If we don’t rebel, if we’re not physically in an active rebellion, then it’s spiritual death.” ― Chris Hedges

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Australia's Ron Paul; Bob Katter, straight talking country-boy in a Ten Gallon Hat has a Party staffed by anti-christian rubes and nimrods!

It's hard to "maintain the rage" in this topsy turvy world of yiddish hegemony, so, for your delectation: I am Posting this essentially quirky and parochial article in the "now for something completely different" genre. Since November I have been associated with the development of a new political Party here in rothschalia. This experiment of mine in Party political involvement has been a disaster, the candidates and apparatchiks I have interacted with, are some of the most dubious and suspect characters I have ever met outside a Penitentiary Remand Centre:

And so, without further dalliance, here is the link to the critique alluded to in this Post:


As a curiosity in the same sense as the Victorian Freak Shows, I offer this keyhole view into the post-colonial psyche of the alternative to the two party paradigm in the land down-under: It was initially penned in the Gonzo style, however given that it may be the benchmark of Political reportage during this upcoming State Election in Queensland, the kow-towing shills of the MSM notwithstanding - I would suggest that this be essential reading for any Anthropologist interested in the development of the socio-political communities of anglo-saxon peasants in the post-colonial antipodean collective of convict settlements formerly known as Terra nullius:

Melissa Nursy-Bray: ‘ The declaration of “Terra nullius” or “land of no people” by Captain* Cook, in 1788 [sic], gave a mandate for “white” Australians, to ignore indigenous rights.

image source: worldisee.deviantart.com
*Captain Cook was actually a Lieutenant when he "discovered" Terra nullius/Australis in 1788. The Rank of Captain was bestowed as a reward for the successes of his voyage. "HMB Endeavour", the maritime vehicle that Cook commanded at that time was also, not a Ship, as in "Ship of the line" (A ship of the line was a type of naval warship constructed from the 17th through the mid-19th century to take part in the naval tactic known as the "line of battle".) The 'Endeavour' was a Barkentine (bar·ken·tine also bar·quen·tine n. A sailing ship with from three to five masts of which only the foremast is square-rigged, the others being fore-and-aft rigged.)

Ladies and Gentleman of the Blogolution, if this gaggle of numbskulls is representative of all alternative opposition Party's throughout the western world; we are fucking doomed, save the intervention of some omnipotent being, the mainstream opposition to the NWO is a joke.



Penny said...

Hey V

In Canada there has been more then two parties, for some time now.

Then the two right leaners joined
Now it looks as if the two left leaners are proposing a union

Then it will be down to the left/right perception system

Though there is no difference between the two anyway. Maybe in showmanship and language used.

In action, the same.

Easier for lobbyists and whores to pave the way for big business.

As if there is a difference!
Canada is being turned into the US, what better way to get the NAU into play.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Pen',...You know it. This shit is totally controlled and only the sheeple need apply: One ounce of wit is way too much and Bam! The sinister power behind the screen, nods, there is a wink and you are out!

What is it going to take to free the world from the evil yids?


Penny said...

Hey V

I saw the video of what happened to the PM Julia

Hilarious, seriously...

Got me thinking about 9/11 though, you know how Bush just sat and sat in the classroom.

Clearly the secret service knew, they and Bush had nothing to worry about.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Pen',...Yeah, what a fucking joke, the lid flew off this scam within 6 hours, by the following morning it was done and dusted. Welcome to the Apocalypse!


Genie said...

Hey V,
Looking on the bright side, that was an excellent critique!

veritas6464 said...

Hey Genie,..Yeah, cheers, what can ya do? Even the alleged good-guys are fucking lemons!