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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Schapelle Corby, EXPENDABLE THE MOVIE: It is a film you will not forget...

Schapelle Corby sits in a Bali jail so corrupt officials can save face.
This film is a wake up call for any traveller, any individual who places trust in political leaders or governments, and any humanitarian who believes that human decency will always prevail.
It creates a new perspective of the nation state of Australia, and presents a stark warning of the dangers of an overly cosy press caucus.


Schapelle Corby herself, enduring her eighth year in an Indonesian prison cell, is now mentally ill. At the end of last year, she attempted suicide, via a huge overdose of the drugs she is prescribed for her psychosis.

Even this, however, has proved to be insufficient for her government to negotiate her release, or for the Indonesians to demonstrate even a hint of mercy or compassion. It appears that, as the film states, "she is dying a slow torturous death, in squalor, devoid of human rights, and abandoned by her government."

My source: Activist Post 



Frank Fredenburg said...

I feel sorry for her. I think her goose is cooked. Her government doesn't give a damn what happens to her and it doesn't look like the Australian people care either! So who will fight to win her release? If she has to spend a full twenty years in one of those Third World prisons will she survive? If she does she will probably look like a very old woman when she finally gets out!
Thanks for posting this video Veritas. This is the first time I've heard anything about her. I wish there was something I could do for her. Is there any way to get the address for the prison? I would send a letter to her. If you could post it here maybe others would write to her as well. It helps to have support from people when your in a bad situation.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Fred Fredenburg,...Thank you for your compassionate comment, I met Ms. Corby briefly on a couple of occasions at a Nightclub in Coolangatta in Southern Queensland shortly before the travesty that ensued, I found her to be a reserved yet friendly young woman and very attractive in a glamourous way, very photogenic; a face almost destined for the Media. I will definitely find the contact details for you and Post them here.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

I am watching this film now and am thinkin that Aus is further gone than I thought. What a loss for the people of Aus. A fine woman by the looks and sounds of her.

I am thinking the damage done to her is almost irreversible at this point. Can her family not drum up more support for her? Maybe I have not gotten to that part yet.

Just put up a post on Aus thinking of you when someone sent me the link to watch this... man, your country is getting as effed up as Canada in its race to the bottom to please the criminal cartel known as Israel.

It would be good as suggested above so that this woman might hear words from the outside, receive some support. This is such a travesty!

So this lassie is caught between Sharia and Noahide Law.... because methinks, as in North America, Aussie law has been subverted along those lines by the Zionists as well.

Noor al Haqiqa said...

Brendon O’Connell

c/o Casurina Prison

Lockbaged 1

Kwinana Perth

Western Australia 6966

This is another Aussie who needs some written encouragement and friendship from the outside world. Brendan is locked up for 3 years for exposing and filming a couple of schmucks in Perth and then posting the video. Apparently it was enough to brand him violently anti semitic and all that jazz.

He told Mark Glenn that the hardest thing to deal with is the being cut off from the world, no contact with other folks. So Mark posted it for us all to send him a little cheer.

Methinks both of these sacrificial "lambs" need to hear from as many of us as possible.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Noor,...Yes, sacrificed into Molech's gaping maw, as have so many of the flower of true Israel's youth!

As for O'Connell, I tried to warn him that he was playing into the claws of the PTB in the most ridiculous way; for a while he was doing great work, then he came under the influence of a crew of fuckers that are associated with a fake resistance group called the EDL, (English Defense League) who now blatantly wave yiddish evil-occupation-land arse-rags at their rallies, so I don't feel any real pity for him. Fighting the good-fight is one thing: No-one rides closer to the spear-points of the enemy ranks than I! He martyred himself to a couple of local Cops on a routine harassment visit, one justs has to eat crow for ten minutes, let them toss your pad and away they go...the story of the martyrdom of St Sebastian is embarrassing.

Corby however, is a true victim of the kow-towing filth that bow and scrape to the evil master of lies and materialism and will sell even our young female children to lucifer for a few grubby shekels!

Mark Glenn has become more "radical" of late, due in no small part to the criticism of his cozy "fairness" to both sides of the argument - he has in the past published the shyte of many yiddish whores that pretend to be Viva Palestina supporters and other "truthers" of dubious loyalty.

I am one-eyed, I have no master other than the true creator and value the WORD as espoused by one prophet: Iseu.

The time for blogging and bleating is done, we must now be prepared to build barricades and stand to them, resolutely and with a notion of the grimness of the result that our determination will manifest!



musique said...

Namaste Vee Sahib!

I am too chicken to watch it after reading the summary. so no hatin a weakling cousin, okie?:)

Screw indonesia. Another yiddy controlled, usury & interest lovin, & wasabi(saudi) backed fruit basket. Don't let their boat people come over and watch them cry "racism" like a bitch.

It is appalling even after knowing that she is innocent, Aussie govt. wouldn't do anything for her. They rather watch her die painfully in a slow motion ..sadistic way.

Well ...if she were an American, that would've been a different story. Just look at amanda foxy knoxy or raymond davis.

veritas6464 said...

Hey musique,...Cuzzie! You know I just tried to comment over at Kenny's, would have been right behind you, nope, fucking joogle kept crashing the comment window! Aaargh!

Yeah, you should really watch it man, that girl is so fucking cursed by the yids it's outrageous, I get so angry nowadays, I just got another warning over at jootube, six months of getting fucked around, fuck'em, can't wait 'til the shootin' starts COOOEEE!


attack on iran said...

You cannot trust any government to tell you the truth. We have just learnt that Israel has been working with a listed teeorist organization the MEK to kill Iranian scientists.

veritas6464 said...

Hey a.o.i,...yep, they're scumbags, all of them, of course the yids are congenitally evil whereas the goyim that do their bidding are just pathetic, greedy traitors.



Anonymous said...

Whilst watching the video on
S. Corby the thought crossed my
mind that this matter touched on Jewish "business" interests. By the
time I got to the comments section
I saw that I was not the only one.
Just remember how quick the Aussies were in the front line in Iraq and you know who`s got the
say there.There were a few other cases of which we heard here in Europe, which point in this direction. I wish the girl best of
luck, but I fear even if she gets out now her psyche is destroyed and she is a wreck. Such thing you
can usually only survice undamaged if you know you are guilty!
W. from Munich in Germany

veritas6464 said...

Hey W. from Munich in Germany,...Yep, there's always yids involved where there's pain and suffering.


Frank Fredenburg said...

Schapelle Corby Railroaded In Indonesia


Veritas I thought you would be interested in this article about Schapelle Corby.

veritas6464 said...

Hey Frank Fredenburg,..Wow, am I slack or wot? Just read this comment and followed the link, cheers brother.


Anonymous said...

On Wednesday 4th April, ex-Detective Sergeant Christopher Laycock will appear for sentencing in a Sydney court, for a string of offences. These stem from the Cobalt Report, which was presented by the Police Integrity Commission to Parliament in 2005, and which presents him as one of the most notorious criminals in Australian history.

But, what meets the eye will be something of a mirage. His last hearing, on 29th March 2012, was closed to the public, on account of a mysterious 30 page 'naming and shaming' document, which his lawyer had dramatically presented at the hearing previous to this. The AAP has subsequently reported what the court has instructed them to report.

The real story here is not only what is in that document, and why it has taken 8 years for Laycock to meet his fate, but what the New South Wales Crime Commission, and the AFP, have hidden from the public for 7 years.

The Laycock gang, including John Robert Dunks, and David John Hopes, engaged almost every crime in the book. One was drug syndication. Indeed, a man called William Miller had named Dunks, on oath, to a court, as the man who had given him the job to pick up a quantity of marijuana from Sydney airport, on 8th October 2004.

You will recognize the date, and perhaps the name. Miller had been ridiculed by the media in July 2005, as a money chaser, when he broadly presented this story in the wake of Schapelle Corby's dysfunctional Bali trial.

The NSWCC and AFP? The Expendable Project have just published an extract from the minutes of a confidential NSWCC internal meeting, attended by Mark Standen, amongst others (header attached).

This confirms that Dunks was a 'Person Of Interest' in 2004, and that the NSWCC had secretly recorded a conversation between him, and Miller. The conversation corroborated Miller's account of the airport pickup job.

The NSWCC recognized the significance of this recording, and consulted a named officer within the AFP with this information.

But both parties sat on it. Schapelle Corby was never told. No-one was ever told.

No-one would ever have been told, had The Expendable Project not obtained those minutes.

The latest Expendable report should be read very carefully. It can be viewed on the following web page:

The Laycock/Miller affair is documented in Section 2. On Page 2-34 of the PDF you will find the extracts from the NSWCC meeting.

The Expendable Project have stated that further information will be published in due course.