If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Monday, August 22, 2011

Carnage in Tripoli as NATO unleash murderous gangs of Al Qaeda by Night-time Beach Assault! August 21

The disgusting cowards and whores of NATO were ordered on Saturn's-day by their blood ritual rabbi masters in the knesset of Washington DC to invade Libya using the yiddish asset of al qaeda/mossad murderers. The invasion was a pre-planned night time operation involving large numbers of Rigid Raider assault craft of the coalition of the demonic's Special Forces together with larger landing assault craft. The operation progressively placed a large force of mercenaries on the beaches surrounding Tripoli. This force immediately engaged in a wide-spread program of murder rape and wanton destruction, as part of this coordinated crime against humanity, the whores of the western media began a non-stop propaganda campaign, which is ongoing, to brainwash the dumb fucking sheeple of the enslaved western world into believing the ad-hoc cowardly gangs of rapist,
murderers and unemployable itinerant misogynist slackers that make up the mossad manufactured "rebel" coalition is actually playing a role in this slaughter for oil. Of course the informed members of the global community are well aware that the hopeless cowards and mendicant losers that form the body of the "rebels" for photo opportunities to illustrate the MSM's propaganda campaign have 
NEVER achieved any military victories as they are A. not genuine "freedom fighters" and B. Not a cohesive organized opposition - they are in fact just another gang of thugs hacked together to pose for the traitors of the main stream media!

This is not a "rebel" victory it is a yiddish khazar crime against humanity - If you were waiting for the zionist NWO endgame to start - you are several months late!




Genie said...

Can't wait to see the country "improve" now that bad 'ol Gaddafi is out and Libya is "liberated"....can you? I am going to monitor the progress daily. I want to count the brothels (you know, that come with the Yiddish territory) that spring up, the drugs, the crime rate, the instability that these "freedom fighters" raped, pillaged, gave the country away and murdered for.

Genie said...

Great report, V. There will be a few fat cats out of the mercenaries working for Exxon Mobile and we'll see how the rest of them like freedom ala Yiddish imperialism.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...It's a fucking disgrace - I hate yids - I want them ALL dead - the sooner they go for total control of the west, the sooner we can get out into the street and start slaughtering these satanic yiddish hook-noses and their entire viral cancerous communities!

Tell me this shit is not Biblical!



Anonymous said...


You nailed this post right on the head. I fully agree the 'Mossad' element is suspiciously 100% missing from all media accounts.

I very strongly suspect Mossad has been running back ground confusion and killing in Libya for months (years?).


veritas6464 said...

Hey Mouser,...As usual, you are concise and erudite! Thanks for the support - the balloon will go up very soon, IMHO!


Anonymous said...

hi v,

im a regular reader of your site, some good stuff here. You mention 'the sooner they go for total control of the west, the sooner we can get out into the street and start slaughtering these satanic yiddish hook-noses and their entire viral cancerous communities!'Dont you think its already happened? show me one country where they are not involved? Even china, india, africa...comeon now they are everywhere. the question is when will we stop typing and start *******? (i dont want to get your site into trouble)

'I hate yids - I want them ALL dead' please santa can you grant me my wish?

Penny said...

Hey Veritas!

I figured this is what was happening.
Came across this news story yesterday.


"Libyan rebel forces ill-equipped to fight their way into a city the size of Tripoli may look to locally brokered deals or a burgeoning popular uprising to break the will of Muammar Gaddafi's forces."

"I'm assuming the Tripoli fighting could be the fiercest," said Hayat Alvi, lecturer in Middle East politics at the United States Naval War College. "The wild card will be the Tripoli public."

Gauging the loyalty of Tripoli's population is far from easy

"The rebels will hope security forces will melt away."

How is it that "security forces" ie the people will melt away?
Either through massive aerial bombing or wholesale slaughter of civilians. Or both.

Then rebel forces who are sitting on the sidelines can enter the town "victoriously" for the western cameras that will no doubt be waiting


veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Right on the Money Penny (grin), as usual! This whole scam is a media manufactured false-flag victory, with bullshit video ALL pre-recorded in separate locations - those fucking losers that are All well-dressed, clean and NOT looking like they just spent hard time in a combat zone are FUCKING FRAUDS!

I have been in the shit for weeks on end, all your clothes get oily-dirty-grimy, your skin gets pock-marked with black-heads and zits, from a bad diet and a lack of sleep! Those fat fucking rag-heads are all clean and well-fed - NOT a rebel force - Liberators? MY ARSE!

It's ON babe! London was a scam to make US look like scum when we revolt!


veritas6464 said...

Hey anon @8:56pyem,...I prefer you have an identity, however, your opinions are your own and they meet with many on a similar level: I don't care to be entrapped, so it will be a pointless effort, because I don't give a fuck about Blogging!

Fuck yids and Nuke isisRahell!