If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Monday, September 12, 2011

This Kurt Sonnenfeld video is amazing; I have never seen footage inside the basement of the Towers - shortly after the collapses on 911.

This is amazing Kurt Sonnenfeld vision, I have seen a heap of vids on 911, mostly the crash and free-fall stuff, I have never seen this intimate perspective post-mortem of the wreckage from within the basement and buildings. The destruction is absolute, I can't help but think the Demolition crew are walking around on human remains. Bush is such a wanker, what a fraud...

Surely, we, the people of the world that are not motivated by greed and blood lust; surely we can overcome the terrible tribe of satan and reclaim a world that can be celebrated for its beauty rather than disdained for its inequity and tyranny?!



kenny said...

Sonnenfeld photos



veritas6464 said...

Hey Kenny,...Yeah, I've seen some of these photos, this link is excellent though, they appear to be screenshots, like the one I posted, none the less, I have never seen the actual video before, which is why I posted it.

Thanks for the input.


P.S. "Oops" with the gag on the anons. the other day.

Saladin said...

what a pathetic actor he is, makes me want to PUKE!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Saladin,...100% moron, his father and grandfather were arse-holes too!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Call me spineless but I completely boycotted tv all Sunday to avoid seeing any of the scandal taking place at Ground Zero.

I knew I would bust a gusket at the first platitude/obscenity uttered by these swill.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Truth be known I sort of adopted the hands over the ears and laaalalalaaalaaaa laaalalaaa laaa routine also, when I was out in public; I just can't stomach that shit anymore - I'm a reformed smoker (two years four months), I have the same reaction to the Lame-stream-media as I do to secondary smoke!

So, yeah, you know it...

Nice to see you round again.


musique said...

Hi reformed smokin cuzzin!

I made the mistake of turning on yiddie teevee yesterday -urrrgh whatta big mistake! Luckily, the following channel was showing "pretty ponies" or something cutesy ...that was mesmerizing! :)

Now that 9/11 is over - no worries! yiddie fall season 'bout to kick in with new exciting shows - sheeple looov shows featuring plastic yentas and lovable miserly mentas!

Cuzz, any show ideas?

Genie said...

I also could not watch any of the 9/11 garbage on TV. I didn't watch any of it.
V, you said "Surely, we, the people of the world that are not motivated by greed and blood lust; surely we can overcome the terrible tribe of satan and reclaim a world that can be celebrated for its beauty rather than disdained for its inequity and tyranny?!"
In Islam it is written "The world cannot end until this literal beast is revealed." Well, what do you think? I mean, people have their different beliefs, religious and non religious. But you have to admit, the literal beast is revealed! It's gotta mean somethin! I think it is also clear that the people are being separated, good from evil. Israel seems to be The litmus test of all litmus tests. Don't you think?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Well, I'm pretty sure the beast is revealed: I think!

If there is any value in our belief in LL&P (love light & peace) it has to happen soon huh?


veritas6464 said...

Hey muzique,...You're a Cat cuz, you're a Cat! Haa haargh!

I watch the paint dry, I find it doesn't have any yids in the Cast! Haaaargh!


chromelung said...

I see you guys are talking about the anti-christ and if 'he's been revealed'. From the blogs I follow, apparently their anti-christ was revealed to certain select NWO members this past year. Many of these so called "natural disasters" are nothing more than other false flags caused by advanced scalar military weaponry. NASA was militarized almost 25 yrs ago. You can just imagine what they've been up to considering they can't even admit to spraying the skies full of chemtrail poisons.

In any case, back to the subject... Apparently all these banker rip off's are going to Israel. That's where these NWO masonic luciferians are to seat their 'Rex Mundi'. The Q'uran and Bible's prophecies and revelations are very similar between Christians and Muslims. Logically we should be allies against jewish world domination. They plan mass depopulation and slavery.

Watch the documentary vid, "Phase 3", made by "Bushwhackk" on YouTube. It explains it really well how Israel has been being set up to be the sole super power to seat the anti-christ. Have you seen the cities they've built in Dubai, Askana, and Canberra? They are blatantly occult cities that look like a cross between Dante's Inferno and The Jetsons. I highly recommend it.

veritas6464 said...

Hey chromelung,...Some seriously compelling shit you state there brother, care to provide some evidentiary material?

Links maybe? Regardless of me, there are some very well-read folks that drive by my hacienda - got exposure?



musique said...

Cuzz V,

I was wondering why there is a resurgence of no plane theory (9/11 twin towers etc.) popping up everywhere?

Since you're the brainy one, can't imagine asking this to anyone else. Damn ... this thing is buggin me insane!

So ..please fire away explaining to the dimwit cuzzin! :)

For me, it will be always the Oven rejected screemin pizzas did 9/11!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...You that! I guess they were expecting a big push by the 911 truth movement to rain on their parade. Business as usual really, the sheeple are pretty much brain-stalled, so to keep them from achieving a flow of oxygen to their grey matter they start operation No Planer to make the Truthers look like tin-foil-hatters.

I think it has just managed to annoy the fuck out of everyone and remind us that the yids are definitely worried about the real alternative News providers.

I guess...


musique said...

You're billion times correct!
Bowing the mighty Oz Cuz ....



All the anne frankensteins must burn in eternal hell!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,..Rock on cuzzy!


Penny said...

Hello Veritas!!
thought I would stop by and say Hello!

been so swamped as of late, keeping my own blog up is enough extra work....

I have never seen this video before either.

and like noor I boycotted the entire mind control exercise on sunday, I manage my own perception, thank you very much.

what was with the sign?

5,000 reasons to kill them all

what kind of subhuman puts that up?

Amazing those big, big buildings could end up in such small tight piles, no?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Penny,...Nice to see you, I'll pop 'round later. Yeah, what a load of shyte the 911 propaganda-fest is. I watched the AE4911 truth "Speak out" doco yesterday, that show should be handed out in Uni's and Schools - it is totally non-political, it is devoted entirely to the science and engineering aspects of the event, save for a brief component that covers the psychology of denial. Excellent stuff.


Genie said...

Hey, V, I am showing off my cat as my pic of the day...

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Yeah I saw that, long haired silver-grey Khorasan/Persian in a summer coat.

Big fluff-ball in winter, you'll get a fur-ball(grin).


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