If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Holocaust Auschwitz BULLSHIT! Yids admit they are pathological liars! Watch the vid:

Hitler is Daddy-Daycare at the Death camps!
Well, I guess this is all the world needs to know - there were Theatres, Orchestras, Canteens to spend their money/coupons at and Soccer teams. WHAT THE FUCK?!

While these fuckers were waiting to be gassed and incinerated, they played soccer?!


It's over: The HOLHOAX scam is BUSTED once and for always IT NEVER HAPPENED!

"Let's play soccer while we wait to be gassed! Yipeee!"
Righty ho then, time to start dismantling israhell,  all you filthy lying yids, get your filthy yiddish shit together and start marching toward the port at Haifa, you're all going back to Poland and Russia! Those that refuse to go will be dragged into the street in headlocks and thrown into Shipping-containers!

It's a shame that we of the christian heritage are so slow to move into 'slaughter mode', if we were more prepared by our culture to murder lie and steal, like yids: THERE WOULD NOT BE THE HELL ON EARTH WE ARE EXPERIENCING NOW!

NO YIDS...No famines, wars or dumb fucking sheeple!



Genie said...

If the successful fabrication of a Jewish holocaust seems too incredible to some, just look at how they fabricated a 9/11 explanation against all logic. Look at how they twist their invasion of Palestine by calling it a "liberation". Look at how they call the people they came over and raped, murdered and pillaged "terrorists." They invent their own tall tales to cover their crimes and call them facts. They pay gentile to lie and back them up. (because Jews are not credible by anyone's standards).

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...I have 'just' finished watching "A Third of the Holocaust" - brilliant! (youtube it). To think that there are people that believe the bullshit espoused by 'the filthy tribe', is amazing to me. I hate them, yes, I HATE THEM, they are the synagogue of satan and while we ALLOW them to prevail, we will always be disgusted by images of butchered babies, poverty and vice! Time to get on with the COMPLETE eradication of the bastard tribe of satan!


musique said...

Cuzzie V,

Got sooo disgusted from watching those filthy liers!

The moment that diamond shit eating hib beyotch open her mouth, My God! I wanted to chop her toungue off and make her eat & shit it out and put it back on and repeat the process!

Not only that, she carried on with the human skin lampshade & handgloves fairy tails! I had to ff and listen and I couldn't take it anymore.

Damn those cursed liars from hell!

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Brutha, yeah, one day we'll be able to run this shit on national Telly and BAM! yids on a rope everywhere!



Iterator said...

America needs to kick the Jewies out, then help other nations primarily in Europe do the same. It has to start here American cant let themselves be brainwashed anymore they need to stand up or otherwise they'll end up like Russia and Germany did and others who have felt the wrath of the Jew. So the time is now, the longer we wait the worst it'll get. One thing is, the Jewies are a clever bunch they may force the military/police to act against the protestors/demonstrators.

veritas6464 said...

Hey lterator,..."So the time is now", absolutely, every western nation that was formerly christian leaning, should expel these fiends NOW!

Nice to have you stop by.


Genie said...

Hey V, I posted something today with you in mind. Something from a few years ago on a Palestine blog that is deactivated but I still have all the stuff. It's on the zombie soup blog titled "In search of Jerusalem airport."
Not that it's going to cheer you up or anything! Sorry I just can't do that! There is a woman's photo on there, I did not put her name but it is Aida, the girl in the photo on my Jerusalem blog, the photo you said you liked. That photo is Aida in 1938, this photo is Aida in 1942.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Truly a monumental video find Verytassy. I really liked the gentleman who explained that they were well fed under the circumstances but that as the war went on they had less, then he says, "But so did they".

I bet they are not on Ellie Weasel's Hannukah card list!

Not mentioned btw was the swimming pool that was, I believe, in Auschwitz or the brothel!

This tell a lie, make it big and keep repeating it over and over again theory is beginning to fall apart when it comes to the Hoaxoco$t.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...Excellent Post, that Jerusalem Airport story is of high anthropological value - coooeee! Love it!



veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...What makes it so special is the glaring polar differences between yids that were GENUINE long term internees and those that were not - given the German propensity for pedantic attention to details - their "death camps" were a monumental fucking FAIL! How did so many survive?! Haaaarrggh!

Don't ya just loathe yids?! Coooeee!


Genie said...

Searching for Jerusalen airport--"high anthropological value".
Exactly, V. The fake hebrews try and bury Palestine history. Parasitic rats.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,...You will notice I don't usually just embed a jootube vid, I download it, convert it and then post it in my choice of formats, this way, during the process of posting: I GET TO KEEP A COPY! I also do this with selected written Posts - The Jerusalem Airport story is a case to point:

A'salaam a al'aikum...


Count Cherep said...

Lying Jew Scumbags At Work

veritas6464 said...

Hey Count Cherep,...Welcome aboard, nice blog, appropriately belligerent and righteously bellicose, Haa haa haa, nice work.


veritas6464 said...

Hey Y'all,... I just had an anon-imal try to tell me, amongst other shyte, that the term "yid" is hate-speech - ya, yiddish is what you are, of all the false identities you shit-hogs have - yiddish khazar is the only accurate description: Fact - prior to the migration of yids to Palestine, to take part in the immoral and illegal OCCUPATION, the filthy yids secreted in Europe were encourage to attend Hebrew classes - yep less than 1% of the filthy tribe of child-molesters had any knowledge of hebrew; why? Because they spoke their own bastard language - "Yiddish". The shill media was told to lie to us about the grammatical and historical connexion between yiddish and Hebrew - there is not one single syllable, consonant, vowel or phonetic that is shared between the grubby street babble of the filthy crooked yids and the language of the ancient tribe of Ebre, where the anglicised term "hebrew" comes from, see, even the shyte they pretend to be has no basis in fact.

So, to the "victim" role-playing anon-e-yid that tried to slime himself into this comment section - Fuck off back to the Caucasus!

☺ veritasty

Little St. Hughes said...

I don't care about some romantic "lost tribe" of Ebres. ALL the modern day kikenvermin share genetic closeness to the exclusion of their host human race and ALL of them have been censured and expulsed throughout their more than 4000 to 10,000 year psychopathic history of raping and usury. so what if the 90% makes the rest look bad? remove them all! You cant trust ANY of them and their hybrids and gentile syncophants.

veritas6464 said...

Hey L'Saint H',...I second the motion!