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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Eyewitness calls hit on Osama Bin dead “long-time” BULLSHIT! Must watch VIDEO...

There it is, it's BULLSHIT!

My source The Intercept Blog



musique said...

Heyy V!

UmmHmmmm ...I like when I hear telling it like it is and no whacking off around the bushes, good vid, it has everything we all need to know.

I'm getting utterly pissed when I see dumbass Muslims are buying into the MSM juuish myth about obl's second death, such as the article on Vets Today:

Killing OBL is the right thing....

There are more articles like this written by the duped Muslims on the web, How can they buy into all that juuish myth .. beyond my comprehension!

I feel like screaming... no you dumbass! How could you kill a dead man twice?? Bury him at the sea ..Hello? OH ...please check out my posting at Greg's about water burial in Islam.

So .. I came up with this conclusion:

obl was a lil juu goldberg fish, lived in an empty gefilte fish jar. When he died, he went down the proper way ....

through loo ....

to play with other dead juu fishes on the other side - also known as HELL! eh eh eh☺

Timster said...

Great find, V!

Penny said...

He lived there his whole life but never heard a thing.

No surprise.

And he says no Osama, no way.

(I would think it would be a major source of gossip had Osama really there)

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,..Yep, I've been wtf?ing for 48 hrs straight, I'm almost(almost) all the wtf?'d out!

If you people want to see some really cloying sychophantic disinfo' that is so cheesy, corny, hammed-up and just plain stoopit, it defies a thousand wtf?'s; ya hafta see the TV Gnu's in rothschalia!

I have too many brain-cells left to cope with it...

Let's roll...Aaaaarghh!


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,..Taa, bro. (I'm brushing up on my Maori, in case I bail to NZ, grin) Don't you just love the witnesses' matter of fact incredulity? That Al jizzear'ole shill nearly had "hype fail" in camera, coooeee!


veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...I lived for many months at a stretch in small communities in S.E.A and the new folks in town stand out like a sore thumb, everyone knows everything about everyone, period. The world's most wanted patsy would be 'The Goss'!

Such shyte, even for the YTB ('Yids That Be', grin).

In fact it is such a ham-fisted farce, I am thinking the YTB might even be planning to make the yanks, the fall guy for some revelatory expos'ay.

marantha, nice to see you here.