If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Australian “GREENS” and Global Governance! The NWO down-under says; fuck the environment we need MORE worthless derivatives!

Dumbing down our children and creating zombie droids that focus entirely on drugs, alcohol, sex and violence, when not staring hypnotically at a video game is the policy of the learned elders of Satanism, assisting to achieve this goal is the remit of the Australian “Greens”:

The leader of the Australian “Greens” ‘Commo-Bob’ Brown is a self proclaimed homosexual; he is living with another sodomite he “married’ in a pathetically sordid sodomite’s ceremony many years ago.

Digression: If you support gay lesbian marriage, you better research social engineering a LOT more. The yids are behind the destruction of western society, always have been and will continue to work at turning our sons into depraved sexual obsessive’s that think that one man forcing his penis into another man’s anus, is a ‘valid sexual alternative’: BULLSHIT!

They have also been behind the propaganda that encourages our daughters to “experiment” with lesbianism – “I kissed a girl and I like'd it!” Of course they use very attractive young women to sell this bullshit, as the dirty, smelly bull-dikes that ACTUALLY make up the MAJORITY of dykes, are so fucking pig-ugly that even an alcohol addled adolescent mind would find kissing one of those fucking shit-hogs atrocious – no win for the yids there!

So, back to the Australian “Greens”, whose Executive, by the way, is made up of a majority of lesbians and arse-bandits, one of them was a Card holding Stalinist! I have absolutely no respect for 'fagelas';  'fagela’ being yiddish for Gay! Yep, the terms Fag and Faggot, came from the yids! The irony sings!

So, now Australians are burdened with a fucking bullshit Carbon Dioxide Tax, a tax on the invisible, odourless, tasteless, component of the Earth’s atmosphere that our vegetables and fruits absorb as part of their nutrition as they are growing! Yep, what we eat - eats CO2.

I am totally over the fucking traitors that pretend to manage this material world; more so, I am over the stupid fucking sheeple that enable these fucking arseholes!

I pray that if there is a God, he/she immediately creates a force of assassins that will execute a filthy child-molesting yid, every time a filthy child-molesting yid hurts, molests or murders a goy, anywhere in the world!

Fuck yiddish khazars (you might know them as “jews”, they are not “jews, they are the synagogue of satan, these freaks were never a historical part of the Holy Land EVER!) and fuck israhell, the land belongs to the Palestinians and one day when we rid the earth of these disgusting parasites, Palestine and the rest of the world will be free!

Free Palestine!



Anonymous said...

This is how comatose the goyims are. Recently I mentioned to a friend that music is used to propagandise the young by normalising the perverse so that the listener believes everyones doing it, finding a hole and screwing it.

Those listening seemed more concerned about the fact that I'd attributed the "I kissed a gurl" tune to the yenta pink and not katy perry.

All points made were thusly rendered illegitimate. These are ostensibly edjumacated people too and truly deserving of their existence as "Goyim".

Genie said...

amen, V. Everything you said.
I don't agree with Hitler on everything but I do believe this he said:
"the personification of the devil as the symbol of all evil assumes the living shape of the Jew."

he was dealing with the Yid so he means them.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@8:11ayem,...When I first Posted this piece I had misspelled the title of the song, I wrote "I kissed a girl and I LIKE it", I knew I would be called out on that so I had to go back into edit and change the title to "I kissed a girl and I LIKED it!" I figured that most reasonable folks would look past the typo', however, I did change it because the sheeple are pedantic about their shyte and I didn't care to be inundated with petty complaints from drones; what I find perplexing is these fools are entirely nonchalant about the toxins in their junk-food and the debilitating lifestyles the lame-stream media encourages them to lead.

Good point.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Yep, they have demonised Adolf because he was too good at what he did, even though most scholars agree that his parentage is open to conjecture - he was the bastard child of a yid. The fact is he was financed by yids to bring about the opportunity to steal Palestine. Job done. Then they had to finish their evil plan (satiate their blood-lust) and destroy the Germanic peoples and their homeland, didn't quite get there; however, they Germanic peoples are still on the back foot regards their "crimes against humanity" - WHATEVER!

I do not care one iota for the travails of the filthy tribe, they are liars and vile murderers - I want them gone!


Genie said...

I was watching my video
"Lawrence of Arabia" the other day. It struck me that those Arabs (of the Arab revolt) and the British military people they were working with had no clue that it wasn't the British crown the British military was actually working under but British Jew Rothschild. Rothschild used the British military and the Arabs just to sweep out the Turks for a Yiddish take over. What a BURN. Holocaust my ass. I hope the Arabs tear them to pieces one day. I look forward to it.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...You betcha, I ALWAYS draw parallels with "Lawrence of Arabia", (one of my favourite flix by the way) and now LAWRENCE OF LIBYA! And yes, the sooner the Arabs purge these fuckers, the sooner I sit on my ass grinning like a fat spider!

By the way I have been battling with joogle, joochoob and farcebook, Firefox and IE7 ALL fucking day, talk about hacked! This is one of the worst attacks I have suffered for a long time. I have only been able to sign in, for about twenty minutes, what a fucking hassle!

I hate you fucking filthy child-molesters, - I know you are watching, fuckers!!!! EAT ME!!!


1,2,3,4,5.....whew, sorry Genie, I let my demons get the better of me, coooooeee!


Genie said...

fucking freak Yids.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...You know it! Haaaaargh!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Sorry about your pc problems Bro. They got me real bad last year, I mean real bad. It was a miracle I managed to save anything. And oh how they were embedded. I knew where it came from because I keep an eye on my visitor list and I had had an abnormally large number of Israeli flags and visitors the weeks before.

So I cleaned out my pc of EVERYTHING and installed my server's protection. I hate it. It is slow, REAL SLOW. I pay for high speed but sometimes it takes a youtube film 4 or 5 min to load!

However, NOTHING gets past it. NOTHING. I will take loss of speed for pure safety any old day.

We Commonwealthers (HAH what a crock that term is too, means the Queen owns us... she thinks)have problems too but you in AUS are far more in trouble with your effing gay agenda. Iceland too if I remember correctly. OR....

considering the amount of perversion and deviance in the royals and all the Elite of Europe, perhaps they are just a bit more open about it in Aussieland?

David Icke warned about the greens long ago. I listened. Did you know that the Green second in command ADMITTED long ago that he loved little children and how they played with him when he worked in childcare? Let me find his name. He was once Danny the Red in the Paris riots WITH a baby Sarkozy in the '60's. Daniel Cohn_Bendit, an admitted Zionist.


Check out his quote here about children opening his fly and tickling him "in pure innocent fun".

I have long known Aussieland is a satanic headquarters of high levels. This comes from very personal experience I am sad to say. And yes, it cost me dearly in my real life and is why I am alone now. But that is another story. And that all goes back to ritual, again, I know far far to much about this aspect as well. Australia is where I first faced (and won) the beast of these evils.

William Cooper (RIP) said that in the US the people would eventually be so saddled with CO2 taxes. They would even pay for the privilege of labour and delivery and the cost of a child. There would be meters built into every car to be paid up on annually when you renew insurance, etc etc, etc.

But OUR WORLD LEADERS signed it all over to ROthschild.




Harper, a so called Christian fundamentalist who cavorts with the Chabad, pushes the gay thing big time yet you would think a Christian would be appalled, esp one so apparently Christian. Of course it is all sham and I am sure he uses mk ultra slaves just as did our previous leaders Trudeau and Mulroney, his adored icon.

I do think, however, to be heard in Australia, considering the degree of mind control there, you might tone down the rhetoric a little bit because the people are just that brainwashed that you might catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Ya think? Or have you just stopped giving a sweet toot?

(Very understandable)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,..."I knew where it came from because I keep an eye on my visitor list and I had had an abnormally large number of Israeli flags and visitors the weeks before." That's how I was prepared, I could see the cockroaches scurrying back and forth, haaaargh! It was a hard hit though.

Nevermind, if you play hard, you get hurt, you've just gotta focus on the win! I'm all out of "sweet hoots". As for your perspective on rothchalia - spot on, as usual.

I attended a protest rally yesterday opposing the massive increase in Coal Seam Gas fracking; The U.S. suffered big time from this greedy madness - see the doco "Gasland". Brilliant.

The rally was stage-managed by the "greens", the speakers couldn't go two minutes without references to the carbon dioxide tax and how wonderful it is, to cheers from their little squad of Bolshies; green and yellow pyramid placards everywhere; in the apex of these triangular cards were cupped hands around a yin yang symbol bearing a dove - HELLO! Who is running that show? The read LOCK YOUR GATES: The rally was sold as a "Lock Your Gates" demo' - LYG is a genuine grass-roots org' which was created by the Farmers of our region, there was not a single person there from LYG - I bet they didn't even know it was scheduled.

The reason for this Farmers org' is because in rothschalia, the government can enter upon, resume for any reason and determine your properties' status and zoning condition at any time according to their will! However, a loophole was discovered by one of the lawyers assisting the Farmers against the massive foreign Corps that are ruining the farming land: An old Trespass Law can be used to stop anyone entering upon privately owned land that is secured by a locked gate! Only by invitation can you enter upon that land! Hence the "Lock Your Gate" organisation - As you can imagine the Polies are fuming because they are being spanked by their bosses - the Corps that want to exploit the land for short term profits, most fracking operations last about five years; unfortunately fracking prime farming land fucks it completely for HUNDREDS of years!

In rothschalia, we don't have a Bill of Rights, we don't actually have any RIGHTS that are indefatigable, what we have are Privileges, yep, we are Privileged, by the Crown: Admiralty Laws! The Police here are a privately owned service, - Commonwealth Corp. - Queen of U.K.

I set up my video camera on a tripod and put up with their shit until they gathered everyone for the propaganda pic. I slipped the MC a card saying folks can make a statement into the camera, that will posted on the net, ha, they announced it and I was surrounded by eager proles. I was surprised to hear so many sane voices, I took the opportunity to talk to the mob around me about the rothschild's, the Queen's bloodline etc. I was overwhelmed with positive responses, I didn't see more than three people under 35 in the whole crowd, of maybe 150 folks. A buzz of groups talking among themselves as they waited to make their statements filled the air around me. I was pounced on by a couple of "green" shills and grilled as to my background, politics, allegiance, the usual smiling obsequious. I did not hold back, their eyes glazed over, they knew they couldn't go stalinist on my arse because they had spent the last hour playing the peaceful, concerned enviro' hippy guise; they hated me and were muted by the wonderful atmosphere in the crowd that had gathered - It was amazing and I managed to connect with half a dozen folks that agreed that we should organise an anti-zionist action group, in my area: Cooooeee!

This revelationary war will be won by a Grey Army of old school Freedom Fighters that we now refer to as Truthers - I know the colour of the modern truth movement it is actually a shade of Grey!

Go Boomers!

I will be Posting a report of my coverage with vid, soonest.


Anonymous said...

Katy Perry also says.. That if you want to kiss a gurl, then having a menage a trois is a good time to do it. Why not clean the carpets while you're at it.


These arse holes seem to get off on the filthification of innocence. Why is it so ? Is it because when they've none of their own, then nobody else should be permitted any ? Or is it the demented power that they find in deceiving innocents, so that they can gloat at the effectiveness of their causationial musik/magik in having filthified that which they can never be. Is that their attraction to children, for the likes of Bendit Cohn ?

Filth describes them..... perfectly.

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon @ 6:49pyem,...It's ritual, they are satanists, the theocratic hierarchy are the filthy yids: