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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

911 10th anniversary services celebrating U.S support for Al Qaeda in Libya - Yay U-S-A! Dumbest fucks on Earth!

Mother & Daughter, raped and killed by "rabbles"
If you actually lost someone in the Towers on 911, you have my deepest sympathy: However, many of the names on the manufactured passenger lists, alleged to be in the Planes that were alleged to have hit the Towers and the Pentagon or disappear completely into "liquified" dirt in Shanksville, were a scam.
Yep, actual Planes did hit the Towers, however, most of the alleged passengers were not passengers at all, that's why NO-ONE EVER, came to meet them at the Airports they were supposed to be destined for - you didn't know that did you!? NO-ONE EVER, came to collect their baggage or personal items either - didn't know that either did you!?
Most were paid shills performing for the israhell/ U.S. Government scum that pulled off the most effective terrorist mass-murder in 21st century history; these shills didn't die, they just changed phantom planes for real planes and disappeared into a sort of "witness relocation program", or they never even traveled at all!

For Genie - two Links to "NO-ONE EVER,"...

For ats link scroll down to: "reply posted on 7-1-2011 @ 08:34 PM by Human_Alien"


Some became the ground-based shills that you saw talking with such authority into MSM cameras in and around the target sites; remember the big-mouths yakking it up to the cameras at the WTC as though they had some sort of "knowledge" while even the genuine first response crews were confused as to what had actually happened!?

Think about it people, put down that GIANT SLUSHY and think about it!

The same psychopaths that slaughtered the 40 million Christians in Russia and started WW1 and WW2, well, pretty much every war that has obtained since the yiddish khazars of the bauer/rothschild banking cabal took over Europe in 1815 - did 911!

To tell you the truth; there has not been a conflict the yiddish khazars (jewish bankers) haven't created for profit in Europe in 200 years!

Now their greedy blood-lust is focused on the U.S.A:




www.zombiesoup.net said...

The only good Yid is a dead one lest they renounce the Satanic star of David.
I have heard different versions of the planes but one thing I know for sure is that "Israelis" are experts with remote control and terrorism. I would like to read about the passengers and no one showing up to greet them at the airport, can you give me a link, V?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Zombiesoup,...I'll dig them out, I have so many thousands of documents and files - ALL PROVING BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT that the yids did IT and everything else; I can't understand why they aren't all in huge freshly dug ditches being covered in lime! Haaargh! Of course the reality of the facts are always being countered by that old canard "Not all yids are bad!" WHATEVER! They never dump their satanic shyte and choose their tribe over decency when faced with a moral dilemma! Fuck the synagogue of satan and all who worship in there!



Genie said...

that's ok don't trouble yourself, I will just google it. I know it's out there, I actually stopped reading 9/11 stuff awhile ago...I don't need convincing! But since then I get wind of new things and I get curious. I read recently that one in seven Americans believe 9/11 was an inside job. I am shocked....it's a big number but still...I thought by now only a few dumbshits were left!

musique said...

Hello Cuzzie wazzie V!

This is so true:

Of course the reality of the facts are always being countered by that old canard "Not all yids are bad!


All the yids are God damned evil organ munching witches. Time to break the news to Dorothy:

There are No such thing as good yids!

Did you hear that they found a planet made out of diamond or something, few days ago?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ....they better hurry up & build a spaceship and leave us all alone. We will surely missing 'em NOT!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Already done mate.



veritas6464 said...

Hey muzique,...Your a gem, these fuck'n monsters are just about to have the lights shut out on their Balls!


Git sum!