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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Norway targeted by mossad for not doing exactly what they are told by bombastic yiddish-khazar masters who use freemason as patsy!

Someone's Nanna?
Israhell says Norway inciting against us!

[yiddish khazarian] Foreign Ministry says Norwegian authorities funding anti-Israel film, exhibition, and play.
Norway says: We support freedom of expression.

from ‘ynetnews dot com’ Itamar Eichner 11.15.10, 09:15 / Israel News

Serious diplomatic conflict: Israel is accusing the Norwegian government of funding and encouraging blatant anti-Israel incitement.
Photo: Ilan Klein

Caption: Ayalon. 'Chance for reconciliation pushed away'. [What a fucking shame!]

According to reports received by the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, the Trondheim Municipality is funding a trip to New York for students taking part in the "Gaza Monologues" play, which "deals with the suffering of children in Gaza as a result of the Israeli occupation."

Israel Supporter [spiels out]...

An unexpected Norwegian friend / Ravid Oren

In Norway he's considered the odd exception – a pro-Israel newspaper editor. Four years ago Vebjørn Selbekk published Prophet Muhammad cartoons, resulting in countless death threats. In recent visit to Jewish state he explains why it is so important to him to champion Israel.

The play, written by a Palestinian from Gaza, will be presented at the United Nations headquarters. It joins an exhibition by a Norwegian artists displayed in Damascus, Beirut, and Amman, with the help of Norway's embassies in Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

The exhibition shows killed Palestinian babies next to Israel Defense Forces helmets, which are reminiscent of Nazi soldiers' helmets, and an Israeli flag drenched in blood.

The Norwegians are also helping the distribution of a documentary film called "Tears of Gaza" to festivals across the world. According to the Foreign Ministry, the film deals with the suffering of Gaza's children as well, without mentioning Hamas, the rockets fired at Israel, and Israel's right to defend itself.

The film shows Gazans chanting, "Itbah al-Yahud," but the Norwegian translation says "slaughter the Israelis" instead of "slaughter the Jews". [And the difference for the Gazans is?]

In addition, a book written by two Norwegian doctors who were the only foreigners in Gaza to give interviews during Operation Cast Lead was published recently. The book, which accuses IDF soldiers of deliberately killing women and children,[true] is a bestseller in Norway and has been warmly recommended by none other than Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

Strong protest?
The Israeli Embassy in Norway strongly protested the authorities' involvement in Israel's demonization.
"The open and official Norwegian policy talks about understanding and reconciliation," a senior Israeli official said Sunday evening, "but ever since the war in Gaza, Norway has become a superpower in terms of exporting multimedia aimed at de-legitimizing Israel, while using the Norwegian taxpayer funds for creating and transporting this multimedia."

Deputy Foreign Minister Daniel Ayalon said in a meeting with Norwegian parliament members that "such activity pushes away the chance for reconciliation and encourages a radicalization in the Palestinian stand which prevents them from compromising."

The Norwegians responded to the Israeli criticism by saying that the government supports the freedom of expressions and will not intervene in artistic content.


Anders Breivik - Mason, WTF!
They already have their man – “LONE GUNMAN” nut-job Anders Behring Breivik seen in Oslo prior to bomb blast, was recognised by his ‘sweater’ – yet he was alleged to have been wearing a Police uniform on the island, well there’s a big fucking question mark!

So, he wasn’t recognised as being in uniform in Oslo, he was recognised for the sweater he was wearing, what about the police uniform dudes? And his recently set up twitter follows no-one and has only one update on the 17th!

Then, for its report, Al jazeera doesn’t interview the Norwegian Minister for defence, they interview p.j crowley; FORMER minion of israhell in the U.S. government! WTF?

This from the “Independant” in London: A strangely authoritative and comprehensive report so soon after the event which shows assumptions of technique and intent! Memories of the random “anonymous” and presumptuous witnesses video-taped in and around the Towers on 911 come drifting back. Allusions to Islamic militants – no one else is blamed, just the usual suspects.

The science is proven, the consensus is that it was a carbon emitting lone gunman Islamic trained militant that has all the traits of an al cia-duh sophisticated high-tech Dr No cave based technique; my call –

BULLSHIT! The yids did it!

This just in: Norway's Police say here.

UPDATE: Irrefutable reasons for the mossad attack here.





musique said...

Hey cuzz,

Very sad day indeed. Both disgust & fear ran down through my spine when I heard about it in the morning.

Satanist parasite hibs are getting so desperate for attention these days and will do anything possible. Sloppy job? Why not ... that's how low they have sunk. 9/11 anniversary just months away.

Few days ago, Homeland Sec. Dept. posted a creepy vid on the "white terrorists". Every time I hear the so called term "White", I immediately refer to your explanation of their origin.

Here is my take on "prettyboi"

real breivik

Marantha and Inshallah united!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Yep, much weirdness prevails, first sight I got of "pretty goi" - I was immediately reminded of that little nazi (national socialist zionist party) from Sound of Music. Dirty backstabbing "good" little nazi!

That "white terrorist" thingy intrigues me, do you have a link?

M I U FC OK! My favourite football team!

cheers cuzzie,


musique said...

Heya V,

here you go:

"Evil White=If You See Something, Say Something™ 'Terrorists"

"If You See Something, Say Something™" Campaign

In July 2010, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), at Secretary Janet Napolitano's direction, launched a national "If You See Something, Say Something™" public awareness campaign –a simple and effective program to raise public awareness of indicators of terrorism and violent crime, and to emphasize the importance of reporting suspicious activity to the proper state and local law enforcement authorities.


I have a shitload of juurrorist list... an entire country full of 'em. Where can I turn 'em in?

We are NEVER going to let those hibs steal our courage and happiness away.☺

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Thanks cuzzie, I shall cheque it out, not unlike the cheque I got from obomba, still bouncing! Haaargh!

Maranatha cuz


Timothy Oswald Sirhan said...

Breivik is Mossad's patsy for sure.

Norway should declare war on israel.

/Timothy Oswald Sirhan

veritas6464 said...

Hey TOS,...A little early in the piece to be declaring war old mate, maybe after the case is proved, eh?



Anon said...


- Aangirfan

veritas6464 said...

Hey Aan,...Many thanks.


Genie said...

great job, V!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Thanks mate!


Saladin said...

Thirteenth Money has a great blog up. Boo fucking HOO for Israel, the biggest murdering crybabies in the universe.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Saladin,...Nice to see you, I shall go have a look.

a'salaam a'laikum


Saladin said...

Veritas, check out Poetry for Palestine, she is a hard hitter, you will like it. http://nahidaexiledpalestinian.wordpress.com/

veritas6464 said...

Hey Saladin,..Excellent, thank you.


Penny said...

Hey V, sorry, I did not include your post in a bunch of links I had up on mine.. no offence intended.
I didn't realize until now that you had done a post on the topic.

Anyway, why I stopped by?

I was wondering what do you think of the claim that this killer was connected to some kind of Knights Templar group.

Have you seen that?


British police are investigating a cell of right wing radicals known as the Knights Templar, as it emerged that a blogger using the name Lionheart had called for a revival of the movement.

It all seems so strange, this whole story.

Penny said...

oh and veritas!

there is a way you don't have to watch movies on the computer or the laptop, it involves an hdmi cable and using the tv as a monitor, that is how I watched the debtocracy movie.

My husband found a video on line years ago, some kid about 10 or 11 years old was demonstrating how to do this.. seriously smart little kid.

It is a much more pleasant way to view movies

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Re: The Templar reference - utter shyte, just so much more constructed chutzpah to broaden the gap between reality and manufactured circumstance. The yids have never been able to corrupt the genuine Orders. No wonder we cop it in their movies and media, sheesh.

To wit, the yids even went to the extent of setting up their own "Order" which is the ORDO SUPREMUS MILITARIS TEMPLI HIEROSOLYMITANI™ notice the trade mark, hello? They are also registered with the U.N. and their grand masters are all former senior officers that have served with the Blue Hats - http://www.osmth.org/index.htm - the genuine Templars never subscribed to the "solomon's temple" crap, nor did they undermine the Temple of the City looking for anything, let alone a figment of the yiddish imagination like the "Larc of the con-venant". The Templars did however, renovate the Temple substantially, much of these renovations saved the structure and are clearly visible in the porticos and arched facade.

Importantly, Temple Knights are not catholics, they did not practice any sordid rituals, they were Gnostic and studied the ancient texts and they were never Knighted by Rome, they were of the Cisterician Order, hence the white habit – genuine chivalrous Orders are en-TITLED to Knight their own members. The first Templars were given a copy of the Rules of St Augustine used by the monks of the Abbey of St Victor. St Bernard of Clairvaux had converted the Rules of St Benedict for his foundation of the Cistercians themselves. With little work, the same conversion would befit the Knights Templar. They received this Rule upon their creation in Jerusalem. Nonetheless they were not beholden to the Papacy other than to uphold their contractual vows to protect pilgrims everywhere and the person of Pope, who dealt with the Order as a separate but integral entity of his Office. Much like the Swiss Guard at the vatican - they have a deal with the Popes, not the Church!

Also, a man or woman cannot be a freemason and a Temple Knight - it is as incongruous as being a christian and a zionist - According to the Father of modern Masonry, Albert Pike..."That which we must say to the crowd is: We worship a God, but it is the God one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Instructors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the Brethren of the 32nd, 31st, and 30th degrees: The Masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the high degrees, maintained in the purity of the Luciferian doctrine." -Albert Pike

So, the "lone gunman" was a freemason not a Templar in the historical sense. However many masonic lodges have costume party mentalities and do incorporate Knights of the Temple degrees - these old farts are just that - old farts, they are dallying with shit they have no clue about. It is quite possible that this nutter was a fan of fancy-dress that camped-it-up during midnight rituals with his child-molester mates of the lodge of old farts.

In conclusion: That brain-washed lunatic in Norway is no more a Temple Knight than I am to be "The Queen of the May".

I hadn't noticed the no link thingy, no biggy. That TV hard wire facility is a good one, however I just set myself up on the lounge suite with the notebook and made a cozy time of it with red wine and organic corn-chips and non-yiddish houmous - Coooee!



A.Mouser said...

I agree fully.

The Mossad did Norway.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Mouser,...No one else makes sense.


musique said...

Heya V,

I had to laugh my head of hearing lameass comments about you @Kenny's.

"Xtain fundie zioshill" something - oh please!!

God ... those accusations are so lame!! Their hooked noses are either gonna get even longer or fall from lyin ...I'm not so sure.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Yeah, those anon-e-mouses over at Kenny's are such butt-sluts, that mcnob is a blunt instrument as well. What a fucking joke.



Penny said...

Hi Veritas

thanks for taking the time to answer that in such an indepth manner.
Since this is a subject I know nothing of....

what is this about you being under attack at Kenny's place?

What is the point of that kind of stuff?

Big sigh....

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Ti nada, mi casa su casa; the attacks are de rigeur, I take it as a sign of efficacy on the part of the revelationary if they are despised by the yiddish mob.



veritas6464 said...

Hey y'all,...I have just left a comment over at duffer's comment section of VT:


I left the comment in response to duffer's response to an anon' that linked the video of the black activist I posted who states some very interesting new info about Libya. Duffer shit-canned the poor guy and his credibility with vicious disregard for scrutiny.

I have taken screenshots, let's see if duffer allows my rather emotive comment through moderation.

If he doesn't I will be creating a Post outlining duffer's duplicitous conduct regarding israhell. That puffed up Prima Donna needs to be sat back on his arse!

Invade Libya now! Yeah righto duff.