If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Farrakhan Ghaddafi and Libya, this says everything, I am far too angry to shout in their faces again, FUCKING SHEEPLE!

That which ensued in Libya, was to be expected.  Of course I prayed and hoped for the best, I hoped beyond hope that the announcements of G's evil murder were a scam, alas, it matters little, true or not. The King is Dead, Long Live the King! He like many Libyans have been persecuted for the prosperity of the filthy tribe...

I have been so depressed of late, I have been indolent, supine if you will, these last few days. However, truth be known - it is the utter fucking stupidity of the sheeple that has exhausted me...and now, I can only bring myself to write this, an open letter to the sheeple:

When the time comes, I will protect, feed, house and clothe your traumatized children, however, I WILL abandon you, their parents, to the whim and will of the "rebels", (for their will be mercenaries paid for by israhell that will murder you too, UK, USA, Australia, etc.) Here, you have it with this: I will not defend you nor will I mourn you, when the time is right, I will tell your children the truth about your greed, stupidity and cowardice in the face of the overwhelming evidence available to anyone that CARES to find it - GOOGLE 911 truth, GOOGLE Bali Truth, GOOGLE London 7/7 Bombings, GOOGLE HOLOHOAX!

The sheeple don't and they won't.

To the Bloggersphere: What I will suggest is that we out here at "Occupy Blog Street", unite for a campaign to create a meme of our own - we all know that the yids use their shill media to manifest an egregious Will against their existential enemies piece-meal; the 'human' race!

So, let us agree to present a serial attack against the real enemy, we the "truthers", after all, know who, why, and how, the filthy tribe are creating so much horrible destruction and chaos in this material world.

Why not then, attack this pustular weeping sore at it's core - apartheid israhell?!

Why don't we all Post articles attacking the Wall, the settlements, the world-wide sex-slave trade orchestrated from tel aviv?!

Imagine all the readers thinking the same egregious thoughts about the filthy tribe, all at once - the powerful Will, created by this psychic energy would certainly fuck them up to some degree, yes?

Who's in?

veritas (daydream believer)



Genie said...

In response to that last sentence by Farrakhan in the video, "they make you think they are your friends":

The trap was designed by ruthless professionals who meticulously studied and used his psychology to achieve a result where he is persuaded to react naturally in predictable ways to implement their objectives and faithfully complete the course.

By: Mohamed Ben Ghalbon

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Wow, I slipped through this Post recently, I had several pages opened, you Northern Hemisphere types all hit the keyboard at once! So I get a smorgasbord of stuff to watch or read, most of the time I don't get to do anything as I end up stuck in jootube watching catch-up vids of the Libya horrors. I am subscribed to a channel "1VSMRK" where the guy Posts 20 to 30 vids a day, it takes me all my patience to sort out the shit from the shinola! Now that there is a lull in the slaughter, I will have the time to start getting back into my Blog list.

Nice work lately babe, I will make a point of looking thoroughly through your recent stuff.


C.C zombiesoup w/- comps'

kenny said...

"Occupy Blog Street." I like that. It's something to think about and work with. A quick search shows that the phrase has not as of now been overused.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Kenny,...I first used it about five weeks ago, in a comment section at an Aussie Gnuspaper that I am now blocked from accessing, go figure. I just checked myself for any other usage, the only other references I can find is a lame one Par' piece at "Monster's ball" some obscure rapper site and a "peterbrunelli's" wordpress blog, again no passionate intent there either, it appears to be a hobby-blog. You know the type, "my holiday goss' might be fabulous to someone else as well, here's me drinking cocktails at the Après-ski Bar".

Perhaps we can own this term by staking an "It's ours at the moment and we're keeping it", like the immoral settlements in those parts of Palestine infested by violent, thieving, mendicants from eastern Europe.

"Golda Meir was a Polish Bag-Lady!"


musique said...

Heya Cuzzin!

Now now ... no need for you to be depressed. You gotta be as tough as me. This is something the sheeple has bought upon themselves and they didn't listen to us. Instead we get labeled as "anti-semitic" whenever we tried to warn 'em.

When time will come, they will be like limbless frogs in a boiling pool. That's the curse from celebrating "Hannukahmas", I'm afraid!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Sup cuz? Me, depressed, nope, oppressed brutha, eyez oppressed, madman with the blues, stand well back! Coooooeee!


Anonymous said...

Veritas,i am totally with ya about the Sheeple!!!

It's like rather than bringing the Zionist/Illuminati/Jewish Wall Street Banksters to justice and changing the world for better.

The Sheeple rather be back in HIGH SCHOOL and play the same STUPID HIGH SCHOOL GAMES!!!

My Grandma once said"High School is4 years for your life".


The Sheeple love that High School Kool Aid too much to unite against the Rothschilds,Wall Street,Isreal.

They rather say:


I am a Dubya,Obama,Hilary,Rick Perry,Al Gore,Ron Paul supporter.

I'm a Conservative,Liberal,Libertarian,Socialist.


Being part of a Clique,exactly like HIGH SCHOOL.

Today more than ever,now i know why i DESPISE HIGH SCHOOL and it's destroying America!!!

veritas6464 said...

Hey anon@ 6:01 pyem,...I gather that your at High School, I can only image how bad it must be to be a teenager today. Your disappointment with the world you live in is entirely understandable. Thanks for stopping by.


Genie said...

I wish if you guys will go over the VT website where some fool has written an article in defense of NATO bombing Lybia and Gordon Duff is supporting. These are people who claim to be on 'our side' and not mainstream. I guess this website has had me fooled for quite awhile but it's something like this where you just catch on. The commentors are giving him a helluva time! Give him some more! (don't say the F word though or they will delete the comment.)

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...I Posted many months ago regarding the groom to a yid, duff's globalist membership: "F" him and "VD" - controlled media for "fucking" sure!


Just don't go there, it's sheeple grazing land!


Noor al Haqiqa said...

VT .... when the NATO slaughter began in Libya Duff was supportive and gung ho to NATO. I noted it in a message to Jonathan Azaziah and, like the stolid man he is, he spoke to Duff about it and then just had himself removed from the core of superior writers that blog once posted.

That spoke volumes to me. I dumped VT immediately and have not missed it a bit. I will go and add my $.02 of Snippits and Snappits to the chorus of..."HOW COULD YOU!?"

Verytass, I get that depression/oppression thing regularly. After the years and years and decades of talking about this, with increasing knowledge and insight, I found myself just clamming up. NO ONE wanted to hear a goddam thing. NO matter HOW softly yous poke... or how you worked it into conversation. This is Canada and EVERYONE is "holocaust sensitive."

This was NOT part of my educational agenda and for this I am so grateful... the brainwashing was for the next generation of students. I was getting MY Jewish education from my "FRIEND" S. Swartz who bragged "The only thing Jewish about me is my nose" which she then had fixed. She stole my boyfriend, screwed my best girlfriend AND her boyfriend, then ran off to become a lesbian sexual psychotherapist.

NOT JOKING. I have no regrets about the red wine stains I left on her Momma's white shag rug when I lost my Manishevitz the night she took off with my guy.

I also remember her telling me her big brother was allowed to date shiksas so he could learn the ropes before marrying a nice Jewish girl.

Yeah double standards all the way. Anyhow, I ramble but I thought I might try to make you smile a tad.

Meanwhile, I agree about the not listening people when the truth is there for them to see. Even though, once or twice I have heard, in retrospect, "Yeah you were right about that" (ie the crash in 2008) no one YET listens to what I might say about the future in Wall Street and my sis in law STILL plays the stocks and gets miserable when she loses yet more. Or my brother.

I have just given up. "I told you so" is a lousy revenge and not my style but I am getting close....

Look at it this way... what will be will be. We can put it out there because we are compelled to do our bit because we cannot be idle but we cannot force folks to listen.

That old expression "You can take a horse to water but you cannot make him drink" is appropriate. So if the horse goes thirsty.... not much you can do about it is there?

It just ain't worth the wear and tear on yoru own psyche is all.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Well I went and said my piece. After reading the story and all the letters... well done Genie.

The author is just another mouthpiece for the US government's policies. I wonder if NATO sends him a box of goodies for Christmas....

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Bella, Bella...grazia, molto bene!


musique said...

cuzzie V,

EEllo! ☺☺

Found something intersting, may be the rebel poet envisioned your spirit 100 yrs ago!


I am the hurricane, I am the whirlwind
I smash everything on my path and leave behind.
I am the dance-insane rhythm
I dance on, with my own beat
I am the heart liberated wit.
I am the different musical modes
I rock, I roll, on move I startleI whistle and swing on sharp notes.

I do whatever this mind wants whenever
I embrace the enemy and fight the death as a warrior.
I am pestilence, the global terror
I am the death of the dictator
I am warm and restless forever.

The Rebel

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Crazy, so crazy,

Cheers cuz...yeehhaaa!


John Friend said...

Hey veritas and everyone! Man, Farrakhan is good. I don't follow his stuff, but you've posted a few great vids with him. Fuck NATO. Fuck VT for supporting this BS.

Aangirfan had an interesting post up a while back suggesting Ghaddafi may have escaped and his double killed. Who the hell knows anymore? End these fucking wars.

I completely agree about the Occupy Blog Street! Shit, that's basically what I've been trying to do all along!

You know what guys, I don't know what it will take for some of these people I know to wake up. I just had a couple friends comment to me saying they're "worried" and I many be "paranoid" blah blah blah. My goodness, no one wants to confront the truth! Everyone is so fucking weak-minded and intellectually dishonest.

JF: Oh hey there, did you know that there were over 100 Israelis arrested leading up to and on 9/11? Here are the FBI and DEA documents to prove it. Did you know that Building 7, which was not even hit by an airplane, feel into it's own footprint at free fall speed on 9/11?

Ignorant fuck: Oh well, how do you know* this stuff? I mean, it's such a big conspiracy, someone would have talked by now, right? The government could never do something like this, it's so unbelievable.

I don't know what else I can be doing to get this shit across to people. So, I'll just continue to speak my mind and do what I do. We all should.

veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...You must sit down when you have the time, alone, quietly, a beer or wine, or whatever may be your poison; you need to realise your situation; you must not contemplate the vagaries of human nature anymore, you must accept that you are now beyond that point where there be dragons, nothing will ever be the same.
You must accept that you are now one of a small percentage of human beings on this planet that KNOW! You know the TRUTH and the truth is a disease of the mind, it works it's way into your soul, your spirit. The essence of your being has become infected with the truth, the truth to you is no longer an abstract concept which you wish to investigate - IT HAS BECOME THE DRIVING FORCE IN EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE, every decision you make about the food you eat, the water you drink, the information you source and the conversation you have with everyone you meet, the check-out chicks, mall cops, ice cream vendors, the paperboy, even your mom and all those folks you thought were your friends.

The truth's only friend is Fear and fear has become your constant companion, fear of the impending success of the beast, a beast you now see clearly; you see it abducting children for sexual blood rituals, you hear it lying to its clients in a Bank, you can see it building an apartheid hell on Palestinian land, you can feel it's presence in the seedy Bar that your mates have dragged you into. You see young men and women dying horrible deaths to satiate its filthy blood-lust. You see it smiling and laughing at the chaos it has created and sustains through its minions, you can feel it crawling across your skin and through your hair...And no-one else can see it! WHY can't they see the truth? WTF is going on?!

It is not fun knowing the truth, it is not uplifting, it is not liberating: IT IS SOLITARY FUCKING CONFINEMENT IN A BUBBLE OF REMORSE, it is your only dream, it is your waking moments, it is the fleeting shadow you glimpse through the corner of your eye, IT IS THE BLATANT LIE that you saw announced on commercial television, it is your life on an earth that is occupied by an alien entity, that can only be described as pure evil.

You can now feel evil stalking your heart, you can sense it's presence through your soul.

You can see the lies in a media announcement as they are announcing it! You are wired to the heavens by truth...

You need to forget the sheeple now and you need to get on with the silly, pointless self-ostracizing and ESSENTIAL job of fighting Lucifer and his minions; your work will not be seen by the people we call sheeple, they're not looking, they don't want to see it. Our work is solely created to be a pain in the ass of the beast and its minions and guess what: They have all the money, all the guns, all the lawyers and all the media, we have each other and no second options.

God speed you...


Genie said...

hey V where are you?

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Mmmm? Geographically or mentally and emotionally? Haaaargh!

Geo - rothschalia.

Mentally and emotionally - hades.


John Friend said...

I totally hear ya v...

You know what, I just feel like I have grown so much doing this stuff- intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, physically, ect. I feel good. I know that I'm at least goin' down swingin', not like some little bitch. I see so much weakness around me, so much incompetence, so much ignorance, so much evil. And it's not that hard to notice- shit we're on the verge of a nuclear war in the Middle East, and people carry on like nothing is happening. No big deal- our military just killed another 100 or so people today, no worries. We don't know them, it's too much to think about, it's depressing, it doesn't affect me, out of sight out of mind.

Stay strong my friend, we know which side of history we're on. Our day will come.

veritas6464 said...

Hey John Friend,...You that! Cooooeee!


Genie said...

V, I thought maybe you were blogging elsewhere and I missed the link.

Amen John Friend!

Anonymous said...

cometh the hour, cometh the man.....

bin dead awhile

A13 said...

I like the advice you gave to John Friend :)
well said veritas
maybe one day you can drop into the rant lounge for a few?

Cheers A

veritas6464 said...

Hey A13,...Welcome to my nightmare, haaaargh! No, really, it's great to see you here and I will definitely take you up on the invite.