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Saturday, August 13, 2011

jewish "Final Solution" was created by yiddish khazars not Hitler! WAKE UP EARTHLINGS!!

Here's the NEWS!





Anonymous said...

Great find Veritas!

These facts in this video confirm the "War on Germany" declared in print by Judaism in the early 1930's - years before Adolph Hitler came to power.

And isn't it just like the zionists to co-opt a phrase decrying The final solution, written by zionists to mean the extermination of Germans, to be turned around 180 degrees and be used as a self-victimization slogan by the zionists.

Good grief how I loath zionist jews!


veritas6464 said...

Hey Mouser,...Yeah, when I saw it I thought yeeehaaa! This'll fuck'em!

Cheers mate,


golden*nugget said...

Hey there veritas6464-I have come to the conclusion that Hitler was a Jew, or had "Jewish blood" in him through his family tree. Many researchers will deny this. Also, think about the HOLOHOAX, if indeed it did not take place as we are forced to know, THEN WHY NOT? WHY DID'NT HITLER "EXTERMINATE" THE JEWS? ANSWER-because he was in on the charade from begining, when researching these people from the past one has to fast forward to present day and ask oneself, did WW2 and Hitler's rise to power bring to fruition the modern state of Israel? ANSWER is a resounding yes! Hitler might not of known that his actions would lead to the creation of Israel(although he has purortedly said himself) but the END GAME OF THE JEWS WAS FULFILLED. Besides all of his WAR MAKING CAPACITY AND FINANCING were in fact by Jews behind the scenes. Most of his higher ranking military staff were Jews, so even if the HOLOHOAX did happen, as "history" tells us, it would not surprise me that JEWS were behind it, just read the words of George Soros, he gleefully says turning in Jews to the Gestapo gave him much "satisfaction"....


veritas6464 said...

Hey g*n,...Well, yes, all of the above. Love your blog too. Great link.


musique said...

Greetings Cuzz!

Oh NO?? With his striking "Aryan features/good looks", I've always thought of hittlestein opps hitler as an ideal leader of the "prettier people". Damn ... hollycaust media been lyin and messing up with my inferior head!

Really enjoyed reading golden*nugget's explanation and let's face it, he was their tear jerking excuse to erect that shitty country in the M.E. Technically, that makes him the founding father of israhell.

V. there should be game called "Guess who's a hib hybrid?" I've seen their numbers keep rising every year. You have to read every single celebrity's bio these days and have a Doh! moment later "Oh ...I didn't know that s/he is half jewish?"

veritas6464 said...

Hey muzique,...Cuzzie, wassuuuup? Hollywood nowadays is pretty much a case of "spot the goy". As for the holohoax population those fucking insects are replicating faster than the Chinese!


musique said...

Cuzzie V,

I failed miserably in the "spot a goy, who's not an oy" game! Unlike other clueless third world imports (not as a parasite of course) to the States, I was expecting to do little bit better in the game ... Man, I suck!! with a name like "Jennifer Connelly", you would imagine a beautiful goy, but oh no ... she's a half jew and from the mother's side too, eh eh eh!!!

gabrielle giffords of AZ is another fine example. So this phenomenon stretched out further, not just hollywood.

Speaking of China, no wonder why the ugly hib murdoch got the vicious chinese attack dog named wendi!;)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Cuz,...Funny you should mention Jennifer Connolly, I saw her in a flic the other day and just had to download a pic from the flic - Many years ago I researched her (movie tragic that I am) and it turns out she's a yid! I was shattered.

They're almost all yids now.


GTRman said...

Heres a very recent interview with the maker of the above vid , Zion Crime Factory , he’s only 21 !!!


veritas6464 said...

Hey GTRman,...Thanks for the link, yeah, pretty cluey for one so young.


Penny said...

Hey Veritas!

I saw your comment the other day and was hoping I would come by and see your piece up on landmines.

I'll be patient, but, I would love to read it.

And sorry for being off topic, but, did you read the City of London book that chuckyman had mentioned it was excellent.
I am now reading
Under the sign of the scorpion
Secret societies and elite zionists it is an eye opener, no, an eye popper!!

Anywho.... let me know if you find your piece so I can come back and read it

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,..I have just been told by one publisher that they no longer have an archive (wtf?), I cannot find a copy on any of my hard-drives - still looking! Still canvasing the various publishers to see if I can get an archive copy.