If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hey Jesse ventura - free your mind and your arse will follow! His latest Post is embarrassing...

Now that's just gay!
This is the latest Post by Jesse Ventura, now, I used to think this guy was quirky but like so many of us out here in the blogosphere dedicated to the cause of freedom from tyranny. Well, I’m wrong about a lot of things, now I have to admit I was wrong to link to this arsehole’s website, the following Post is nothing less than an insult to anyone of even the most limited analytical mental ability. How this fuck-up of a former pro-wrestler (oi vey!) and governor of Minnesota can write this turpitude is beyond credulity, suffice it to say I have removed the link to his shyte-site, to tell you the truth it was confusing to negotiate around it and really looked like it was designed as a marketing device for a circus clown moonlighting as a heavily-armed camouflaged survivalist paint-ball freak.

I don’t know if any of you watched any of his “Conspiracy Theory” shows, I found them falling short on gritty hits upon the zio-nazis and huge on pathos and showmanship, for a PTSD suffering ex-soldier like me it was embarrassingly soft in the centre like a cheap choc-coated candy.

I am now convinced this guy is a shill and a dandy for the MSM, controlled opposition and the dud firecracker that we all find so deflating. This guy is a bottle-rocket sold as a titan missile. Mmmm, he should go to occupied Palestine and do a show about the shower of rockets that rain down in the imaginations of the yids in israhell, maybe he could debunk the Palestinian death toll while he’s over there strutting his stuff...and boy o’boy what a poser this fraud is. Navy SEAL, Ok, I’ll pay that, governor of Minnesota, did he do any good for the folks there? An investigative reporter busting the NWO? – fuck you jesse, get a sequinned leotard up ya crack and get the hell outta here, and take the show-pony you rode in on with ya!
Here’s the skid mark he left over at his site yesterday...

My Thoughts on the Killing of Osama Bin Laden
by admin on May 3, 2011 • 3:15 pm 9 Comments
I commend the bravery and courage of the SEAL team members for completing their mission.  However, while Bin Laden was a disreputable terrorist responsible for the bombings of the USS Cole and our embassies, let us not forget that Osama Bin Laden has never been charged or indicted by the justice department for the attacks on 9/11.  Everyone deserves their day in court and you are innocent until proven guilty under our rule of law.  What troubles me is that we executed him without even bothering to indict him first.  If we are a country that stands by the rule of law then we must follow it, even when it is inconvenient.
Because a country that does not stand for it’s own rules stands for nothing. [Wtf? What does he mean, it’s own rules? (his typo)]

Jesse Ventura
Tags: Jesse Ventura, Navy SEALs, Osama Bin Laden


Don't call us, we'll call you!
I am going to be quite cynical for the next few Posts, I am trying to resist the urge to rant and rave like a violent criminal because I don’t want to seem unstable, however, I will be facetious and demeaning of everything and everyone that shows the slightest support for the murderous child-molesters that are about to unleash hell on earth – our earth, they aren’t even human, they were created from an unholy union of nephilim/annunaki and wiccans, not the divine ineffable and his host of pure souls who created the tribe of Adam.

That last line may seem, well, odd to those that haven’t studied the REAL scriptures properly or decided to forgo their spiritual identity because of documentaries and News reports in the MSM and I don’t count the KJV as ancient scriptures, anything authorised by a sodomite is arse-paper, King James’s favourite lover was a fourteen year old boy!

Yep, most atheists are atheists because the yiddish satanic media told them our spiritual identity and history is the same as the made by yids for criticism religions, go figure. Religions are shyte, spirituality is supported by science – prove me wrong and I’ll credit your paypal account with a hundred Aussie bucks, which is worth more than the yiddish dollar, haa haaaargh!

So, it’s time to prepare for the shit-storm they will blame on Al Cia-duh, until the bombs start dropping or explosive vests start detonating I’ll just keep on blogging: Have Meds will Blog!

Free your mind and your arse will follow!



chuckyman said...

Howdy V. I see you’ve been decorating the place again – tasteful (grin).

Jesse makes his living on TV. That alone makes me doubt how far he will ever speak ‘truth to power’. He can hint around all he wants but he keeps trying to hit a big nail with a custard hammer.

‘Have meds will blog’ – I liked that (grin)

veritas6464 said...

Hey chuckyman,...Always glad to see you here, thanks for the support over at Avops place, I am a bit of a thug but sometimes thugs are quite handy, so long as they are wearing your strip, haaargh!

Yeah, ventura is a Media Celebrity; I guess I miss the reality of the deal sometimes because I get caught up in the rush of sentimentality in the moment...

cheers brother,


Anonymous said...

I'm an atheist(or agnostic to be precise) and I spend as much if not more time than you attacking zionists. You zealots hurt the anti-zionist,anti-Israel cause more than you know.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon-e-mouse,..Shut the fuck up. yid. You don't spend any time fucking up the yids, your job is to troll the Christian sites and anti-satanists! Fuck off! You will not be published again!



chuckyman said...

No probs V. As usual the really brave ones sign in as anon.

Did we just get called splitters? All hail the Popular Front of Judea LOL Bwha ha ha ha

veritas6464 said...

Hey Chuckyman,..May well you LOL, I think you mean the Judean Popular Front, we happen to have g-d on our side here sur! Can I see your pass pleez sur! We're special here sur and that land is ours you filthy anti-semite!

Haaaargh haaah, cooeeee! Maybe you are at the wrong Blog - splitter!


chuckyman said...


veritas6464 said...

Hey Chuckyman,..Grinners are winners!


kenny's sideshow said...

I had not been to Jesse's circus site before. $19.99 for a t-shirt? What's a poor boy to do?

You might think he would have a bit more insider info on the likely Israeli missile that hit the Cole but he does seem to shy away from those connections. Oh yeah, he knows the constant TV gigs would end if he did.

veritas6464 said...

Hey kenny's sideshow,...Welcome brother, and yes there is the distinct feeling that should his "celebrity" be compromised, he might well, rediscover an inate zionism within himself.



Avops said...

Hi veritas,

'ol jesse.......he's just making a buck! If it has "as seen on TV" anywhere near it you know it's gonna be full of disappointment.

Keep up with the great messages you post!

I wanted to thank you and chuckyman for your comments on lavanderluck's blog site, anon-e-mouse........excellent, you have a way with the trollers V!(big grin)

The destruction of "kind and gentle" is the trademark of the synagog of satan..... as for me, I will resist evil till I draw my last breath!

Peace, and thanks,


Avops said...

almost forgot.........great new look on your site!!! (another big grin)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Avops,...I will seek out your enemies and bag the shit out of them until my throat is hoarse. As a member of the blogosphere it is my jootee to fuck yids up where 'ere I go.


Honestly though, great to talk again and at such a poignant time; stand to the barricade brother, I hope your family and mine will be well; we goyim are all about to cop a fucking!

Sweet Lavender will be a memory soon...

N.B. Love light & peace


John Friend said...

We got a guy coming out to speak this weekend at the San Diegans for 9/11 Truth meet up about Ventura's show. I've always been suspect of him.

If you're not talking about Zionism and Jewish power you're leaving out the most important factor in analyzing our current state of affairs. I'll be sure to bring the topic up.

BTW- his latest editorial is absolute garbage.

veritas6464 said...

Hey John friend,...As usual you are precise and succinct! Ventura is a media celebrity - period!

I have been to your place a heap of times lately, however, by the time I have absorbed the info, I have to bolt, here in rothschalia the international time zones are our worst enemy, sites from your zone don't get active until after midnight here. I will however, endeavour to comment more often as your work is essential to the cause.



Anonymous said...

I've been reading your stuff here and there, for a while.

You're on point.

A good stick.

Great work.

Good man.

Cannibal Rabbi

veritas6464 said...

Hey Cannibal,..Welcome and thanks for your positive feedback.