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Friday, June 24, 2011

How to make a Molotov cocktail and a brief history of citizens making unconventional public statements of disapproval...

In Basra, Iraqi civilians stop a British Armoured Vehicle with Molotov Cocktails, forcing the soldiers out in a terrified scramble for their lives.

You can make Molotov Cocktails easily; take a glass bottle, fill it with Petrol or a combustible fuel - you can use any flammable liquid, like strong alcohol or lighter fuel, if you are deprived of Petrol or these other fuels, you can make a combustible fuel out of anything, fermented rotten fruits or vegetable, with sugar etc. When you have sufficient ‘fuel’ to make a Molotov fill the bottle approximately 90%...
Very sophisticated version!
Ask me how.
Put a cork in the top or use a water-proof tape and play-doh, even home-made play dough will work as a plug, then secure a fuse (rag of material) around the neck of the bottle, using tape again or strong elastic bands. Contrary to the hollywierd idea of the Molotov and old documentary film stock, it is better not to just stuff the rag down the neck of the bottle; personal safety is a prime concern prior to launching these incredibly effective incendiary devices. If you don't have glass bottles, you can use a ceramic bottle as well. Just about anything that shatters on impact will suffice.

When you are ready to make a public statement of disapproval; soak the rag in fuel, light the rag and from a discreet vantage point, throw the bottle in the specific direction of the intended recipient of your complaint. Be they an agent of the relevant misguided administrators or the administrators themselves.

And now for a Brief History of the Molotov Cocktail...


On 30 November 1939, after a futile year-and-a-half campaign to persuade the Finnish government to cede territory to the Soviet Union and give up some sovereignty by conceding specific military and political favors, the Soviet Union launched an offensive against Finland, starting what came to be known as the Winter War. The Finnish Army faced large numbers of Red Army tanks. Being short on anti-tank guns, they borrowed the design of an improvised incendiary device used in the just-concluded Spanish Civil War.

The Finns perfected the design and tactical use of the petrol bomb. The fuel for the Molotov cocktail was refined to a slightly sticky mixture of gasoline, kerosene, tar, and potassium chloride. Further refinements included the attachment of wind-proof matches or a phial of chemicals that would ignite on breakage thereby removing the need to pre-ignite the bottle and leaving the bottle about one-third empty was found to make breaking more likely.

A British and a War Office report dated June 1940 noted that:

“The Finnish policy was to allow the Russian tanks to penetrate their defences, even inducing them to do so by 'canalising' them through gaps and concentrating their small arms fire on the infantry following them. The tanks that penetrated were taken on by gun fire in the open and by small parties of men armed with explosive charges and petrol bombs in the forests and villages... The essence of the policy was the separation of the Armoured Fighting Vehicles from the infantry, as once on their own the tank has many blind spots and once brought to a stop can be disposed of at leisure.”

Until the adoption of diesel engines in main battle tanks, the humble Molotov cocktail was the “poor man’s anti-tank missile.” For approximately 70 years it was the great equalizer of urban warfare. It was cheaply and quickly made, relatively lightweight and easily concealed. It was the one plentiful weapon that enabled poorly armed insurgents, or rag-tag partisans, to stand their ground against an attacker with armoured vehicles.

The lowly petrol bomb’s shining moment in history came in October, 1956, when the people of Hungary rose up against the communists. It was the Molotov cocktail that enabled them to briefly seize control of central Budapest. The most powerful image from that rebellion was that of a Freedom Fighter hurling his gasoline bomb at a hulking 32-ton “Stalin” tank. By the time the Hungarian Uprising was crushed by the Red Army, the street-fighters of Budapest had destroyed an estimated 400 Soviet tanks, three-quarters of that number with Molotov cocktails or similar variants of improvised explosive devices.
In the world’s most chronically troubled regions the Molotov cocktail remains a part of insurgents’ arsenals today. Although its usefulness against contemporary tanks has greatly diminished, it retains its power as a symbol of defiance.
There is some debate over the exact date and location of the first battle in which one side or the other deployed large numbers of petrol bombs. But historians generally agree that the first formal deployment of the Molotov cocktail by an organized army occurred during the Spanish Civil War in September, 1936.

Francisco Franco’s Fascist army was slowly tightening a noose around Madrid. One of the vital points on its expanding perimeter was the ancient city of Toledo, some 30 miles southwest of downtown Madrid and near one of the major highways linking the capitol to the Mediterranean ports where the Loyalists received the bulk of their foreign arms shipments, including the first significant shipment of modern tanks and mechanized artillery sent to them by Josef Stalin.

Both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were gearing-up to send even bigger shipments to Franco, but conspicuously absent were up-to-date anti-tank weapons. Such cannon were urgently needed as a defence against the large formations of T-26 and T-28 tanks the Loyalists were massing just east and north of Toledo.

Madrid’s defenders planned to take advantage of this temporary superiority to break the siege by means of the largest, most ambitious offensive operation undertaken by either side. The eastward approaches to Toledo offered good terrain for tanks, so that was the sector they planned to hit first and hardest. The arrival of those Soviet tanks was hardly a secret, and Franco’s soldiers – few of whom had ever seen an armoured vehicle, much less faced one in battle – were decidedly nervous about the prospect. Not long before the Loyalist artillery opened-up with its pre-attack barrage, however, Franco’s most exposed infantry units were bolstered by the arrival of truck-loads of “bottle-bombs,” accompanied by crudely mimeographed user manuals and cursory instruction by a hastily organized training cadre.

When the offensive began, the Loyalist tankers – enthusiastic amateurs that they were – displayed such reckless aggression that their armoured wedges frequently advanced far beyond contact with the infantry assigned to protect them from close-range assault. The tactical situation was close-to-ideal for the use of hand-thrown petrol bombs. Once Franco’s soldiers saw the T-28s bursting into flames, they quickly regained the initiative and began to go “tank-hunting” with a vengeance. The effectiveness of the new device was so dramatic that it may have been the deciding factor in repelling the entire Loyalist counter-attack. This was the first, and the last time, during the Spanish conflict that Molotov cocktails were used in prolific numbers. Not long after the battle for Toledo, Franco started deploying his own armoured formations, and both sides pitted tank-against-tank whenever possible.
Why does a heavily armed and technologically advanced Army like the Canadian Army have to teach their shit-kickers how to throw Molotovs? Weren't there rather violent riots in Canada recently, where some very suspect militant individuals were the cause of much gratuitous destruction which resulted in harsh oppressive laws being passed: Got false flags?
So, fellow bloggsters, here’s the thing; if you are fearful that the zio-muppets that pretend to govern your country are doing the step & fetch-it shimmy for the yiddish khazars of the synagogue of satan, there is always an alternative means to get your point across if they shut down the Web! Until then:
My source: Fire & Ice





Genie said...

If people are not motivated by now, just try shutting down the web...that'll get it rolling. Good information to have for if that day comes!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...It is getting to the point of no return, perhaps if we get more militant the egregious Will might translate through the ether-sphere to their receptors? Oh, and forget about the kumbaya crew, they are cowards that think they can negotiate their freedom at gunpoint, how? What is their leverage - you and me that's what - cowards sell out the militants, their friends and their families to save their own skin, all the while claiming violence is abhorrent to them - fighting is abhorrent to cowards. That veil of nonsense they all wear "If we speak in violent terms, we'll be just like them and they'll win"; BULLSHIT, cowards are always making an excuse to be the last body in the mass grave. Fuck that - Fight on your feet let the kumbaya crew die on their knees.

It's biblical babe!



chuckyman said...

Sniff, sniff... I’m filling up V. Fond memories (grin).

The glitter of roads covered in glass fragments like diamonds glinting in the dawn light and oh the smell of petrol in the morning.

The best one I heard of was a large glass sweetie jar filled with petrol and a bag of sugar mixed in for a little fun – no wick. When it landed they laughed with relief that it didn’t go off. When the next normal cocktail - with wick -landed we all laughed to see such sport.

Cheers for the refresher course (grin).

veritas6464 said...

Hey Chuckyman,...Coooeeeee, that's the spirit! The trick is to put low grade rubber bits in and let it sit for a couple of days and yes the cold bombs are often used to saturate the line, then whoosh, the effect is awesome and always breaks them.

I am afraid there appears to be no stopping these yiddish monsters, I fear for my little girls and if they threaten my family, sod the sheeple; I will go for broke.



cannibalrabbi said...

The best bit of practical advice

i've seen in a while.

Good stuff!

I'm not you btw!


veritas6464 said...

Hey CB,...The yolls (yid trolls) don't care for the debate, they just want to upset the apple-cart, which is why I bowed out (eventually) of their fuck-up over at Kenny's place. I did not publish your last comment here on a previous Post because I was over the ad hominem attacks at Kenny's and it was me that actually accused you of being a yid in that Post, not musique.

Anyhoo, we live to fight another day...



cannibalrabbi said...

Cheers dude!

Penny said...

the riots in Canada were at the G-20.

"got falseflags" is right.

the cops stood down, while the men in black, ran rampant.

The next day the cops on the basis of the actions of said "black block" rounded up 1,000's.

False flag, all the way

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...It was a joke, all those twats in black had the same Paramilitary issue boots on, I mean, come on dudes - they are Canada's Intelligence operatives? Faaark - we are definitely gonna win this thing - bring it!



cannibalrabbi said...

Doesn't need to be violent. I'm for it, but they plan for that.
Do what Iceland did.


Don't do a THING!



Used to be called democracy.

And to all those fools who call me raaacccciiiiisssssssssst.

My best friend, between the age of 5 and 11, was a young fellow called yusuf.

The son of a doctor.

We had all sorts of non pc exploits.

Brothers we were. In the time.

May'be Glaswegian Muslims are a different breed?

Never knew a kike i liked though.

No sir!

cannibalrabbi said...

One criticism.
But not a criticism, so much as an observation..

Speed up the comments.

I know yer a one man operation, but the feel of a conversation, i feel, is more conducive to your objective.

Kikes commenting?

Take it as tribute, and an opportunity to have a laugh at their expence!

I know you've thought o' this. Just in case ye haven't.

Other than that MARANTHA to yerself!

Rock n roll!


Great stuff.

veritas6464 said...

Hey CB,...I always allow clear points, made lucidly, regardless of the passion, I am also passionate(grin) however, the pointless yiddish filth that has obtained over at Kenny's place recently is a WIN for the yiddish trolls.