If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gaza: The occupiers of Palestine - disgusting yiddish child-molesters, are killing children – Again!

Those filthy yiddish khazars are murdering children in Gaza again, that they are a disgusting blood-rite cult has been proved many times over. Fact: The average yiddish high-priest is a child-molester and a priest of the synagogue of satan – why they have to suck on the little bloodied penis of a child they sexually mutilate is beyond excuse! I hate them, I want them all dead! Here’s the type of image priests of the synagogue of satan get sexual gratification from:

The occupation has to end - the yiddish khazars are satanic monsters! Picture source




Genie said...

I hate the synagogue of Satan and wish they would burn sooner rather than later.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Yep, they're definitely deserving of some instant shishababakharma!

Just been watching the BBC's Indian crowd/Tripoli crowd celebrating victory in Green Square NOT video.


Those useless Beeb shills can join the conga line into the fiery pit.


su said...

i stopped praying long ago.
recently i have taken up cursing.
i mean true cursing.
my curses in full undiluted strength go to these murderers most vile.

veritas6464 said...

Hey su,...Nice to have you come around, yes, cursing has corrupted my speech patterns these last few years. Perhaps we are being conditioned to be aggressive by the aggression we are being exposed to?
I believe that when push comes to shove the pacifists will become the angry mob, once again! People like me that have always called for militancy toward the khazarian satanists, will be the moderates when the time comes. Think about it.

Oh, don't stop praying; the power of the energetic will of many people focused on one issue is the essence of our spiritual being. It has also been a part of the program of disenfranchisement by the yids to divorce the humans (us) from their ancient spiritual history.


su said...

it just gets worse does it not.
david bugger cameron with a face like fetid rice pudding calling for the death of Gaddafi thus british troops on the ground.
you know it is not even about oil.
it is about the sacrifice of innocents. the power that they derive from this enables them to continue in their murderous ways.

i have been praying to a divine intelligence that beats this heart and spins the planets - but either this divine intelligence sees nothing wrong with the slaughter of the innocents or it has gone on a summer vacation.

what does one do when one loses faith in goodness?

John Friend said...

I've been cursing a lot more lately, too....

I also curse these murderous psychopaths.

veritas6464 said...

Hey su,...One does not lose faith in goodness, one loses faith in the community that does not value goodness as a point of origin for its hopes and aspirations.


veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...A cathartic release of negative energy is not only good for your soul, it is good for the mind and body - inhibiting expression causes corruption in the heart, which leads to a fail on the part of our immune system and we get physically sick; much like a bully depriving their victims of a voice against the tyranny of violence and threats, why do you think the kids that get bullied always look pale and sickly - because they are!

Somethings gotta give and always does.

How fresh is the air after a violent storm? Who can tell me all our emotions are not to be exercised? If we have the capacity to defend ourselves then it goes that we should utilize this capacity when it is required - screaming vulgar invective in the face of your oppressor is not "becoming like them" it is an act of defiance and a means of survival - I have never sang kumbaya and leave that to those who wish to have "peace at any cost" as they die on their knees.

That whole shyte about Iesua turning the other cheek as an act of pacific fatalistic acceptance, is bullshit, the words have been changed - Iesua was a fighter not a daisy-chain maker - he did not sing kumbaya; he stormed into the temple and put his foot in as many hook-nose arses as he could and he and his mates collected as much silver as they could - revolutions need financing too!

No-one gets taught the true scriptures (which is why the yids subverted our history in the first place) they will not allow the truth to be told: Iesu was a revolutionary!

Time to storm their temples again and hand out some "Your arse has been officially kicked" receipts!