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Monday, May 09, 2011

Palestinian Sniper: A real hero the MSM snot-gobblers won’t spin up a frenzy of conformity ‘lurv coverage’ about.

A true hero of the Resistance!
On 3rd March 2002, 22-year-old Palestinian, Thaer Hamad from the Ramallah-area village of Silwad, armed with an old WW2, M1 carbine shot 24 Israeli occupation soldiers and their reinforcements at a checkpoint sited in an old British police post on the road between Nablus and Ramallah - before his gun blew up - killing 11 of them in the process in the space of 24 minutes. Hamad hid behind mountain shrubs and olive trees and picked off the soldiers one by one - but spared the lives of an Israeli "settler" woman and her two children who chanced upon the killing zone shouting at them to speed away from his killing field.

His sharpshooting skills were so supernal* [su·per·nal/səˈpərnl/Adjective1. Of or relating to the sky or the heavens; celestial. 2. Of exceptional quality or extent.] and deadly that the unnerved, lying Israelis bruited [Something bruited about is rumoured, passed by word of mouth, exclaimed upon. In its native French, bruit, for 'noise', is pronounced as “bruee”, but in English it is a homonym with “brute”— except when referring to a noise heard during medical auscultation: that is still a bruee.] it abroad that he was either a Provisional IRA or Chechnyan [he means ‘Chechyn’] sniper specially imported for the task.

Palestinian national hero, Thaer Hamad, fondly known as “The Sniper” throughout Palestine and further abroad was arrested on Oct 5th 2004 and is now serving multiple life sentences for his resistance to the, inhuman, Israeli occupation of his land, two, it is reported, commuted for the mercy shown to the “settler” woman and her children.? As editor-in-chief, Hafez Barghouti of Al-Hayat Al-Jadida put it: “This young man should be our top priority, since he entered the history of the Intifada as having carried out the most successful military action, alone...

Thaer Hamed deserves freedom because he is the hero of the Intifada, and he is the only Palestinian resistance fighter who belongs to his people and to his land, spurning the factions, for had he been factional, he would not have succeeded in his action. He acted alone, going out to play solo on the M-1, and did what tens of brigades and platoons, and hundreds of missiles and heroic stories, failed to do. He is made of the same stuff as those who carried out the capture of Shalit, a military action that was successful by any military yardstick, and now he should be freed.”
I qualified for my "Crossed Rifles" as a young soldier and I'll tell ya, 11 kills and 24 hits inside 24 minutes with an old M1 Carbine is some serious fucking shootin' dudes! Cooooeeee! No wondering why the yiddish cowards of the IOF (Israhelli Offence Farce) thought they were being Banjo'd by a CIA trained Hitter:

Pick anything off the top shelf son!

See Philip Weiss's article on Mondoweiss's : The legend of the Silwad sniper http://mondoweiss.net/2010/09/the-legend-of-the-silwad-sniper.html#more-26199

*Prae Monitas Prae Munitas: Phil Weiss is from time to time something of an apologist for the zio-nazis and as pretentious as they come, he does however have a talent for ‘Features’ writing.
Fuck israhell!

Free Palestine!



John Friend said...

That is some serious shootin'!!!

Very interesting video. I had never heard this story before!

veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...Yep, you wouldn't have seen this story in the MSM; the yids wouldn't allow it, hence, when a mate of mine said that he had never heard of it - up it goes! Ha ha.

It's quite an old story; however, because of the duplicity of the MSM it won't become redundant as a 'News' item until it is out there.


Penny said...

And yet he spared the woman and her kids?

The IDF would not have been so humane.

btw veritas

finally warm weather has come!

We garden and bike ride and hike, which we have done all winter (the hiking) but the gardening and bike riding are long over due.

It has been a long cold winter in the North.
And a very cool wet spring.

Apparently Canada is to blame for the flooding in the Mississippi.
Too much snow.

It is great to be out and about.
Just wanted to say hey to you and yours!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Pen',...Nice to hear you're out and about, I've always thought, you should get out more(Haaaargh). The days are getting colder and greyer here, the few deciduous trees we do have here are mostly feral and not seen in the tropics apart from around Government Offices, how typical. So, there is no real seasonal changes that bring an aesthetically pleasing ambiance to help the transition from roaring hot to freezing cold, oh, it rains throughout the year here too, so either sticky/sweaty monsoonal storms or driving bone-chilling squalls; it's beaut' mate - you guys should spend the phenomenal amount of money it costs to visit here(grin).



musique said...

Howdy cousin V!

How was your lunch? ☺
Oh ...speaking of lunch, just found out as of 2010, Australian Vegemite is now Kosher.

Bacon next!! Amen!

Went to the health food store today.. was looking for this product called Nutritional Yeast, supposed to be good for you ... but couldn't recall the funky name, Vegemite keep bugging my head, as I've seen the product being ridiculed on the JuuSA TV. Thank God I didn't blurt out kosher Vegemite otherwise the sales girl might have slapped me! anyhoo, that's my silly lil story. :)

Saw this story and this one really ticked me off:

Mensch’ Dan Adler targets minorities with stereotype-laden ad

What's the best way to reach out to Asian voters? Tell them you're Jewish so you can relate. Right?
the former Disney executive tells a woman behind the counter--who speaks with a heavy Asian accent--that he can relate to her concerns because "my wife is Korean."
"You're Jewish," she replies.
"My family is Jewish."
"We minorities should stick together," she replies.


"We minorities should stick together,"??

No, I refuse to be a "token minority". Will I cry if I see adler getting his overblown juuwie head stuck in the oven? Nope.

Oh ...many thanks for the adamic tribes background tidbits story. Don't think I've ever heard it until you opened the Pandora's box.

Very fascinating stuff, V!!

Although, I learned from a class I took on illustration that my characteristics are "caucasoid" or indo caucasian. The assignment was to draw people from all three racial backgrounds. Whole classroom was in awe when that description came out from the instructor's mouth as I was describing myself as Asian - for lack of knowledge.

Anyway, I would never stoop lower to play the token & hyphenated race card for the chosen thuggish bastards!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,..LMAO, always good to see you here; Vegemite being kosher is a fucking joke, nothing we have is sacred to these child-molesters, I hate the bastards! I guess we should put a kosher symbol, on 'Zyklon B' as well, haaaargh!


musique said...

Hey V!

zykz on k*kez! heh heh heh .....
Yap, worked in the past.

On the funnier side, I'm sure you've seen the story already:

demonic skank konn (IMF dick head) was arrested less than four hours after the alleged assault, plucked from first class on a Paris-bound Air France flight that was just about to leave the gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

OH no ... He's innocent! That bitch was an anti semite ... skunky konn was just trying to rectify her, not rape!

Another God damn juu rapist, millions to go!