If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Farrakhan Ghaddafi and Libya, this says everything, I am far too angry to shout in their faces again, FUCKING SHEEPLE!

That which ensued in Libya, was to be expected.  Of course I prayed and hoped for the best, I hoped beyond hope that the announcements of G's evil murder were a scam, alas, it matters little, true or not. The King is Dead, Long Live the King! He like many Libyans have been persecuted for the prosperity of the filthy tribe...

I have been so depressed of late, I have been indolent, supine if you will, these last few days. However, truth be known - it is the utter fucking stupidity of the sheeple that has exhausted me...and now, I can only bring myself to write this, an open letter to the sheeple:

When the time comes, I will protect, feed, house and clothe your traumatized children, however, I WILL abandon you, their parents, to the whim and will of the "rebels", (for their will be mercenaries paid for by israhell that will murder you too, UK, USA, Australia, etc.) Here, you have it with this: I will not defend you nor will I mourn you, when the time is right, I will tell your children the truth about your greed, stupidity and cowardice in the face of the overwhelming evidence available to anyone that CARES to find it - GOOGLE 911 truth, GOOGLE Bali Truth, GOOGLE London 7/7 Bombings, GOOGLE HOLOHOAX!

The sheeple don't and they won't.

To the Bloggersphere: What I will suggest is that we out here at "Occupy Blog Street", unite for a campaign to create a meme of our own - we all know that the yids use their shill media to manifest an egregious Will against their existential enemies piece-meal; the 'human' race!

So, let us agree to present a serial attack against the real enemy, we the "truthers", after all, know who, why, and how, the filthy tribe are creating so much horrible destruction and chaos in this material world.

Why not then, attack this pustular weeping sore at it's core - apartheid israhell?!

Why don't we all Post articles attacking the Wall, the settlements, the world-wide sex-slave trade orchestrated from tel aviv?!

Imagine all the readers thinking the same egregious thoughts about the filthy tribe, all at once - the powerful Will, created by this psychic energy would certainly fuck them up to some degree, yes?

Who's in?

veritas (daydream believer)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Black protester in Wall St. accused of antisemitism, for sign saying "Hitler's Bankers - Wall St" - video says it all:

The video begins with a fat yid accusing a black man of antisemitism because the words "Hitler's Bankers - Wall St -" and "Nazi Bankers - Wall St -" appear on his placard. Of course the fat yid has an eastern European accent. Why this fat fuck is not in israhell, an abomination created specifically for "chosen" yiddish-khazars, is beyond explanation, particularly when one considers how many Palestinians have died, been mutilated or persecuted to create that satanic hell-hole.

In response to the accusation of antisemitism, the protester calls out for the crowd to "Google, Wall St. jews" and "Freedom of Speech", the protester soon becomes the subject of ridicule and ad hominem attacks, the yids in the crowd are clearly seen trying to foment hatred toward the black protester, who stands his ground; due to a small number of supporters in the crowd the black protester is allowed to continue to hold his placard in the air, while Police try to retain the peace.

Yet another example of the filthy tribe trying to smother the truth with victim role-playing - well fuck you, yiddish shithogs; your push will soon come to our shove and it'll be sayonara child-molesting satanists! 


Friday, October 14, 2011

The Australian “GREENS” and Global Governance! The NWO down-under says; fuck the environment we need MORE worthless derivatives!

Dumbing down our children and creating zombie droids that focus entirely on drugs, alcohol, sex and violence, when not staring hypnotically at a video game is the policy of the learned elders of Satanism, assisting to achieve this goal is the remit of the Australian “Greens”:

The leader of the Australian “Greens” ‘Commo-Bob’ Brown is a self proclaimed homosexual; he is living with another sodomite he “married’ in a pathetically sordid sodomite’s ceremony many years ago.

Digression: If you support gay lesbian marriage, you better research social engineering a LOT more. The yids are behind the destruction of western society, always have been and will continue to work at turning our sons into depraved sexual obsessive’s that think that one man forcing his penis into another man’s anus, is a ‘valid sexual alternative’: BULLSHIT!

They have also been behind the propaganda that encourages our daughters to “experiment” with lesbianism – “I kissed a girl and I like'd it!” Of course they use very attractive young women to sell this bullshit, as the dirty, smelly bull-dikes that ACTUALLY make up the MAJORITY of dykes, are so fucking pig-ugly that even an alcohol addled adolescent mind would find kissing one of those fucking shit-hogs atrocious – no win for the yids there!

So, back to the Australian “Greens”, whose Executive, by the way, is made up of a majority of lesbians and arse-bandits, one of them was a Card holding Stalinist! I have absolutely no respect for 'fagelas';  'fagela’ being yiddish for Gay! Yep, the terms Fag and Faggot, came from the yids! The irony sings!

So, now Australians are burdened with a fucking bullshit Carbon Dioxide Tax, a tax on the invisible, odourless, tasteless, component of the Earth’s atmosphere that our vegetables and fruits absorb as part of their nutrition as they are growing! Yep, what we eat - eats CO2.

I am totally over the fucking traitors that pretend to manage this material world; more so, I am over the stupid fucking sheeple that enable these fucking arseholes!

I pray that if there is a God, he/she immediately creates a force of assassins that will execute a filthy child-molesting yid, every time a filthy child-molesting yid hurts, molests or murders a goy, anywhere in the world!

Fuck yiddish khazars (you might know them as “jews”, they are not “jews, they are the synagogue of satan, these freaks were never a historical part of the Holy Land EVER!) and fuck israhell, the land belongs to the Palestinians and one day when we rid the earth of these disgusting parasites, Palestine and the rest of the world will be free!

Free Palestine!


Monday, October 10, 2011

This is why people of courage and conviction detest israhell!





I am waiting for the day when an International force goes house to house in every rat-nest illegal settlement and drags the filthy thieving child-molesting (it's in the talmud) yids out of those illegal dwellings and throws them all in cattle-trucks, then takes them to a shipyard at the Port Haifa and shoves their filthy arses onto cargo vessels and sends them back to Poland and Russia!

Let's see how your yiddisher momma deals with being dragged around in a head-lock - coward = yiddish-khazar!



Sunday, October 02, 2011

"Free Palestine", video by Lowkey - play it loud! Free Palestine!


Send the dirty yiddish khazars back to Poland and Russia and all the other European countries they fucked up and sucked dry!

The holocaust is a fucking LIE!