If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

George Carlin; folks, this man was murdered, because he infused revelationary politics with humour, I miss him: I haven't had a good laugh in a long time.

Legendary comic genius!



The filthy rothschild yiddish khazar occupation of Palestine is not legitimate, so fuck off yids!


Anaughty Mouser said...


we have very similar views and tastes. I adore George Carlin.

Was he really assassinated? It would not surprise me at all. Is there any documentation to support the zionists 'rubbing him out'?

What is the 'official' cause of death. Was he sick with prostate cancer or anything?

He was GREAT!

Sincerely, Mouser

veritas6464 said...

Hey Mouser,...Yeah, he was great wasn't he. I am putting together the info I have, it does appear that he acquired cancer out of the blue, apparently he had a pretty healthy diet and lifestyle towards the end of his life.

It would also appear that he was warned off mentioning israhell and yiddish evilness in general(?)

I will pursue it and Post asap.



Anonymous said...

More of a Bill Hicks guy myself but Carlin was great too.

Timster said...

Hey V - I saw Carlin just months before he passed on. He was as witty that night as he had ever been.
He did talk about being 70 and having to have worked the past 10-15 years beyond when he had planned to retire...just to pay back taxes. If you ask me they worked him to death, and are probably proud of the fact...

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon @10:36pyem,...Yeah Hicks was brilliant too, his was more your laconic hipster smokey bar-room stuff, also murdered.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...The deal with cancer is that in the natural world they are more a fungal growth that expands by a parasitic absorption from the host's nutrients and for the most part easily and cheaply treated.

The malignant strains that we have seen developed in the last hundred years are weaponised fungi, these, like the modern species jumping viruses, are manufactured (you know this) - the eugenicists financed massive research into weaponised pathogens of bacterial, viral and fungal origins - they were looking for the most efficient form of genocidal device - the problem they always found was their weapons were not discriminatory. As a result far from being a doomsday device in those early days they manifested more as a huge money spinner - hence the advent of the made for profit allopathic medical "industry". One of the first biological weapons of mass destruction they used was the Polio vaccine, the majority vaccinated form the highest demographic of cancer patients. The next most successful weapon was the Rubella vaccine which targeted pre-pubescent goy females - Breast cancer! Then Tetanus vaccine - the parents of young goy-boys were always encouraged to allow the Docs administer a "Tetanus Shot" for every scuff and cut, remember? Prostate cancer! Prostate cancer kills more men every year than Breast cancer kills women, by a huge margin - however, there's money in Breast Cancer; charities, pink ribbon day, telethons, sporting events where all the players and officials wear pink, yada yada.

Of course the tribe could annihilate us all right now, they just can't seem to get the ball rolling as their minions regularly get cold feet (extended families of the shills would be victims)and have to be terminated. Also, the revelationary resistance movement is gaining in strength.

Greed is a huge issue also, the tribe cannot help themselves, they enjoy watching the goyim suffer terribly while paying for their own horrible demise. This macabre lust is consistent with their penchant for disgusting rituals: They are ALL neanderthal congenital, sick fucks, that they are conditioned by their families to develop this psychosis is merely fundamental conditioning.

The type of cancer that Carlin was murdered with grew rapidly from nowhere, he was not always pedantic about his diet or lifestyle, however, I am sure we all have an Aunty or Uncle that seem to have lived a long reasonably healthy time with no let up in booze or cigarettes.

The proof is undeniable; chemotherapy is a death sentence, all people who agree to this madness die horribly. (This is why I say "murdered") The math is simple you will not live any longer with Chem' yet without it you will live happier and healthier until the final days - natural therapies can and do combat cancer everyday. In fact my most recent information acquisitions indicate natural therapies that are now capable of completely cleansing the body. As you are probably aware the tribe are forcing our governments to Police the Natural Therapy industry as though they are illicit drug dealers.

This thumbnail sketch lacks evidentiary support, I am happy to send you any info' you would like on the tribes cancer weapons.

You probably know all of the above and more, just in case you didn't I took the opportunity to have a rant(grin).

You know me, any excuse to bag the yiddish!


cannibalrabbi said...

It makes sense.

Why wouldn't they?
It's the M.O.

Hicks, Carlin, Lennon, Kennedy ad infinitum.

It's not like they were NAMING the kike.
But given their innate intelligence, it was only a matter of time.

Kill the best of them.

Kikes are going to try to cash a cheque at the bank of Who gives a fuck.

The look on the cashier's face will be something to see.

veritas6464 said...

Hey CB,..That's my point!


cannibalrabbi said...

“Fuck zionism, it's just more hasbara, fuck freemasonry they are just shabbat goyim, fuck catholicism, fuck islam, fuck hinduism, fuck buddhism, fuck all religion: They are just a means of mass social control. Spiritual discovery does not require rules or churches or temples or painted cows, or priests or priestesses, or donations of cash, or bossy fuckers with big fucking hats!”


I know how you feel.

I've felt that way.

Then i realised , i shouldn't confuse the message with the supposed messenger.

veritas6464 said...

Hey CB,..."Then i realised..." Good for you, I realised during Cast Lead and after The Flotilla massacre by Piracy; the yids don't give a fuck what i realise or don't - cowards that are bullies and arrogant cunts to go with it, only understand a vicious beating!

To the hell with the yiddish khazar scum.


cannibalrabbi said...

"the yids don't give a fuck what i realise or don't"

Oh they do.

Y'see realization, is the mother/father of action.

Does violence cure anything?


Lotsa things.

"To the hell with the yiddish khazar scum."

You should be writing songs dude!

veritas6464 said...

Hey CB,...There ya go.


Genie said...

fuck chemotherapy! It just makes people die more slow and agonize.
George Carlin, wasn't he a 1960's generation guy? Been around forever? Well I didn't listen to him much, I think I saw him on TV a few times as an old guy. He was rough around the edges as I recall and said the F word too much. Hey I like the F word when appropiate but George Carlin wore it out. Now hold on, just because he is not music to my ears doesn't mean the lyrics are not worthy. And if you guys like him so much I am going to watch the video (my headphones are gone at the moment) so that I know what you are saying about him. This day and age I probably have a much different perspective anyway! Hell, I didn't use the F word EVER untill Israhell came into my vocabulary. I am a much different person since my "enlightenment."

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...I think George Carlin came to the 'F' word in the same way.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Carlin, ah Georgie, the wordiest man of the last century at times. I had never considered he was assassinated, after all he had a lot of years behind him. But yes, odd he fell silent just as the world was really ready for his messages.

Yeah, they assassinated Bill Hicks. It was with Bill's passing that George picked up the major political crown and took it higher. Anyone who dies of a fast cancer.... ask yourself who gains with their death.

Same as film maker Aaron Russo. A year after whistleblowing the Rockefellers, he falls ill and dies of a fast growing cancer.

It was so with Bob Marley also, his threat being that of unification through love.

But George? I would want to know more mon ami. He was a high pressure tense guy already..... man I did love him, nothing like "a modern man"!

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Children... Carlin's first HUGE controversial script was about the 7 words you could NOT say in public media and the F bomb was right up there. But Genie, if you listen to his later stuff, the last few years, you realize the man was a patriot through and through. And sharper than a well honed knife....

musique said...

Spiritual discovery ... oh yes, now we are talking about something, cuzzie V.

I prefer to go hell. Why? Cause it will be so much FUN to watch those hib fuckers going through meat grinders over and over. Plus hell is much hotter than mythical oven of asskhuttswitz!

zionist Rothschild's NWO soldiers said...

To Norway:

You will go along with the program. You will send your troops where we tell you, you will buy foreign products regardless of ethical considerations, you will stop supporting the vermin we are trying to eradicate, and under no circumstances will you threaten anyone.

Otherwise we will bomb your offices and kill your children.

We will do it on a famous anniversary, but it in such a way that no direct evidence leads back to us.

We will do it in a way that shows your police are thoroughly compromised and no use to you at all. We will do it in a way that exacerbates tensions between Christians and Moslems. And we will do it in a way that lends credibility to those who would trash the best features of your open, democratic society.

We will cover our tracks with a lame distraction which will confirm quite clearly -- to those with eyes to see -- that the entire world's "news" media are in our pocket. And most of your friends and neighbors -- including many who should know better -- will play along with it, if they show any interest at all.

And then ... ah, yes: then we will rejoice in your grief!



veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Terrific gravitas added to the thread, bravure! One of the first pieces of art that I created that I was PERSONALLY impressed with, was the cover of the "KAYA" album - that joint growing out of the earth! Cooooeee!

Kudos babe...


veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...I am of the opinion that we live in hell on earth as created by the synagogue of satan - after all, the scriptures, the real ones, do state that this earth and its material world are governed by Lucifer! The satans work for him.

Hence Limbo - so; people have a tendancy to forget their scriptures - no one is in heaven currently - we are ALL yet to face off with St Pete (or whomsoever) on the day of reckoning. The result of that reckoning will see the individual either achieve eternal life as a spiritual being or for those that fail the scrutiny of their conduct, will simply have their identity erased from the book of the living - no heaven no hell, no need! Cooooeee! Release from the temporal plane to the higher spiritual plane.

It would however cause a certain schadenfreude moment to watch those dirty fuckers BURN!(grin)

Haaargh! You that, cuz.


veritas6464 said...

Hey mossad,...Excellent, what else can I say, excellent.

You're welcome.


TrevAdd said...

WOw!So this is what happened. I stumbled upon this blog as part of my curiosity because the way the world is being conducted doesn't add up. I'm a young rebellion myself. I don't see any positive points about religion nor do I condone in supporting "awareness" campaigns that are only designed to generate profit. Anyway, my name is Trevor Adderley and I'm a young Bahamian (21) and seek to educate my peers that don't seem to listten. If there's any information that you can give to educate me further because I'm just barely breaking the ice it would be much appreciated. twadderley@hotmail.com