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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Persecution of John Demjanjuk

"John Demjanjuk is a reminder
that those marked as the scapegoat
for the tribe’s punishment
will need eternal vigilance.": Chuckyman.

John Demjanjuk Guilty of Nazi Death Camp Murders,” ran the headline on the BBC. The lead began:
“A German court has found John Demjanjuk guilty of helping to murder more than 28,000 Jews at a Nazi death camp in Poland.”
Not until paragraph 17 does one find this jolting fact: “No evidence was produced that he committed a specific crime.”

That is correct. No evidence was produced; no witness came forward to testify he ever saw Demjanjuk injure anyone. And the critical evidence that put Demjanjuk at Sobibor came — from the KGB.
First was a KGB summary of an alleged interview with one Ignat Danilchenko, who claimed he was a guard at Sobibor and knew Demjanjuk. Second was the Soviet-supplied ID card from the Trawniki camp that trained guards.
There are major problems with both pieces of “evidence.”

First, Danilchenko has been dead for a quarter of a century, no one in the West ever interviewed him, and Moscow stonewalled defence requests for access to the full Danilchenko file. His very existence raises a question.
How could a Red Army soldier who turned collaborator and Nazi camp guard survive Operation Keelhaul, which sent all Soviet POWs back to Joseph Stalin, where they were either murdered or sent to the Gulag?
As for the ID card from Trawniki, just last month there was unearthed at the National Archives in College Park, Md., a 1985 report from the Cleveland office of the FBI, which, after studying the card, concluded it was “quite likely” a KGB forgery.
“Justice is ill-served in the prosecution of an American citizen on evidence which is not only normally inadmissible in a court of law, but based on evidence and allegations quite likely fabricated by the KGB.”
This FBI report, never made public, was done just as Demjanjuk was being deported to Israel to stand trial as “Ivan the Terrible,” the murderer of Treblinka. In a sensational trial covered by the world’s press, Demjanjuk was convicted and sentenced to hang.
But after five years on death row, new evidence turned up when the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia opened up. That evidence wholly validated the claims of Demjanjuk’s defenders.
Not only had Demjanjuk never even been at Treblinka, the Soviet files contained a photograph of the real “Ivan” — a larger and older man.
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To its eternal credit, the Israeli Supreme Court reversed the conviction, rejected a request to retry Demjanjuk as a camp guard elsewhere in Poland, freed him and sent him home to America.
Exposed as a laughing stock, and denounced for fraud by Ohio district and appellate courts, the Office of Special Investigations began crafting a new case, John Demjanjuk of Sobibor, to deport and try again the old man whose defence attorneys had made fools of them.
Thus the Sobibor story and Demjanjuk’s supposed complicity in the murder of 28,000 Jews — though, as the BBC notes, no one testified at the trial that they ever saw John Demjanjuk injure anyone.
Consider the life this tormented American has lived.
Born in Ukraine in 1920, as a boy he endured the Holodomor — the famine imposed on his people in 1932 and 1933 by Stalin and his hated henchman Lazar Kaganovich, which resulted in the starvation and death of somewhere between 5 million and 9 million Ukrainians.

It has been called by historians the “forgotten Holocaust.”
Conscripted into the Red Army, Demjanjuk was captured in the German blitzkrieg. Unlike American and British POWs, whom Germans regarded as racial equals, Ukrainians were untermensch who could be used for medical experiments.
Not only did Demjanjuk survive, he managed to evade the Allied order, under Keelhaul, for all Red Army POWs to be repatriated to Stalin, which was the Soviet dictator’s demand before he would return the U.S. and British POWs his troops liberated in the march to Berlin.
In the war’s aftermath, Demjanjuk married his wife Vera, who had been conscripted in the Ukraine and brought forcibly west to work in the German economy.
Thence he moved to Cleveland, became an autoworker, raised a family and practiced his Christian faith. But he made a mistake.

He sent his wife to Ukraine to tell his aged mother that he had survived the war and was living in the great United States of America.
Word got around the village. The KGB came calling. Swiftly, the payments his mother had been receiving for her war hero son were halted, and suddenly, there turned up an ID card that said John Demjanjuk had been trained at Trawniki to be a Nazi camp guard.

The KGB began feeding OSI from its “files,” as OSI began a manic persecution of Demjanjuk that has lasted 30 years.
Stalin died in bed in 1953. Kaganovich died with his family around him in Moscow in 1991. And John Demjanjuk, 91, after spending five years on death row for a crime he did not commit in a place he never was, is stateless and homeless in a Germany where veterans of the SS walk free.
That is justice — in our world.
My Link source: Flogging Dead Horses
Original source: Patrick J. Buchanan


Penny said...

There is no real justice Veritas.

How can no evidence be presented and some individual found guilty?

Sadly, it happens every day.
Because everything is political.
It isn't ethical or moral.
It is political.

And that is largely what is wrong with this world

chuckyman said...

What about ye V? Many thanks for the link. I can’t take any credit – I just read it first (grin).

You have to admire the old man’s staying power. The khazar imposters have been trying to kill him and his since the 1930’s. This is what they are reduced to.

It is interesting that one phase of jew power and control sets up the next generation of lies – for more power and control. There’s almost a trend there (sic).

Their lies are turning to manure in their hands. The whore’s mask is slipping from the Roth’s playpen on the Med. Good times are ahead I think. There’s a special glass called trinitite. I think I’ll invest in a Tel Aviv trinitite mine. Glow in the dark is the new black after all.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...So right, as usual: The world is a beautiful place, I have witnessed such murder and mayhem throughout my life in paradise, that it has become academic for me to assume a higher authority is at play here. That there is a divine ineffable, whose nemesis is an angelic son of his own creation, does not fail to ensure, that Good will out.

Unfortunately, the surest way to stop a raging Fire-front from scorching vulnerable wilderness, is to deny it fuel; we must fight the fire with fire, for fire knows no master and feels no remorse. We must relinquish our innocence and step up to the raging storm, resolute!

Love Light and Peace, for those that deserve it; darkness for the rest.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Chuckyman,...Where I grew up the british government had a special place where they manufactured trinitite in the late 40's and early 50's, I heard the tribe are encouraging the breweries to make beer-bottles of it; I believe the brits gave up their venture when the industry became global and they could no longer compete (grin).

Maralinga was and is an ancient sacred site, at great peril the indigenous people of that region are reclaiming the area, unfortunately the Geiger counters are still red-lining!

As ever, a valuable resource and an essential brother at the barricades, thank you Chuckyman,


John Friend said...

These crooked Zionist Jews will stop at nothing to perpetuate the myth of the Holocaust and Jewish suffering.

"Members of the Lost Childhood organization, who survived the Holocaust when they were children, are set to hold a demonstration on Monday in front of the Claims Conference offices, demanding to receive reparations for the life-long suffering that was inflicted on them by the Nazis.

Report published ahead of Holocaust Remembrance Day indicates some 208,000 victims of Nazi atrocities remain in Israel; poll reveals 40% of survivors feel lonely, while half say they are in need of financial aid

“We demand the recognition of the obligation and the debt that Germany owes us, the Shoah children, for the deprivation of our childhood,” the organization said in a statement. “Our voice, the voice of the children and orphans who survived the Holocaust, is not being heard. We were young, no one cared for us; we were neglected and forgotten. No one was there for us, and we were busy building a new life while repressing the horrors that we experienced.”


What a crock of shit. I'm so sick and tired of this disgusting behavior.

veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...Yep, it is nauseating and infuriating to watch these fuckers operating with complete license. Truly I of a mind to grant these yids that cry wolf, a genuine victim experience.

I watch the Gaza closely and those filthy yids always wheel out the victim meme just before they victimize innocent people.

For me this is more evidence indicting israhell for complicity in the fake revolutions and the nonsense term they have wheeled out from under their illegal invasion of Iraq, another failed program that caused pain and suffering on a massive scale for no libertarian result:



Penny said...


my husband said, facetiously, upon reading this news, perhaps they should pass a new law and hold the off spring of alleged perps responsible for the crimes of their parents, grandparents and great grandparets, thereby they can perpetuate their myth for time immemorial?

Would you think that would finally get the dumbed down masses to say enough is enough is enough?

Anonymous said...

Will Russia pay reparations for their Zionist Jews genocide of Christians? Jews are the biggest perpetrators genocide and mayhem


veritas6464 said...

Hey anon,...Of course not, it wasn't Russia that murdered the Christians it was the yiddish khazars and their bullshit communist cabal who claim to be the perpetual "victims" in their OWNED lame stream media, ad nauseum!

Please don't post anonymously, it just looks un-informed and cowardly; the PTB know who you are as soon as you get online and we the bloggers are not the threat, cheers.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Whine and whinge. The best things these things do besides slaughter women and children.

Who gives a flying fluck .... enough is enough is enough is ENOUGH!

I pray this IDIOCY and GREED and GUILT PROJECTION pushes people over the edge... but I have my doubts.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Prayer, yep that is what we need, not the hollyweird "I wanna win the lottery shyte" - I mean energetic thought projection! We are such incredibly powerful beings, which is why the filthy yiddsih satanic shit-genes-tribe have to control the media, education, even our thought processes, because they know, if the mass of goyim ever switched on - they'd be fucked!