I find on other peoples blogs or those links that others post in comments sections that makes this resistance movement Global...Thanks for taking the time.



Penny said...

Hey Veritas! sorry for not being around as of late.
Feeling as if I am a broken Fukushima record, but what a horrendous accident.

We are all being radiated.
Well actually Australia may fare better then in the Northern Hemisphere, I know, the radiation is here and it is higher then the lyin bastards are letting on!

But story for another day.

So your Syrian mate?? What is the scoop?
Can you send it on?
Just let me know, much obliged

Anonymous said...

mafia, illuminati, communism, crypto jews, Karl Marx, Adam Weishaupt, and talmudic sanctioned crime and terrorism on global scale against all non-jews



*Mazzini, Giuseppe (pronounced Jewseppe) an Italian "jew" (reported by some researchers) and originator of the "Italian" M.A.F.I.A.(the mafia part of the story is/was recorded in various public documents therefore considered as fact).

Giuseppe assumed control of the "Illuminati", European faction, from crypto jew Adam Weishaupt after his demise.

Mazzini created the "League of the Just", to which belonged one Mordecai Levy more popularly known as "Karl Marx" crypto-jew wrongly credited with creation of "marxism". Marx's lunatic babblings were revised plans of Adam Weishaupt and synthesis of ideas of one "rabbi" Moses Hess
i.e. marxism is talmudism; communism is talmudic utopia.

Mazzini's "League of the Just" became one of the first openly communist-revolutionary, i.e. talmudic terror organizations.

Mazzini also appointed American Albert Pike, not a jew, but he was a Qabbalist (i.e. jewish black magic), as the head of the US Illuminati, which by that time was secretly embedded into the "Freemason" organizations as well as connected to "reading societies" a.k.a. college fraternity organizations.

The plan outlining 3 world wars, written before WWI, is often, and wrongly attributed to the non-jew Pike, however, it was written by Mr. Mafia, Giuseppe Mazzini in 1871 and later became known as the Mazzini-Pike Plan as it was Pike's obligation to promote it in the USA via the Masonic/Illuminati elites (not the lower levels who were/are kept clueless).