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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sign the petition to the U.N. to establish a No Fly Zone over Gaza – 2286 signatures so far!

We of the Internet Resistance Community know that the yiddish khazars that illegally occupy Palestine are planning another slaughter; it is obvious by the number of World War Two movies on the idiot box, the number of references to the holohoax in the MSM, the volume of trolling by yids in our comment sections and the general arrogance of the tribe at the moment; we need to take some action NOW - SIGN THE PETITION! NOW!

An Israeli air force drone is seen flying over Gaza as seen from the northern Gaza strip border April 9.(Reuters)

Arab League to ask UN for no-fly zone in besieged Gaza

Arab League Chief Amr Mussa said the organisation will ask the UN to impose a no-fly zone over besieged Gaza, which Israel has pounded with air strikes.

President Mahmoud Abbas called Saturday for the emergency meeting of the Arab League to discuss Israel's military attacks on Gaza.

Mussa told an emergency meeting of Arab League ambassadors that "the Arab bloc in the United Nations has been directed to ask for the convention of the Security Council to stop the Israeli aggression on Gaza and impose a no-fly zone."

Israeli and Palestinian officials were on Sunday floating a ceasefire to end fighting in the coastal strip where Israeli air strikes have killed at least 19 people since Thursday.

The Arab League request for a no-fly zone over Gaza may have been inspired by a UN-sanctioned aerial blockade for Libya to halt forces loyal to Moamer Kadhafi harming civilians.

Arab League backing for that no-fly zone was seen as crucially important by the United States when it pressed for a UN resolution that authorised it and other countries to keep Libyan planes grounded.

Israel carried out a devastating military offensive into Gaza in late 2008, killing up to 1500 Palestinians, mostly women and children.

From World Bulletin and Agencies

Support the normally balls-less Arab League while they still have a pair! Sign the petition!




Anonymous said...

call Gaza what it is

a death camp

veritas6464 said...

anon@10:48,...Uh? OK, it's a death camp (?) Have you been in a coma for a while or is this the first time you have seen this Blog?

I do not shy away from calling the occupied Palestinian lands what they are...an open air Extermination Camp, the filthy yids don't want a "peace" agreement, they want to completely annihilate the Palestinians.


Anonymous said...

Apologies Veritas, my blurt-out (attempt to contribute, but it's not easy to think straight when my blood is boiling more and more now adays) wasn't directed at you, your website (and i'm new to it and see you don't pull punches). You could say I been in a coma - or more accurate blatantly lied to, kept clueless (like a cattle being prep'd for slaughter or for my peoples blood to be spilled for damn zio-wars -and every damn war in the 20th century is their doing), psyoped by zio-media-education-corporate-ziofascist society, for an entire life (and these zio-devils gonna label anyone who awakens as a "terrorist" ?!) - but no more.
What the ziofilth are doing in the Gaza death camp is despicable, not-human, the worst of any crime against humanity; so i'm joining the side that's calling it what it is - what the zio-demons are doing to innocent children, women, men, their material wealth, -in the name of getting their "beach-front club med property" for "free" ...
Your site is one of the few places - for now - where i can write/say it and it's understood and won't get smacked down by zio-controllers (and thanks for that).
The recent bullshit campaign "cast lead" or whatever, the totally illegal crimes against aid flotilla and uncalled-for, cowardly murders, by weaked-assed "zio-men", in international waters, of innocent people on the boats, opened a lot of, until recently, closed-eyes and minds like mine (uh oh zios - you f'd up big time, but this is good that you did - so more around the globe see you as you really are and your filthy criminal inhumane actions - you've gotten away with for centuries).
The days of global talmudic terror for creating talmudic utopia (hell for the rest) are most assuredly numbered.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Anon @2:44,...OK, no problem. How about you register with blogger and step out from the shadows; you do know that just being on the Net means 'they' know who you are, don't you? So, register and avoid the tag of zio-troll, because ALL the yiddish coward scum use anonymous as their I.D.



John Friend said...

In a just world, the Zionist entity known as Israel would be brought to justice, it's leaders tried for war crimes and genocide, right along with their Western stooges, and their wealth would be confiscated. In a just world.