If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Saturday, September 03, 2011

libya war NATO rabble murdering black immigrant workers - NATO genocide AGAIN! Vid.

Read this...
Through the looking glass. We have obtained total Orwellian Mediatopia: "Doublespeak" is language that deliberately disguises, distorts, or reverses the meaning of words. A simple rule of thumb would be to assume that everything that is said or shown in the MSM is the exact opposite to the truth and entirely staged to illustrate the lies.




su said...

yesterday my partner spoke of how another despot had been thrown out of power by nato.
i looked at him expecting to see a smile.
i mean we share kids, space, outlooks. he is holding the newspaper in his hand.
i just explode about how can he believe the lies etc.
he looked at me with complete and utter comtempt.

in that moment i knew the relationship was over.
20 years, many hardships and Libya is what breaks the final cord.

i later on sent him links to look at - which he did not - this is a supposedly intelligent being.
sad, sad, sad.

veritas6464 said...

Hey su,...Very sad, I hope things change between you, failed relationships are such train-wrecks nowadays, particularly financially.

However, you are right and there is no getting away from reality.

We are at war with monsters.


su said...


veritas6464 said...

Hey su,...I don't think they give a shit anymore, I think they are so arrogant about the imminent success of their plan for global domination, they are operating without any care at all!

A pox on all of them!


John Friend said...

Watching that video of the guy being beheaded in Libya is sickening....the whole situation is sickening.

veritas6464 said...

Hey John friend,...Geez, I panicked for a moment thinking I had Posted the grotesque murder scene. Whew, I did not. However, yes, the same old same old filthy yiddish satanists are pushing the same old sadistic ritual slaughter: We vomit; they giggle like children and get hard-ons. I want them ALL dead.

I shot a guy in the face one time, I had chased him for quite a few hundred metres, across creek-beds and over ruins and through thickets and scrub. I wasn't aware that he had dropped his weapon, I caught up with him in waist high savanna grass; to my credit I thought I was shooting at his feet, I was going to capture him for "humint" (human intelligence) he had scrambled about in the grass, the round hit him under his right eye. It did not kill him, as I approached, the awful reality of what I had done became apparent. He was screaming and writhing in agony, his face and the side of his head were a mess. I realized he thought I was going to kill him, his eyes were, well, his eyes reduced me to a quivering wreck, I felt so terrible, I felt like a villain, I was nauseous, I did my utmost to stem the bleeding and comfort him, he was irreconcilable and hysterical for quite some time. When I got him back to our laager, he eventually started to calm down. I gave him my wet-weather smock; I do not know what happened to him after I returned to my Troop, I assume he was treated well: We were not monsters - I know monsters, I hate them and want them all dead.

What are we to do John Friend, what are we to do?!

How do we stop these satanic monsters without becoming villains?!


Timster said...

V - We don't.
Su - Screw Naomi Klein and her BS protests. It's all PR.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Timster,...We can't but turn into villains, or we don't stop them? I don't want this coming slaughter, because everyone loses, something. However, I get so angry with their CONSTANT, BRUTAL, VULGAR SHIT, I can't think or speak, I am catatonic with rage sometimes.

As for Klein, she's of the tribe, but some of her waffle is quality stuff. I rate her alongside all the other anti-zio tribe members Finklestein, Atzmon etc (5th Columnists?), if it's tribe it's "chosen", they never call for the dismantling of israhell, they never question the holohoax: They are "chosen" and they are not trustworthy. IMHO.


su said...

i think its going to come down to the art of cursing.
and i joketh not.
a young woman i know, who has eaten with us, conversed with the kids, seen us trying to live off the grid in as many ways as possible became envious of pieter's iridology practice. he is unregistered but gets good results so he remains safe. anyway in a moment of jealousy this female reported us to the authorities not expecting we would find out who had done it.
of course we did, life seems to work that way for me.
we could have lost our entire livelihood and at that moment in time it seemed real and i just set out a curse on her life.
no fucking christ or buddha inclination here of turn the other cheek.
the christ image i carry would have had him in the town square decapitating these killers in public.
no way would he have gone back to having his feet oiled while the killing carries on. no way on earth.

anyway i meant the curse most strongly for a while.
and then the anger dissipated, life moved in protective ways again and i lifted the curse .

i hear yesterday that she was standing on some rocks by the ocean and a rogue wave came and knocked her off - at that instant she thought of the curse.

am i proud of myself for this .
no, not by any means.
but i know i have been programmed to fight it, to not accept injustice and thus i understand why i can do this.
so there are these beings that i would keep under curse until they were long gone - no compassion could arise because if any did it would be completely fake and unreal.

i curse those that those who knowingly go about performing these heinous deeds are suddenly devoid of all protection. I wish for them the deepest existential crisis and the greatest emotional pain. I wish that there is no peace or solution to this state of being. i wish that they feel amplified by 1000 what they have created for each individual human in terms of suffering.

today i see that some blonde ecclesteine kid, has just brought a mansion somewhere (who cares) for 58 million dollars because her dogs need space.

they are laughing at us
they are putting the middle so far into our face that we can't even see it any more.

rant over.
i think.

Naomi Klein, Ron Paul, Not one of these beings has integrity.

Genie said...

in response to Su,

My [Palestinian] husband and I do not agree AT ALL about Libya! But what the hell. It may be from a different perspective than you and your mate. or ex-mate. Arabs hate all the "despots" which they really all are. I mean, Libya is an imperialist invention in the first place. All those countries are. My thing is about NATO which acts in my name. I have a right to reject it. For my husband, it isn't acting in his name it is just throwing out another despot, like your mate said. And a new one will come in. The way many Arabs think of it is, better a new one than an old one that has been there too long hogging the wealth and their offspring to inherit power. The west is in there already, has been since the end of the Ottoman empire. Not sure of the exact history of North Africa but I get the idea. The west isn't "coming in" they are already there anyway. Gaddafi wouldn't leave....why? is my husband's question. My husband agrees Gaddafi is a clown...says he speaks intelligibly for the first 10 minutes then begins to ramble nonsense (my husband speaks Arabic like Gaddafi and would know better than us). Then he adds "and he is ugly." ha! You know, I just have to shut up, how do I argue with an Arab about Arab things? How could I possible know better? So I do stand my ground regarding NATO, and I hate Cameron, Sarkozy, Obama etc but I do not really praise Gaddafi except to say he is better than the other Arab asshole despots as far as I can tell. I guess I have come to accept diverse opinions on Gaddafi and Libya. I keep mine and whatever anyone else thinks ok. Whatevah. I don't know what I am trying to tell you here...just sayin!

Genie said...

I poxed an old friend last month...it may have been the first time I ever poxed anyone I know personally. I did it because she emailed me and practically praised the Norwegian terrorist. Unbelievable. She added that Muslims are evil and that's why "we" are at war with them. And she poxed me back. We'll see who the pox lands on.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...You try putting the pox on Nutjob-yahoo!


Genie said...

oh yeah you betcha! *wink*

That's my Sarah Palin impression and I make a really ugly face, can't get as ugly as her though.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Sarah Palin's hot as, she's just a loon, haaaargh! Of course, I'll say that; I have been married to and divorced three times from, hot loons!

My solicitor tells me I am a serial monogamist! She should know, she's a hot loon! We dated when she was a Paralegal, now she hates me! Yeehaaa!

Give me wedding cake or give me death!

veritas; lover of hot loons!